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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Portfolio Selection and Risk Management by Rice University

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About the Course

When an investor is faced with a portfolio choice problem, the number of possible assets and the various combinations and proportions in which each can be held can seem overwhelming. In this course, you’ll learn the basic principles underlying optimal portfolio construction, diversification, and risk management. You’ll start by acquiring the tools to characterize an investor’s risk and return trade-off. You will next analyze how a portfolio choice problem can be structured and learn how to solve for and implement the optimal portfolio solution. Finally, you will learn about the main pricing models for equilibrium asset prices. Learners will: • Develop risk and return measures for portfolio of assets • Understand the main insights from modern portfolio theory based on diversification • Describe and identify efficient portfolios that manage risk effectively • Solve for portfolio with the best risk-return trade-offs • Understand how risk preference drive optimal asset allocation decisions • Describe and use equilibrium asset pricing models....

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Mar 03, 2020

I love how Dr O teach by telling a story. Her Teaching technique is different from the college boring classes that I have been.\n\nI wish she offer more courses.


Aug 18, 2019

One of the finest courses on Coursera. Gives a deep and invaluable insight into Investment and Portfolio Management theories and practices. A must do!

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By Париков И

May 02, 2019


By Axel B J

Apr 17, 2020


By Edgar R C K

Feb 23, 2019


By Adrian N U

May 11, 2018

The course is very insightful. However, some parts of the peer review assignments need to be made clearer (i.e. the difference between sample variance and population variance, although one can look at the forum for the answer). Some of the in-class quizzes are also pretty annoying. The course can improve by revamping the material and correcting for some bugs.

By Matteo E

Dec 27, 2017

Very nice and rather deep presentation of the modern portfolio theory, CAPM and fama-french 3-factor model, but lacking in width in terms of presentation of other pricing models, or risk management strategies (i.e. 5-factor model, hedging, etc...).

Overall a challenging and enjoyable course if you have little financial background.

By Oleksandr A

Mar 04, 2018

A wonderful course! You will find here all necessary insights and concepts of portfolio selection and risk management. The main problem is there is a little lack of explanations of some complex Excel spreadsheets. Hence, you will need to check Forums to complete the puzzle.

By Melissa T T T

Aug 23, 2020

It is a very good course. The only weakness is the assignments are not taught anywhere in the course. I cannot get the last assignment right and I am eager to learn yet there is no way to learn the correct method even though I passed the course.

By Gautam B

Apr 27, 2020

This course is one of the finest course from Rice University and the way Dr. O teaches, it really is astounding. This course has helped me, by clearing my basic understanding of the Portfolio Selection in the world of Investments.

By Tommaso M

Apr 23, 2020

The course is very interesting. The topics are treated with obvious superficiality but it is useful to start acquiring some practice in the subject. The only flaw is the peer-graded homeworks, which often take days to correct.

By Lebogang M

Aug 15, 2020

The lecture is very good, I like her style of teaching; however, since its a beginner module, it would be nice if the lecturer actually taught us how to compute with excel so that we don't struggle with the assignments.

By Lisa C

Dec 17, 2016

This was a tough course and I actually moved to another schedule. I think a sixth week on using excel to solve problems would have been worthwhile.

By Himanshu K

Jun 19, 2020

I think Excel should be used to teach so that more clarification should be there with tools

By Rajat R

Jun 24, 2020

Great learning experience!!! A perfect course for the beginners...

By 杜睿

Oct 28, 2018

I have learned a lot, but I want to learn more

By Abhishek N

Jul 04, 2020

well planned course,nice assignment an quiz

By Joaquín R R

Apr 15, 2020

The formulas are not on the lectures.

By Jeffrey C

Jul 30, 2020

Good class

By Benjamin B

Aug 17, 2020

The lecture content was decent, but the math was tough for someone who hasn't taken any math classes in decades. However, the biggest issue I had was the lack of assistance with excel formulas needed for the peer-graded assignments. I spent more time googling how to use excel than I did learning content. Also, the discussion boards were useless because they were filled with spammed messages of people asking for others to review their work. The course creators should do a better job moderating/deleting these posts.

By James C

Nov 18, 2019

The subject matter and material was very good but the assignments were ambiguous and confusing. I had to spend a lot of time in the discussion forum or online trying to find the correct formulas or how to exactly complete the assignment because the instructions are so vague. For example one of the first assignments doesn't specify whether the data should be monthly or annually.

By Thomas M S

Mar 25, 2017

Decent course to get an introduction to portfolio theory. Some work needs to be done to update the pdf slides with what the professor adds in handwriting during the course.

By agustin b

Aug 17, 2020

Demasiado teórico. Para undergraduates, y poco practico para los que tenemos muchos años

By Neelkanth S M

Oct 02, 2019

Delay caused due to insufficient number of available submissions to review

By Dada G O

Aug 14, 2020

The course was really tasking

By Frank L H

Sep 24, 2020

The course is good, but the peer review exercises reduce the quality greatly. It takes a long time and from my experience, most of the studends just hand in garbage to copy the master solution.

By Ritesh N

Aug 17, 2020

difficult to understand and apply it in real life