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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Introduction to Deep Learning & Neural Networks with Keras by IBM

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About the Course

Looking to start a career in Deep Learning? Look no further. This course will introduce you to the field of deep learning and help you answer many questions that people are asking nowadays, like what is deep learning, and how do deep learning models compare to artificial neural networks? You will learn about the different deep learning models and build your first deep learning model using the Keras library. After completing this course, learners will be able to: • describe what a neural network is, what a deep learning model is, and the difference between them. • demonstrate an understanding of unsupervised deep learning models such as autoencoders and restricted Boltzmann machines. • demonstrate an understanding of supervised deep learning models such as convolutional neural networks and recurrent networks. • build deep learning models and networks using the Keras library....

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Jun 25, 2020

Good course. It is a very direct approach. It is a basic introduction to keras. Doing the labs is recommended, and also previous knowledge about machine learning is encouraged.


Mar 25, 2020

It is a really good course.\n\nThe labs could have had more for us to do, much of the labs was already implemented.\n\nStill, great introduction to the proposed subjects.

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By Mahesh C

Feb 20, 2020

Best suited for beginner in Deep learning with Keras. Good content, hands on experience with Jupiter notebook with IBM Developer tool. Worked Exercise code for CNN & RNN.

By Francisco B

Mar 25, 2020

It is a really good course.

The labs could have had more for us to do, much of the labs was already implemented.

Still, great introduction to the proposed subjects.

By Friscian V C

Jul 12, 2020

The instructor was great. Very knowledgeable and explained everything in a clear manner. The material was also very useful along with the labs.

By Murali B

Apr 09, 2020

Alex, thank you for putting together such a fantastic course and making Keras so approachable. I'll be sure to get back take a deeper dive.

By Vladimir G

Feb 02, 2020

This course is a piece of art. I see how carefully and precise course was build and recorded. Thank you for awesome experience!

By Kamran H

Feb 26, 2020

This course was great because first it covered theory then goes to code. And the algorithms are taught by the teacher so well.

By Claudio C

Apr 28, 2020

A very good introduction to Deep Learning. The course is done very weel, the explanations are clear and good

By Daniel P

Apr 27, 2020

Good introduction to Deep Learning. Final assignment feels a little basic and unrelated with deep learning.

By Ali L B

May 24, 2020

Very good content if you're a beginner to deep learning. Helped me a lot to start exploring Keras.

By Vedant P

Feb 26, 2020

The course contents and labs are very informative and explains the basic concepts throughly.

By Zaheer U R

Jun 11, 2020

Simply Brilliant course I have across. Special thanks to IBM, Coursera and all my mentors.

By Christopher G

Jan 27, 2020

Very good course giving a simple and concise introduction to deep learning with Keras.

By Dora M B

Feb 05, 2020

It is a good course that provides a general background of Deep Learning with Keras.

By Karim F U

May 10, 2020

Excellent content quality, learned a lot.

Could use better transcripts for notes

By Tarmizi I

May 14, 2020

A great introductory course for applying Deep Learning algorithm using Keras.

By Daniel J B O

May 27, 2020

A nice introduction to Keras and artificial neural networks overall

By Ankan G D

Apr 29, 2020

Wonderfully explained the topics, undoubtedly a great introduction!

By Alpay S D

Apr 16, 2020

Could be more detailed but still it was a good introductory course.

By Maximilian P

May 02, 2020

Awesome course! Very informative with useful exercises and project

By Ayushman S

May 25, 2020

Beginner Friendly , but important advanced concepts are missing

By Robert N A

Apr 26, 2020

Very good for beginners in deep learning. Easy to understand!

By Lee Y Y

Feb 09, 2020

It makes me know a brief knowledge of deep learning by keras

By Ahmet A S

Apr 26, 2020

Great course for understanding the basics of deep learning

By Ashish B

Apr 21, 2020

Well Explained.I would refer this course for beginners

By Nakul S

Apr 10, 2020

Very well explained tutorials and challenging exercise