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In order to be successful in Data Science, you need to be skilled with using tools that Data Science professionals employ as part of their jobs. This course teaches you about the popular tools in Data Science and how to use them. You will become familiar with the Data Scientist’s tool kit which includes: Libraries & Packages, Data Sets, Machine Learning Models, Kernels, as well as the various Open source, commercial, Big Data and Cloud-based tools. Work with Jupyter Notebooks, JupyterLab, RStudio IDE, Git, GitHub, and Watson Studio. You will understand what each tool is used for, what programming languages they can execute, their features and limitations. This course gives plenty of hands-on experience in order to develop skills for working with these Data Science Tools. With the tools hosted in the cloud on Skills Network Labs, you will be able to test each tool and follow instructions to run simple code in Python, R, or Scala. Towards the end the course, you will create a final project with a Jupyter Notebook. You will demonstrate your proficiency preparing a notebook, writing Markdown, and sharing your work with your peers....

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Aug 14, 2022

I love the detailing of every aspect of this course. The Labs, the free subscriptions and free trials provided by IBM Skills Network, everything has been so amazing. Thank you Coursera, thank you IBM.


Apr 12, 2020

It serves perfecty its aim that is giving a first glance of the open course tools for data science. Of course each tool is briefly touched and it hands over the student the duty to deepen each tool.

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By Robert H

Nov 4, 2020

A real disappointment, one of the worst courses. I don't believe IBM has released anything like that.

week 1 - introduction to Python, R and SQL are pretty good and interesting; second part is about other data science tools which is just a confusing list of tens of different programs without any further information thus you will hardly remember anything; the last part is a strange mix of technical details again with hardly any benefit and confusing for people without IT background

week 2 - here comes the best :-(

no clear structure; totally ignores the skills of learners

does not introduce the basic concepts but dives into technical details like a command shell

presenter uses tools that have never been introduced (Anaconda)

video is cropped so that you do not see which menu is clicked at the top

you are asked to use tools but no info about how to launch them

included scripts run into partial errors - there is no explanation in the videos whether it is OK or NOK

videos are recorded in a car as if this were a FaceBook motivation video, with the appropriate noise of cars in the background

quizzes asking questions that will be discussed far later (if at all)

presenter asking you for giving starts on GitHub for his terrific work :-)

hands-on lab is just like “copy this looong script and it will draw a map” - uff - and what does it give the student...

Sum up - week 2 is a total waste of time. You can learn this anywhere else and much faster. This part just disgraces IBM.

week 3 - well structured and interesting, if you accept that it is mainly promotion of IBMs products; and not much information is included; when there is something interesting (data refinery) it is so fast and misses further explanation, so that you will be lost again; btw - subtitles not matching the video :-(

Sum up - shame on IBM

By Hakki K

Jul 9, 2020


I completed entire program and received the Professional Certificate. On the Coursera link of my certificate "3 weeks of study, 2-3 hours/week average per course" is written. This information is not correct at all, it takes approximately 3 times of that time on average! I informed Coursera about it but no correction was made. It should be corrected with "it takes approximately 19 hours study per course" or "Approx. 10 months to complete Suggested 4 hours/week for the Professional Certificate".

Here is the approximate duration for each course can be found one by one clicking the webpages of the courses in the professional certificate webpage: (*)

Course 1: approximately 9 hours to complete

Course 2: approximately 16 hours to complete

Course 3: approximately 9 hours to complete

Course 4: approximately 22 hours to complete

Course 5: approximately 14 hours to complete

Course 6: approximately 16 hours to complete

Course 7: approximately 16 hours to complete

Course 8: approximately 20 hours to complete

Course 9: approximately 47 hours to complete

This makes in total approximately 169 hours to complete the Professional Certificate. As there are 9 courses, each course takes approximately 19 hours (=169/9) to complete.


By Angelo G

Dec 30, 2022

Sorry, but this course does not meet the high standards I normally find in Coursera.

In the first week you get bombarded with several dozens of names of tools without having the slightest clue what they do and why you should know them. What is the educational purpose of this?

The second and third week is basically one IBM tool advertisement after the other. Really, Coursera?

But what really appalled me is that you are told that you get access to IBM Watson Studio for free - and then you are asked for your Credit Card Information. Without giving that information I was not able to use Watson Studio - which is necessary to really follow through on the Course content.

I am very close to quitting this whole Data Science Course - why should I even pay for this course when all I get is a big IBM commercial while IBM is not even able to grant me a student access to its tools?

Sorry - not good enough.

By Loubriel L

Sep 30, 2020

Probably one of the least necessary courses in this program. Every video felt like an infomercial explaining all of the tools' features, and alternative tools. I understand having a weeks worth of content for this course, but 4 weeks is excessive. There are many many tools in the realm of data science and as long winded as this was it still did not touch the surface of all them. It also felt like IBM was really trying to push watson studio and their internal tools on me as the viewer. I see the intent, but this course should be reduced to the MOST commonly used tools and keep it focused on that.

By Orsolya N

Feb 24, 2020

The course materials are extremely outdated and due to this reason I've spent way to much time trying to figure out how to set up my notebook. IBM Watson is just not user friendly and not easy to navigate at all and the basics were not covered anywhere. It just shows that you don't care at all.

This is very unprofessional and I am seriously considering dropping out of the remaining courses from this professional certificate and I am definitely not recommending any IBM courses to anybody. I would give it -5 starts if possible.

By DiAndré

Oct 26, 2019

Watson and Skill Net are massively complex tools that are hard to use or initiate. That one needs to study these tools for the sake of just using them is a caveat. These tools will go away / be superseded by something else, and this study time is lost. Hope to get some deeper understanding of Data Science soon..

By Kalin T

Aug 10, 2020

A gigantic advertisement of IBM Watson Studio.

Not only that, but the studio itself does not function properly.

Some of the videos were made by an IBM professional in his car!!! Honestly, you can see him on his webcam...

I found not more than 20% of the course useful.

A waste of time and money!

By Shiming C

Dec 14, 2020

Quick basic course, which doesn't deep into each topic, most of the courses introduce IBM tools. doesn't really useful.

By Christopher B

Apr 23, 2020

This course provided me with a first-rate introduction to IBM Watson Studio and its various data science tools, like Jupyter Notebooks and RStudio. Before this course, I felt overwhelmed by the vast array of technologies I thought I needed to learn before I could do anything interesting in Data Science. The instructors' videos on Open Source Tools for Data Science were well-paced and thoughtful as they gradually increased the complexity of the tasks required of the students. I must also commend the developers of IBM Watson Studios. It has been a special privilege for me to have access to some of the cutting-edge, production-ready software offered by IBM, as well as actual data science projects and code. I can't wait to finish the next course!

By Carlos J B A

Nov 6, 2018

The courses I have taken have served me for my professional life, expand my knowledge and apply them finding results. This undoubtedly marked my personal life feeling happy and calm with what I am living. I feel that this platform has changed my life because it has ended with many paradigms that I had with respect to education, thanks to the financial help that Coursera has given me I have been able to move forward in my life project. Thanks you very much. Greetings from Colombia

By Muhammad A H

Oct 26, 2022

Full throttle introduction to various tools available alongwith guided hands on experience. The more hands on experience one gets, the better for overall understanding.


Oct 25, 2022

It's really useful and comprehensive course specially for beginners.

By Muhammad H A

Oct 25, 2022

9.5/10 understanding for the new entrants. 100% recommended.

By Dikshant B

Oct 25, 2022

Very helpful course to develop skills in Data Science .

By Mansoor A K

Jan 10, 2019

Its a good courser : but the instructor is boring

By Gowtham

Jun 1, 2019

Excellent course

By Kiran P

Sep 27, 2019

To be able to do an IBM certified course is am amazing opportunity.

The course is not difficult however the biggest problem I am having encountered is that the instructions are not very clear and the IBM Watson screens and information you see is not matching instructions.

Someone in IBM needs to go through this course and check how it matches with IBM Watson menus and screenshots.

The difference in menus and screens may be because IBM updated the software but no one checked and updated the course. The course say it is for anyone with no experience, I do not think that is true, when things do not work per the instructions or video it is going to be hard for a new person to figure out how to correct there steps, it took me 3 days to figure out how to do the quiz.

I wish there was human being a phone call away to speak too

By Clarence E Y

Jan 3, 2019

This course provided a concise overview of data science tools and sufficient exposure to scenarios that show how to use them. The Watson Studio needs to be updated to reflect the current sign up process, however. I took of one star for this reason.

By Jie F

Jun 18, 2020

Overall the course content is very informative. I've learnt a lot. But in some sessions it is a little bit difficult for learners without any coding experience to follow, especially the Github sessions in Week 2.

By Jessie Y L

Apr 14, 2020

The tools mentioned in the video all changed the interface, hence it's hard for you to corelate the actual tools to the ones in the course.

By Ignacio M R

Apr 15, 2020

Some times it can be a bit difficult to folllow all the stuff related with IBM watson studyo or the anline lab

By Nicole W

Apr 14, 2020

The section on Watson Studio had outdated content and was hard to follow

By Vinit K S

Aug 7, 2019

Please update the videos, with new IBM Watson Studio interface examples.

By Akhil K

May 15, 2019

Good course!!!

By Alex S

Apr 15, 2020

The teachers were smart and funny, and I enjoyed trying out the tools (some new to me, others not). These people clearly knew their stuff and I got the impression they wanted everyone taking the course to know and use it as well.

The tests and labs were really lacking though. The tests simply required looking for verbatim quotes in the material and the labs were, somehow, both confusing and hand-holding. Baffling to me.