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This course aims to teach everyone the basics of programming computers using Python. We cover the basics of how one constructs a program from a series of simple instructions in Python. The course has no pre-requisites and avoids all but the simplest mathematics. Anyone with moderate computer experience should be able to master the materials in this course. This course will cover Chapters 1-5 of the textbook “Python for Everybody”. Once a student completes this course, they will be ready to take more advanced programming courses. This course covers Python 3....
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Sep 8, 2020

Course was very intresting and interactive. And also looking forward to start python data structure course. Charles sir was teaching perfectly and his lecture content was also very helpful.Thank you!!

Jun 20, 2017

first time i had done any course online and this was a wonderful experience\n\nI learned all the stuff and the explanation provided was good.\n\ni would like to do more courses from here\n\nthank you!

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By kazuki m

Mar 8, 2018

I'm Japanese.This is my second online lecture and I enjoyed it. For people who has some programming experience in other programming language like me, maybe this lecture seems a little boring and prolix.But if you hadn't write python,you want to study python,you don't want to overlook fundamental python syntax and you need experience of lecture by English teacher without your mother language subscript,this lecture will be good for your future.

By Md M R

Dec 4, 2015

Hello There! I am a PHP web application developer and I am highly interested to make myself a good programmer. Recently I am to learn OpenERP Software which is created using Python. I found this course very useful to enrich my skill in programming concept and learning Python. I am very happy to find this course via one of my friends. I am so excited. This is really a great opportunity to learn. Thanks much for your effort dear management! :-)

By Wahab M

Jun 6, 2020

Dr. Chuck certainly has made a difference for me. His approach to teaching this class was natural, didn't even feel like an on-line course, and he certainly knows how to break the subject down into manageable bits. The quiz you get after a chapter is neither too simple nor too hard to grasp, just the right level of complexity to stimulate your thinking and thought process. Very well made, and I highly recommend it to anyone who's interested.

By Debasmita M

Sep 5, 2020

This course is very helpful and anyone can do this, as its name says Programming for Everybody, a person who has not done any programming before can also do this course. It will clear your basics and will make it stronger. It will cover all the basic concepts with examples and assignments. And Dr. Chuck is a very good mentor. I can assure you that you will not only learn from this course but you will also enjoy doing this course. Thank you.


Mar 8, 2020

I learnt lot of things from here, i never used language before this course, because of my background is based on networking, i never think about that i can use language, Learning Python is very interesting, when you have such a nice Instructor like sir in "Programming for Everybody ".

Well I'm very much thankful to Coursera team to provide such nice platform, I will used these skills to my studies projects also.


Sadam Hussain Channa.

By Duan S

Jan 16, 2018

it's a perfect programming course for those who has absolutely no idea of computer science. take me as an example: i'm an Art students, I major in business, I always thought CS is boring and much complicated (beyond my understanding ability), however, this course gives me confidence, and more importantly, I would like to learn further! Thank you Dr.Charles, wish you could come to Shanghai someday maybe, and I can join your office hour time.

By Luis F T S

Nov 13, 2015

I have problems with focusing and specially focusing in lectures where the professors are too technical with their vocabulary, however with Professor Chuck's way of teaching I don't have this difficulty, he is able to teach in a way that is simple and posible to understand. I wish every professor can join this teaching style for the sake of learning "complex concepts" in an easy way. Since the professor is really good the course is great!!

By Muhammad A b A B

Oct 19, 2020

First of all, I would like to thanks to Sir Charles Russell Severance for the amazing course he created. All the videos and explanation in this course are easy to understand. Before this, I thought that python is really hard to be learnt, but I found it opposite after I enrolling the course. I really enjoyed it. Now I am considering to take the next step and enroll for the other Sir Charles course related to python. Well done to you Sir.

By Niranjan A M

Jul 24, 2020

The course is absolutely well organised with proper guidance and teaching.The course guide Dr.Chuck (Charles Severance) is absolute fun to be with.He is a complete package of excellent teaching along with fun at the same time.The course is excellent for beginners where he starts from basics and make us understand about the working i.e how python executes.Pretty excited for further courses to know more about python from this great professor

By Tom R

Jul 22, 2020

A good introduction for beginners, rather too slow for someone who knows other languages. Given some people might never go beyond the first 7 weeks, I'd try to offer some more practical example, like why someone would want to use it. I see writing some command line utilities might be helpful, like perhaps processing a text file and removing double spaces, or something useful. But I understand why "toy" examples are necessary for beginners.

By Plínio L

Jul 10, 2020

I liked every second of this course, its a good thing to remember concepts of algorithm, Python is very easy in comparison to other languages (COUGH* Java) and was not disturbing, the teacher is great and attentive, the way Charles teached was a major differential, so i learned more than i tought i could learn, i'll get to the "part 2" of the course soon, just because i loved Python, and want to learn more about it.

Thank you all very much!

By Michael V D

Dec 14, 2016

This is an excellent course and Dr. Severance makes the learning fun. Course 1 of 5 is extremely beginner level so if you already have some coding experience and find yourself getting bored with the detailed explanation of each bit try setting video speed to 2x. I did so and it helped me to stay focused during times that would have felt like over explanation. Plus Dr. Severance is quite fun to listen to and watch at twice his normal speed!

By Sukhdeep S

Dec 23, 2020

This is a great course. The teacher not only knows his material, but has a lot of experience working with first time programmers and so knows what errors they are likely to make and what questions they are likely to ask and addresses them all. He is fun to listen to. I have taken where the teachers were reading and got the intonation all wrong--very distracting. This one wasn't like that by far. He was interesting and even funny at times.

By Richard C

Sep 4, 2020

Worth the time and the instructor made it even better to understand the course. I especially like the Harry Potter reference to making a choice to learn coding or python. It is worth learning programing, to use a reference, "it's better to learn to use digital music than trying to figure out why no one has 8-tracks any more." Technology is moving at a high speed and learning programming is part of it, and this course will get you started.

By Muhammad Z S L

Mar 5, 2018

It was a brilliant experience to study by the method Coursera has provided me. I am obliged to every single person who is somehow associated in the development of this worthy platform. Especial thanks to my instructor Dr. Charles R. Severance(Dr.Chuk), without whom i wouldn't be able to complete this course. Sir i truly cant express my thanks to you in words only. You are an amazing instructor. Thankyou very much. Thankyou Coursera...:)))

By Francisco L A B

Apr 10, 2020

It was so good to learn the basics of Python with such an enthusiastic teacher! Dr Chuck takes into account that each one of us can have a different background with the world of programming and adapts the course for a beginners level. The presentations are clear and straight to the point and the activities at the end of each session necessary to test the new concepts. I highly recommend this course if you would like to start programming.

By Ilori T

Oct 15, 2019

I found the course fantastic! I would recommend it to everyone who has not added the skill of programming to their set of Skills. With such a great teacher as Charles Severance, you'd enjoy every bit of the course and also understand the very basic things you need to know about python! I'm glad I took the course. I've learned so much, and even so, easily. So interesting and easily learned that I spent a day in finishing the whole course!

By Yumei L

Apr 21, 2016

Took this as "Programming for Everybody"--my very first programming class. Loved it. It was hard from time to time, but well worth it. It's not likely I will do programming for a living, but understanding this medium makes a big difference for me when I encounter issues related to technology, data and the web. I believe everyone can benefit from some exposure to the world of programming. And this is by far the best course offered online.

By Anton K

Mar 24, 2016

This course not just about syntax of programming language (unlike many other courses for beginners). It teaches you think as a programmer. It was pretty interesting to know how hardware works and how computer structure influences the coding. I found lots of great examples and the particular cases on the conditions, loops, and functions that can now be used by me in JavaScript and Swift. The best tutorial on code basics! Thanks Dr. Chuck!

By Victor E

Oct 10, 2018

There is nothing better than being taught by passionate people. Charles Severance is one of those rare gems of education. Online learning was also new to me and definitely something very I wish I had been able to do when I was studying 20 years ago.

The bonus videos were very interesting and this is something that adds a lot of value to the course.

I have done the first course only (in 3 days) and will try to wrap the specialization soon.

By Aarya P

Sep 3, 2020

A really nice introductory style course for the python. I had no experience for python but however i did knew a bit of coding and stuff. The very basics concepts have been taught and helps you understand the building blocks on any code or program and how it executes. The instructor has a very nice mood and helps you learn things with Fun and sometime even lightens your mood by punching some nice old jokes... i like it and its awesome.

By Paul O

Jul 26, 2020

This course is a great introduction for anyone who has no background at all in computer programming. The instructor is spot on - he's friendly, patient and it's very easy to follow what he's trying to explain.

I did have some previous experience with Stata so it was easier for me to follow as I already understood some basic concepts. But I bet this course can be useful to anyone with a hint of enthusiasm, regardless of their background.

By Ronald B

Dec 6, 2020

Dr. Charles Serverance is truly passionate in his craft and wants you to learn. If your looking to get an introduction to Python, or to get your feet wet in Python programming then this is the course for you. So glad to take this course and learn something new. Hopefully build the confidence to teach and encourage my friends to take this course. Looking forward to completing remaining courses for this specialization. Highly recommend.


Feb 6, 2019

I m very thankful for the team coursera who given me the opportunity to complete the course and providing me the certificate.I m very thanfull to team coursera you consider my financial aid and allow me to freely join the course.This certificate plays very important role in my carrer.thank you so much coursera.Its my pleasure towards you.please give me such a more opportunities so could i expand my carrer at a great height............

By Adam M

Dec 20, 2015

I am a GIS Analyst who could really benefit from an improved Python skill set. In the past I have tried to take Python courses but became frustrated early on in the classes for a variety of reasons (not enough background info on topics, not enough instructor support, etc.). This class really helped me understand the basics and perhaps more importantly, it piqued my interest. Dr. Severence is great. Stay quirky! It is lots of fun.