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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Data Visualization with Python by IBM

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About the Course

"A picture is worth a thousand words". We are all familiar with this expression. It especially applies when trying to explain the insight obtained from the analysis of increasingly large datasets. Data visualization plays an essential role in the representation of both small and large-scale data. One of the key skills of a data scientist is the ability to tell a compelling story, visualizing data and findings in an approachable and stimulating way. Learning how to leverage a software tool to visualize data will also enable you to extract information, better understand the data, and make more effective decisions. The main goal of this Data Visualization with Python course is to teach you how to take data that at first glance has little meaning and present that data in a form that makes sense to people. Various techniques have been developed for presenting data visually but in this course, we will be using several data visualization libraries in Python, namely Matplotlib, Seaborn, and Folium. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Subscription is only $39 USD per month for access to graded materials and a certificate....

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Aug 13, 2020

Great course, one of the best course to get hands-on learning for Data Visualization with Python. Particularly the lap exercise, it will make you think on every line of code you write. Excellent!!!

Nov 20, 2019

It's a really great course with proper hands on time and the assignments are great too. i got enough opportunity to explore the things which were taught in the course. Really Satisfied. Thanks :)

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By bob n

Nov 5, 2020

Delivered in nice size chunks. Labs useful. Would like more practical exercises. Good final peer graded assignment.

By Frank S

May 19, 2019

To much emphesis in the quiz on terrian tiles - that is something you can look up, seem no reasonable to know by hard.

By Diana

Jun 21, 2020

Very useful lab sessions, but only the Mapbox Bright is now unavailable. I hope its installation can be updated soon.

By Nick F

Jul 13, 2021

Content is generally fine but some of the questions in the quizzes are very poorly worded and difficult to decipher.

By Alois N

Jul 3, 2020

Great overview and introductory coursework. At times light on detail and needs complementing with additional detail.

By Anshul

Sep 8, 2019

the overall course is short and precise. The course assignment has questions that are not taught during the course.

By Patrik A

Jul 5, 2021

Very fun and very good course.

Some issues at the end when working with Dash - but all in all - MUCH RECOMMENDED!

By jeffrey w

Mar 6, 2021

The final assignment needs more clarity. The mode should be 'external' by default to limit wide scale confusion.

By Shane W

Dec 21, 2019

This was a valuable course, but the pacing may be a little too quick. It's a lot of different libraries to learn.

By Keerthi S

Dec 1, 2019

I felt that the week 3 was somewhat rushes on the videos without much discussion. Otherwise, great learning tool!

By Gurrapu N

Mar 29, 2020

Appreciate the content and visualization.

Labs dont work most of the time, it hinders the progress and momentum

By Aravindan N

Aug 9, 2019

Excellent lab materials. But the presentations can include a bit more contents to explain the packages better.

By Asavari P

Feb 2, 2021

The course was very informative, but seemed a little fast paced. A few more practice assignments would help

By Patrick M

Jul 18, 2019

Videos were not helpful in learning the different visualizations you could make but the notebooks were.

By Sili L

May 1, 2019

The class is too short to get into much details. The projects are much harder than those practice labs.

By Charae B

Apr 13, 2021

Other than the issues with the final assignment, I found this to be a very challenging but fun course.

By Ninad M K

Jul 18, 2020

This course was good and gives me a clear understanding of how to use data visualization with python.

By Secret S L

May 27, 2019

Good content, but again, in the final problem resources beyond the scope of the course were required.

By Muzamal A

Apr 25, 2020

I just wish instructions were given more in details in the video rather than giving only assignments

By Thomas F

Oct 11, 2019

Not great audio on the vidoes, but an excellent introduction to many python visualisation techniques

By Akil

Jun 29, 2020

the final assignment was a bit more complicated than the labs and I had to look online for support.

By Nikola S

Jul 29, 2021

In general, a good course. Some videos could be updated and there is some unnecessary repetitions.

By Xiao K

Dec 24, 2019

The course itself is very useful, but the content in some of the lectures may need to be updated.

By Daniel S d l G

Jan 25, 2021

Some hands-on are more difficult than expected according to the level of examples on the course

By Liam M

Jan 23, 2019

Really helpful, but some of the more complex topics are glossed over and require extra reading.