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About the Course

Plastic electronics is a concept that emerged forty years ago, with the discovery of electrically conductive polymers. Ten years later, the first electronic devices using organic solids in place of the ubiquitous inorganic semiconductors were realised. The best achievement of plastic electronics is constituted by Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) that equip the display of many smartphones, and even TV sets. The objective of this course is to provide a comprehensive overview of the physics of plastic electronic devices. After taking this course, the student should be able to demonstrate theoretical knowledge on the following subjects: Concept of organic semiconductors; Charge carrier transport in polymeric and organic semiconductors; Optical properties of organic semiconductors; Charge injection from metals to organic solids; Operating mode of the main plastic electronic devices: Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), organic photovoltaic cells (OPVs) and organic field-effect transistors (OFETs)....

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Apr 6, 2020

This course is very useful in my career. In this course new technology and fabrication techniques I learn. After learning this course I knew many things about OLED, OPV and TFTs.


Jan 26, 2019

I find this course, wonderful, you learn really much, and I have taken a lot of information. I am waiting to have to pass the final exam with the correction of the exam.

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By Hafiz M N A

Feb 12, 2019

The Course is well defined and well composed. The professor's teaching style is interactive and informative. Indeed it would help me in future.

By Chisomo D

Jul 20, 2019

This course is very well organized and provides more knowledge on the working principles of Organic Semiconductor devices like OLEDs and OPVs.

By victor g

Jul 31, 2018

Le cours donne des formules et modèles physiques sans vraiment de justification, les hypothèses de validité des formules et modèles ne sont pas toujours donnés.Les liens entre les différentes notions abordées successivement sont non évidents.Les exercices, comme dans la majorité des MOOCS sont simples, sont ils garants d'une bonne compréhension du sujet?

La dernière partie sur les OFET, OLED, OPV est intéressante.

By Ajinkya M

Apr 3, 2020

Firstly, here are a lot of fake 5-star reviews please ignore them.

The Title of the Course don't match the description.

The 1st & 2nd weeks are good but later on everything looses track.

If you want to study only equations then go for it.

The assignment is not reviewed by people and you get stuck on the review process even after the course completion. Further there is no grade for assignment till is reviewed.

IF you want then just audit this course & don't go for verification.


Nov 14, 2019

Really hate this courses ,because no response from course instructor.

By Corey S

Jun 12, 2023

If you're worried about the course grade/certificate, then this course probably deserves between 3 and 4 stars. However, if you're far more concerned with the content, then this is certainly a 5 star course. Admittedly, I found a few of the topics a tad confusing early on. That said, around weeks 4 ~ 5 and after the "back-of-the-envelope" micro-project, everything really started to snap together. I do have some background in electronics, but the topic of semiconductors was definitely a weaker spot for me. Despite my shortcomings, I definitely walked away from this course feeling like I learned something.

By Mukesh B

Jun 8, 2020

Excellent course that had interested me to get an exposure on Plastic electronics, Electronics background is required with strong basic knowledge and theories about semiconductor's. I hope they could add practical experiments or the lectures may have discussed about practical application at minimal level to make it even more interesting. So far so good, I thank Sir. Gilles and team for wonderful effort. Thankyou Coursera.

By Marios A

Oct 22, 2023

Excellent (introductory) course on Plastic Electronics, but with major focus on organic chemistry and physics! Be aware of that, as I was more interested in a computer engineering perspective. Nevertheless the overall experience was very approachable and rewarding. Looking forward for more courses from Ecole Polytechnique on that matter and Electronics in general.

By Gaurav K

May 30, 2020

This course is great for learning Organic Electronics. About organic semiconductors consisting of small molecules (eg. Pentacene, Alq3) and macromolecules (eg. Conducting Polymers) have been taught. Materials Physics and Chemistry for understanding their application in Flexible Electronics.

By Alexander S

Jul 19, 2019

A good high-level overview of organic electronic principles with an emphasis on the physics/physical chemistry-related aspects of the technology. Common device architectures (OLED, OPV, OFET) are also discussed through electronic band diagrams.

By Виталинарий С

Apr 13, 2020

Nice concise course. Difficult theoretical concepts were explained through examples and quizzes. Very helpful to those who want to get an exhaustive picture of how electronic devices work in a short period of time.

By Ankur G

Apr 7, 2020

This course is very useful in my career. In this course new technology and fabrication techniques I learn. After learning this course I knew many things about OLED, OPV and TFTs.

By Rocco A R

Jan 27, 2019

I find this course, wonderful, you learn really much, and I have taken a lot of information. I am waiting to have to pass the final exam with the correction of the exam.

By Abhijith M

Aug 5, 2020

The course was well-structured and the instructor made me feel comfortable through the pace of the videos and the content was easy to understand.

By Riccardo M

Oct 15, 2021

The course is complete, synthetic and well organized. It is useful to newbies but to experts too because it summarizes the main topics of OE.

By Sunny M

Apr 19, 2020

Well-arranged talks. You can improve the course by adding a few more talks on organic semiconductor and one more topic OLED

By Ayan R

Apr 5, 2021

Covered many topics without skipping anything that is important or complicating anything that could be difficult.

By Patryk H

Mar 26, 2024

Lots of interesting things, good presenters. I recommend it to hobbyists and people interested in this field.

By Aambal N

May 16, 2022






By Tukaram S

Sep 5, 2019

Nicely organised, I got knowledge about plastic electronics from my basic zero knowledge about it

By Sarthak P

Jun 30, 2020

One of the best courses for the fundamentals of designing organic semiconductors based devices.

By Ramesh G

Jul 8, 2019

Good course - important concepts of organic electronics taught concisely yet comprehensively

By Aniket R

Aug 30, 2020

Wonderful Course. The contents are excellent. A must course for electronics students.

By Vishw S

Oct 23, 2018

A really good course if you wanna learn about plastic and organic electronics.

By Priyank K S

May 18, 2020

It is a nicely designed course with highly comprehensive assignments.