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Kickstart your learning of Python with this beginner-friendly self-paced course taught by an expert. Python is one of the most popular languages in the programming and data science world and demand for individuals who have the ability to apply Python has never been higher. This introduction to Python course will take you from zero to programming in Python in a matter of hours—no prior programming experience necessary! You will learn about Python basics and the different data types. You will familiarize yourself with Python Data structures like List and Tuples, as well as logic concepts like conditions and branching. You will use Python libraries such as Pandas, Numpy & Beautiful Soup. You’ll also use Python to perform tasks such as data collection and web scraping with APIs. You will practice and apply what you learn through hands-on labs using Jupyter Notebooks. By the end of this course, you’ll feel comfortable creating basic programs, working with data, and automating real-world tasks using Python. This course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn Data Science, Data Analytics, Software Development, Data Engineering, AI, and DevOps as well as a number of other job roles....

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May 16, 2020

The syllabus of the course takes you in a roller-coaster ride.

From basic level to advance level and you won't feel any trouble nor hesitate a bit.

It's easy, it's vast, and it's really usefull.


Nov 17, 2019

it becomes easier wand clearer when one gets to complete the assignments as to how to utilize what has been learned. Practical work is a great way to learn, which was a fundamental part of the course.

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By Adrienn K

Nov 19, 2019

Good content overall but weird level requirements; the course covers too many basics for somebody who already programs but also assumes a lot and therefore is not adapted to someone who has never programmed.

It relies on external platforms that will not always work.

Instructional and useful nevertheless, recommend if you're already familiar with data analysis (in R for instance) and want further knowledge.

By Vincent Z

Jan 20, 2019

An adequate python crash course. The level is good for complete beginners. People with computer science background will find this slow. Also, the labs and the lectures are completely redundant, they almost match 1:1, except that the labs often fix a few mistakes in the slides. Don't expect a great numpy intro: you will basically get array creation, indexing and slicing and basic vector/matrix operations.

By Radwan n

May 18, 2020

I am new to python I used it for the first time in this course. I found the course to be well organized. I liked the labs and how they are organized and well written. I found the course to be hands-on which I needed. I did have some background using MATLAB and found that to be useful, however, there are some differences in the syntax and the data structures.

There are not many self-learning assignments

By Anupama K

Jul 14, 2021

The videos are quite good though the pace is a bit fast. There is a disconnect between the labs and videos are concepts are introduced in the labs which are not covered in the videos. While the students are probably not expected to understand these advanced concepts and just perform the exercises in the labs, it does affect the learning experience. Suggestion is to try and make the labs friendlier.

By Varun V

Nov 23, 2018

I would have given this course a 4 star rating if they had created the final assignment which would have make some better sense in terms of what this course content and course it about.

The assignment had no concept which was explained and in the course and it gets very difficult to understand the assignment. Never been through such a poor one in my entire 15 years career. One of the worst course.

By Jed T

Oct 5, 2022

Overall, the course is ok. The first half of the course is manageable especially for someone who has experience in other languages. But the second half felt crammed - it is more syntax heavy and with few drills here and there. Reading the materials will make you say 'wait, where did this syntax came from?'. I believe this can be improved by adding more drills in the 2nd half of the curriculum.

By Joan P M

Sep 15, 2020

Even it is a nice course to start at Python focus on Data analysis, I hink that the influance in IBM Cloud is too big and take te initial push of the first 3 chapters. Also, if they want to put the focus on that cloud, a more extense tutorials will be needed in that course (mostly, I had to search th "know how" of many elements, wasting time).

Overall, it is a good introductory course to Python.

By Bryce H

Oct 15, 2021

I wanted to rate this course more highly. It starts well with a general introduction to Python, which should be helpful for anyone who needs to learn the syntax. Unfortunately, the last week or so of content (related to APIs) is rushed and disorganized. Would recommend spending more time on how to build web scrapers, load/interpret data, etc. Maybe add another week of content to the course?

By Colleen O

Oct 19, 2021

This is a great course to get your feet wet with the concepts presented. But, the "hands on" labs are 95%+ done for you...not much coding on your part. Take it for what it is, take decent notes, and save the labs for future reference.

Advice to Creators:

Go thru the course, ESPECIALLY THE LABS, and update instructions, coding, and screenshots. Some things have changed since you put this up.

By Anaia O

Nov 19, 2022

There is a lot of in depth information and resources shared about the Python programming language, but I do not feel confident in my skills after taking this course. It is a good start, but there is not enough practice or hands on application of writing code. The course compromises mainly of watching videos and reading code. I don't know how to code anything after completing this course.

By Kevin B

Oct 19, 2022

Warning for those whose native language is NOT English: These IBM Data Science courses are in DESPERATE need of review by a native English speaker. If English wasn't my first language, I can only imagine how much I would have struggled. It is pretty unbelievable that they expect people to pay money for courses that have so many many grammar, syntax, and audio transcription errors.


Nov 16, 2021

The course was well planned however the pace of commentary in the videos was most of the time very fast which resulted in lack of understanding . In addition the Hands - On Lab was not available for a few days causing delay in completion of the course. I suggest that instead of making a commentary in the background while displaying videos the instructors should present the lecture.


Apr 9, 2021

I am taking this course as a part of IBM Data Analyst Certificate. The program became suddenly and irrelevantly challenging with this course. Why do i need all these stuff? And the things are passed so quick that it is impossible to catch up with the speed. Doesn't tell properly why sth is done in order to do what. It does not teach the logic but rather it enforces memorization.

By Dan D

Nov 17, 2020

This is course is a primer to Python and some libraries used for working with data. It covers some of basics of what certain tools can do for you, but doesn't really cover how to think or plan to do things in Python. If you're already a programmer maybe this will be sufficient, but if you're new to programming it may not give enough of a foundation about how to think in python.

By Sean H

Nov 24, 2021

There are some errors. Additionally, I couldnt get some of this code to work on PyCharm. It isnt much help to learn code in jupyter notebook, if I cant figure out how to install these libraries and use this code in PyCharm/Python. ALso, that Watson lab about language translation seemed to be more complicated than it should have been. I dont think I was prepared for that.

By Fabio A R

Apr 22, 2022

The course in general was quite good, but it is full of typos in the labs and to be so much time online and still have so many errors speaks very bad of the service that IBM/Coursera have contracted to moderate the course.

On the other hand, the fact that the videos and the labs say the same thing makes either the video unnecessary or the first part of the lab useless.

By Saman

Jul 10, 2020

Pros: Concise, Informative, to the Point, Hands-On

Cons: Videos narrations were linear and fast, but you could catch in the lab of course. Not for once, I did not interact with the instructor. Some content was just mentioned at the end which I believe was having much for weight and could elaborate more.

Thank you for the effort and time to bring education to the world.

By Adam S C

Apr 9, 2019

The course itself was good but the final assignment seemed inappropriate for this entry level course. Specifically, the final assignment relied too much on pre-prepared code that was not introduced in this course and did not test very much of the knowledge of the course. Overall, the learning materials are good but the assignment wasn't a great end to the course.

By Δημήτρης Κ

Dec 5, 2022

This is like an 'introduction to some Python capabilities', as you need to study further by yourself to be able to do anything meaningful. Also, some pieces of code were not explained adequately/ not running on a Windows system. Studying material could be found in the labs section. This course was the first in the series that seemed to me like work in progress.

By Marwa A E K

Nov 28, 2019

This course is comprehensive, but so easy. I haven't found any challenge during studying it! The concepts are delivered in a good way, yet the labs are just repetition of the videos. There's not enough hands on exercises. Everything is with the answers and you got not to try by yourself enough. It would be much better if more challenging exercises were added.

By Eugene N

Mar 26, 2020

The quizes involving API seem to have technical problems after running the codes provided. Also, in the final assignment, the credentials to be used in the optional exercise don't have information on some of the important inputs for the json file such as access key. Also, the tutorial which was specified is this part of the assignment was hard to find

By Neal D

Jan 17, 2020

As a first time learner, I definitely got a fair amount of info from the course, for which I'm grateful. However, I found the production and editing of the course material extremely sloppy. In the videos, the material is presented at a breakneck pace and the slides are rife with typos, not a great thing for course focused on learning/memorizing syntax.

By Josh J

Dec 20, 2019

There are a lot of errors in the Notebooks in this course. Some grammar is so bad I can't understand what they mean, lots of typos and spelling errors. The notebooks also did not have quiz sections to apply my learning. Working out new problems using skills I learned is an important part of my learning process and was useful in previous courses.

By Robert H

Feb 28, 2021

Many of the functions and methods used in this course, especially those in pandas, have been deprecated since this course was written. The course should reallly be updated to reflect these changes. Also, the description of the final project describes analysing housing market data, but the project itself is on GDP data. This also should be updated.

By Derrick J

Oct 19, 2020

The hands on lab notebooks for python were not all that great. Some of them even having syntax errors without any input from me. As someone who is learning the skill it was at times frustrating that the lessons that were given to me in that state wasn’t a one time thing, and I was expected to learn from it when it was in itself not right at times.