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About the Course

Plastic electronics is a concept that emerged forty years ago, with the discovery of electrically conductive polymers. Ten years later, the first electronic devices using organic solids in place of the ubiquitous inorganic semiconductors were realised. The best achievement of plastic electronics is constituted by Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) that equip the display of many smartphones, and even TV sets. The objective of this course is to provide a comprehensive overview of the physics of plastic electronic devices. After taking this course, the student should be able to demonstrate theoretical knowledge on the following subjects: Concept of organic semiconductors; Charge carrier transport in polymeric and organic semiconductors; Optical properties of organic semiconductors; Charge injection from metals to organic solids; Operating mode of the main plastic electronic devices: Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), organic photovoltaic cells (OPVs) and organic field-effect transistors (OFETs)....

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Apr 6, 2020

This course is very useful in my career. In this course new technology and fabrication techniques I learn. After learning this course I knew many things about OLED, OPV and TFTs.

Aug 4, 2020

The course was well-structured and the instructor made me feel comfortable through the pace of the videos and the content was easy to understand.

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By sujith n

May 30, 2020

I am very glad to complete such an interesting course from Coursera. The knowledge I learned about semiconductors from this course is much informative and I believe that it will be helpful to me for higher education. Thank you for providing this online course and requesting the authorities to add more related subject courses.

By Regina Q

Jul 29, 2020

It was very quick in video covering many EE basic materials. The quiz and exam questions could be more clear in some questions. All in all the peer reviews has helped to get a standard and best answer. It is not easy for "cross major" learners but for EEs should be non brainer. Fun learning.

By Jacobo G L

Aug 29, 2020

You really need some understanding of mid-advanced electronics, chemistry and material science knowledge for this course as the teacher talks in terms not for beginners. You just scratch the surface of what plastic electronics really are.

By Ramya S

Feb 24, 2021

It is very useful and i have learnt many new information in this course. And also the vedio lecture is very simple and we can understand in tha easy manner. Thanks you

By Marcos L

Oct 28, 2020

I think that the only problematic thing in the course is the evaluation by others students. As there are not so many students, sometimes can be hard to be evaluated.

By Suhaas N

Jun 8, 2020

This course is still new. It lacks material and quizzes but it is good that some universities are at least trying to provide courses on such subjects.

By Ram K S

Aug 1, 2020

it is very happy for this course but, reviewing my submission project is taking a lot of time

By Ayush A

May 30, 2020

The explaination is good,and there were many new topics to learn from this.

By Guillermo G M

Apr 11, 2020

Very useful to learn basically how solar cells perform.

By Hussain D

Sep 11, 2019

It is not an easy course but you will learn so much.

By Bruno K B K

Feb 27, 2021

Nous avons aussi besoin des documentations, en PDF

By Dianne R H C

Jan 12, 2021

Need more reading and video materials.

By Iftikhar A

Apr 24, 2020

Quizes section are not well organized.

By Kapadia K M

Apr 27, 2021

Informative & Knowledgeable

By Tarun P M

Mar 3, 2021

Very useful courses

By Arun b

Apr 14, 2020

good course

By Gaurav R

Jul 23, 2020

Content and the questions related to it are slighlty different. For ex in quiz you have asked for identifying n and p type semiconductors and in none of the videos you have mentioned how to determine it. Equations are good but this course has way too much of it

By Lincy J

Apr 2, 2021

Had some issues regarding vocabulary.

In some videos the subtitles were not properly transcribed.

Week 4 video didnt work

The topics were too intense and was a bit hard to follow

By Beom H L

Oct 13, 2020

Good to know the OLED & Solar cell device through this course,

By Priya R

Feb 8, 2021

I am completed this course but I don't have certificate please my certificate is available for me