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Learner Reviews & Feedback for The Modern World, Part Two: Global History since 1910 by University of Virginia

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About the Course

This is a survey of modern history from a global perspective. Part Two begins early in the twentieth century, as older ways of doing things and habits of thought give way. What follows is an era of cataclysmic struggles over what ideas and institutions will take their place. The course concludes in the present day, as communities everywhere are transitioning into a new era of world history. Again we work hard to grasp what is happening and ask: Why? Again we are drawn to pivotal choices made at key moments by individuals and communities....

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Dec 11, 2021

Excellent course. I learned a lot, enjoyed the experience. Prof. Zelnikov is a master teacher. Thanks for the opportunity to listen and learn even after eight years after production of these lectures.


May 18, 2022

Our professor, Philip Zelikow is amazing!!!! I truly appreciate the time he spent making these outstanding lectures because I very much enjoyed every minute of them. Thank you so much for this course.

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By darioworld

Aug 28, 2020

Great Professor, very logical explanations of the sequences of the world's events.

Key concepts explained with calm and supported by well thought materials.

This course is not just full of data, it teachs you how to understand the world's history using:

1) The interaction between the global and the local events.

2) The history unfold based on choices of people which faces situations, they faced problems and responded with certain solutions which in turn created new situations.

3) It helps you to understand why poeple choose certain solutions over others in certain key points of world history.

By Josep E

Oct 4, 2022

In a single word: FABULOUS.

Professor Zelikow does an incredible work in explaining in a plain and organized manner so many complicated situations, phases of humankind, ensuring listeners can follow and place themselves in the shoes of the people who lived them that has cautivated me in a manner I did not expect. I definitely encourage anybody interested in modern history and in understanding our world to follow this course and ...simply enjoy it!!!!

THANKS A LOT, PROFESSOR! It has been a real pleasure to listen and learn from you.


Barelona, Spain

By David E

Jan 1, 2016

This is an excellent survey of the long 19th Century through WW II with a marvelous ' lagniappe' of very thoughtful coverage to 2013. I think that covering the events of the last two generations is very difficult without the credibility gained via a consistent approach to what came before. This course provided that consistency.

I now have a new appreciation of 'what came before' and a reminder, thanks to Philip Zelikow, to resist the constraint of thinking only via the history, outlooks and ideas of my lifetime.

Highly recommended.

By Aleksandr K

Mar 8, 2022

As good as the Part One. Professor Zelikow does a great job explaining the history since 1910. And he does it almost always emphesizing people how made decisions within given context and not specific dates. I believe this is the most important difference from other history courses as it teaches you to thing critically.

I agree though that sometimes the course lacks the details, but a more detailed course would take thrice as much as time.

Highly recommend to anyone interested in the short version of what was happening in our world.

By Anjaney L

May 7, 2020

It was a fascinating course. To get a chance to learn from such a learned person and get a chance to develop a new perspective towards the events of the past century was a really unique moment for me personally. Philip Sir helped develop credence in my theory that critically analyzing and thinking about the past events can really enable an individual to make more prudent decisions in the future. We learn both positives and negatives from the past and I am really glad to have studied this course.Thank you Philip Sir

By Karina W

May 31, 2022

Thank you Professor and the team for all the efforts in delivering the course! I have learnt a great deal about world history, particularly for someone like me who does not have a solid academic history background. All the lectures are so facinating that I looked forward to watching the next ones! I really like the idea that how professor led the discussions of considering options / solutions for each event and why people made the choices. Thank you again!

By John D

Jun 22, 2022

A spellbinding, brilliant lecturer ... his affinity for his subject and the lessons of history really take hold. He is scruplously fair and impartial in his interpretations and invites debate and diversity. The two Modern World courses enhanced my understanding of history and new dimensions to the current milieu.

When autocrats and strongmen control minds and media and toss of wildly self-serving revisionist fables, courses like this become essential.

By Eileen T F

Jul 10, 2020

The videos were all carefully thought through and presented in a clear, compelling manner. It was manifest that the instructor was totally engaged with the material, Professor has a charming manner,

It was a really good experience for me. I would have liked , if not a text, some relevant reading materials recommended to accompany sections of the course.

It is reassuring to think that young people at UVA would be exposed to such an excellent professor.

By Gilbook G

Mar 24, 2020

I really want to thank to the Professor Philip Zelikow for share with us his extensive knowledge. History has always been considered boring, and that responds, in my opinion, to the way it has been taught in school. However, it is impossile to understand our present if we do not know our past. I live in Venezuela and the history of each Latin american country is not isolated of the panorama described by the proffesor. Thank you very much!

By Jordan F

Jun 26, 2022

I listened to every video in Part I and Part II. Since I am well past any desire to take tests and complete assignments, I skipped those. This was a fascinating course. Even though I was quite familiar with many of the events covered, they were put into a a new and different context. Since the course was recorded nine years ago, it gives a framework for some of the things that have happened since 2013. Great course, great instructor.


Jun 30, 2020

it really takes you on a journey to learn about different geopolitical issues around the world, it also explains the current landscape that we are living in and helps you better understand the way nation behave and are allied to each other, their root cause their demography and their culture, it uses so many pictures and tools to help you understand the true picture of the story and is very unbiased in its teaching.

By Yaron K

Oct 22, 2020

"historical knowledge is essential to current events, but in a deeper way take in the history.

Use it just to enrich your understanding of why things have happened the way

they have, the way countries act, the way choices are made" .

The quote is from Week3, but describes the whole course. Also deserves 5 stars for the inclusion of lots of maps (sadly lacking in some history courses) and other visualizations.

By Alissa T

Sep 18, 2020

This course was really helpful to understand the missing links in history. It does not only cover the main events, but also cultural backgrounds. What makes this course special is that it's about the whole world and not just one specific part. Many compliments to the lecturer who did an amazing job telling the detailed story with passion. The tone of voice and illustrations were very satisfying.

By Inés K

Feb 9, 2023

a phantastic history course that gives great insights, interweaving political, economic, cultural and social trends to paint a memorable picture, a picture that is further illustrated by the art of the respective period. I watched the whole course twice and might go back to it for a third viewing. If only all professors were able to make a subject that interesting!

By Tracy A

Jul 28, 2022

I totally enjoyed Part 1 and couldnt wait to move on to part 2. I caught my husband listening and discussing the material presented too. The professor is knowledgable, engaging and goes far beyond teaching to make us think about how, why, etc of these historical events and their outcomes and impacts. I highly recommend this class.

By Zhiqiu H

Feb 20, 2023

Overall fabulous. It provided a solid framework and outline for recent global history and also provided analysis. Most importantly, it taught you how to think and analyze historical events and to form an idea of the world we live in. History did make us wise.

Definitely recommended to whoever is interested in history.

By Sepand M B

Sep 7, 2016

I have finished part one of this course and I am currently completing part two. I have really enjoyed this detail and humane look on history so far. The course instructor Dr. Zelikow is very thorough and competent and has great perspectives and interpretations on different events that shaped the history of the world.

By Robin E

Jun 6, 2022

Whilst some parts may be a little dry, Professor Zelikow does a wonderful job of identifying both the broad trends and the key moments of the last 100 years. This course has definitely influenced and affected my thinking not just about history but also how to think about the key challenges that face the world today.

By Morgan M

Jan 19, 2021

This was an awesome course, not very challenging from a coursework perspective: no essays or structured discussions. I believe that Professor Zelikow provided a robust historical narrative to help individuals contemplate the current situation we are experiencing today. I hope there is an update for 2013-2020!

By Oriol G E

Aug 3, 2019

It has been an incredible journey, very interesting about the interactions between states, not only at the political level, but also cultural and economic. Explaining situations from the point of view of people and leaders of the time... Really worthwhile. Thank you so much for making this course available!

By Rob H

Jan 27, 2018

Basically everything from 20th century history that they should have taught us in Canadian Elementary and high school. Much better than learning about Canadian fur trade with natives for 12 years of education! This history is relevant to today and should be a staple of the Canadian education system!

By Harry C

Oct 7, 2022

It was a superior lecture and the wonderful part about it was that it had not only excellent delivery of contents but also various graphic materials .

They allowed me to deeply understand your lecture because of their informative and interesting ones.

I really appriciate your efforts and service.

By Jane B

Jun 7, 2020

Excellent course. Professor Philip Zelikow has an excellent presentation style, congenial with an even pace and tone. He successfully explains complex issues in a manner that is easy to understand. This course really helped me to better understand today's world based on a historical context.

By Maria F

Feb 13, 2017

Superb course on world history. I've just finished watching all the videos in this and the previous course. Twice.

The pace is wonderful. The blend of facts, anecdotes, notes, photographs, graphics, etc. keeps you hooked till the end.

Thanks for making this great course available to the world.


Nov 9, 2019

This course is excellent to provide analysis of situation, problems, choices made at the time of the world events. I have learned a great deal. As many other students in the forum responded, I do hope that some reading lists can be provided to support further reading on relevant topics.