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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Object-Oriented Python: Inheritance and Encapsulation by Codio

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About the Course

Code and run your first python program in minutes without installing anything! This course is designed for learners with limited coding experience, providing a solid foundation of not just python, but core Computer Science topics that can be transferred to other languages. The modules in this course cover inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism, and other object-related topics. Completion of the prior 3 courses in this specialization is recommended. To allow for a truly hands-on, self-paced learning experience, this course is video-free. Assignments contain short explanations with images and runnable code examples with suggested edits to explore code examples further, building a deeper understanding by doing. You'll benefit from instant feedback from a variety of assessment items along the way, gently progressing from quick understanding checks (multiple choice, fill in the blank, and un-scrambling code blocks) to small, approachable coding exercises that take minutes instead of hours....

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By أحمد م ف م س

Feb 18, 2021

Very nice Course.. I love this way of teaching's simple, clear and funny ..the environment is really comfortable for writing your code ..when I need help I found it in the same day for support team.I hope to see more courses .. but I would like to see lab in form of exercise then the experience will be 100/100

By Ammar S

Jul 10, 2021

The theory explanation combined with the practical exercises was just perfect for me. Thanks a lot Codio.

By Hariharan M

Jul 8, 2021

Really enjoyed the course! Nice way of teaching.

By Jonathan L

Jun 11, 2021

T​he course was well presented and the duck flying game was fun. The Codio answer checking could be less literal. Even a one character difference in the output is flagged as wrong, which is frustrating when your answer is correct.

By Akash K

Jul 4, 2021

Good course for beginners.