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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Leading Change in Health Informatics by Johns Hopkins University

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About the Course

Do you dream of being a CMIO or a Senior Director of Clinical Informatics? If you are aiming to rise up in the ranks in your health system or looking to pivot your career in the direction of big data and health IT, this course is made for you. You'll hear from experts at Johns Hopkins about their experiences harnessing the power of big data in healthcare, improving EHR adoption, and separating out the hope vs hype when it comes to digital medicine. Whether you're a nurse, pharmacist, physician, other allied health professional or come from a non-clinical background--you know that Health Informatics skills are in demand. This newly launched 5-course specialization by JohnsHopkins faculty members provides a solid foundation for anyone wanting to become a leader in one of the hottest fields in healthcare. As health informaticians, we need to be very clear in our understanding of the current state (as-is), the future state (to-be) and any unintended consequences that can result from our interventions. Prior to introducing large scale change, we need to assess whether a healthcare organization is truly ready for change. This involves taking into account an organization's current culture and values. Successfully leading change through health informatics also requires strategic planning and careful financial considerations. Proper workflow redesign and a clear change management strategy are of utmost importance when introducing new technologies and in ensuring their successful adoption and proper use.  By the end of this course, students will become familiar with examples of successful and failed attempts at change in health informatics, and the reasons for each. Students will be armed with tools to help optimize their chances for successfully leading change in their respective organizations. ...

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Sep 28, 2020

The entire course helped me learn a lot of things that are presently applicable to my line of work. The course was also presented in a clear and enjoyable manner. Kudos to the team!

Jun 21, 2019

The course instructors summarized large volumes of literature for us, reached a bottom line, and provided practical guidelines that I can apply immediately.

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Aug 12, 2020

Very useful

By Sandhiya M

Aug 3, 2020

No comments

By maha a

Jul 4, 2020


By Ajeetha A

May 14, 2020

Very good

By Zoha J

Sep 24, 2020


By Deleted A

Feb 27, 2019


By Jennifer J

Apr 26, 2021

This course was very engaging and thoughtfully designed and delivered. It offered a great variety of experiential learning through hands-on use of various tools, interviews with experts, and role-playing. The quizzes and assignments were spread throughout the course. There were also interesting lectures from subject matter experts on topics related to change management, pdsa quality improvement and strategic decision making. This was an excellent course!

By Javier P

Jan 10, 2021

Prof. Davidson is a great teacher. This course deepens the foundations given in the first course of the program. It also shows some of the applications that Health informatics.


Oct 21, 2021

Amazing course ,teaches everying indept,.very interesting and informative..Instructors are very good.


Sep 17, 2021

ıt was a very interesting and excellent course with reading materials and graphic about this topic.

By ajsandberg3

Sep 9, 2021

T​he readings and interviews were extremely helpful.

By Gelsomino C

Jun 6, 2021

Great detailed quality info in Change Management

By maryglo e g

Apr 22, 2021

this course helps me a lot

By Ramón A P C

Jan 29, 2021


By Lyndon Z

Apr 18, 2020

The course was well structured and really informative. The lectures are informative and helpful. The lecturers are knowledgeable on the topic. My only criticism would be responsiveness by the course admins. Flagged issues that were raised, were not responded to in a timely fashion.

By Mohamed S O

Dec 5, 2021

T​he course focuses on important part of Health IT, which is change management and how can we work on preparing the medical staff to work in harmoney with the IT team.

By Mangena v V S S

Dec 30, 2019

It's is nice course and gave an good idea over changes and management

By Rajesh K c

Jun 24, 2020

Good knowledge for the human

By Vidhyakorn M

Nov 7, 2020

Excellent course !!!

By Supha N K

Aug 8, 2020

Thank You

By Madhuri K

Oct 4, 2020


By Bill Z

Jan 31, 2021

Although the content is really great, the technical aspect of the course made me almost give up.

Most of the course is based on "conversations" between the professor and expects on the field. My opinion is that it was more like long interview rather than a conversation.

That being said, most of the interviews were recorded in crowded places, with a lot of noise in the background. And for some reason, the interviews that were recorded in a quite environment, the volume was so low that I was straggling to keep up.

Finally, some of the questions on the tests were too long, based on story telling.

By afsaneh

May 2, 2020

too long, too many materials to cover and too many readings while the quizes and the assessment was not on the same line. I prefer to have a project or case study rather than all these readings which are all(no exception) out-dated.

Audio problems are in all the clips with Peter. Ashvi is too all about attitude. "You know" is the word that I heard all the way from her. Otherwise the content was not that much of use or being useful. Interviews are not that much of help. Teach. Teaching is much better. I am here to learn. I can watch TV or read magazines.

By Iszaid B I

Nov 15, 2020

Intermediate and too many assignment. Question somehow leghty which make me confuse for time. This is my opinion

By Bruce F

Dec 21, 2021

Until I submitted my assignment, I enjoyed the class. I am begrudgingly giving the class a single star as the individual who reviewed my assignment did so inaccurately and I am not sure how to protest this. If I can be satisfied, then my review may very well change. I am stymied that there is no easy method to question an individual's review.

The following are comments sent to my reviewer. I would appreciate instructions how I can remediate this situation.

1. As per instructions, "PROMPT

Please upload your detailed flowchart as a file attachment." The rubric, " Learner created a detailed flowchart (NOT a high-level flowchart).

Example of high level flowchart below:


2. "The flowchart is an accurate reflection of the actual process." In what way is my flow-chart NOT an accurate reflection of the process?

3. "Abbreviations were explained before they were used in the chart." This WAS NOT a criteria in the posted instructions - see details noted below. What kind of "TIE" is this??

9. The flowchart uses three or more decision nodes. The flowchart uses three (3) decision nodes noted in yellow. (1) "Is the Proposal approved..."; (2) "Is the Proposal recommended..."; (3) "Does TAC approve...".

10. The flowchart uses a decision node for something that was not a decision. Not an accurate review. Please note#9 above - all decision nodes were used - with Yes/No - accurately.

If this is a typical peer-review in this specialization, I cannot see the purpose to continue with these courses.