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Stanford's "Introduction to Statistics" teaches you statistical thinking concepts that are essential for learning from data and communicating insights. By the end of the course, you will be able to perform exploratory data analysis, understand key principles of sampling, and select appropriate tests of significance for multiple contexts. You will gain the foundational skills that prepare you to pursue more advanced topics in statistical thinking and machine learning. Topics include Descriptive Statistics, Sampling and Randomized Controlled Experiments, Probability, Sampling Distributions and the Central Limit Theorem, Regression, Common Tests of Significance, Resampling, Multiple Comparisons....

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Jul 16, 2021

I really good introduction course. The weekly lecture and quiz time commitment is very manageable. The lectures/quizzes focus more on the theory rather than the number crunching.


Sep 8, 2022

The material is very, very superior. The pop-up quizzes are a great way to keep attention hooked. The end of topic quizzes require comprehensive understanding of the topic.

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By Margaret A

May 9, 2021

This course covers the most popular statistical ideas (it closely follows the O'Reilly book "Practical Statistics for Data Scientists"), so the material is relevant. Unfortunately, the course is not designed well for comprehension. The instructor glosses over things very quickly, and fails to define crucial terms and concepts. For instance, he never once says "this is the formula for deriving the standard deviation," instead he only ever says "now we will standardize" and you need to know what he means. When calculating probability in the early lessons, he does not pause to help you learn how to assign A and B, nor does he stop to say which values he has assigned to A and which to B. As of May 2020, halfway into what I believe is the first iteration of the course, the Forums were not turned on so we cannot seek help from our classmates, even though about 3,000 are currently enrolled. I'm five weeks in and completely undecided about whether to continue or not; I am not learning statistics; for the most part I am just retaking the tests over and over again until I pass. Please at a minimum turn on the forums for students. But also consider re-recording the Probability section to include more instruction about how to assign variables to A and B, and to more clearly specify what the teacher considers to be A and B in the course examples. IAlso, if the profession consistently uses the phrase "standardize" to mean "calculate the standard deviation" please say that somewhere. n addition, the Week 3 Quiz includes a question not covered until the Week 4 material.

By Hassen P

Apr 16, 2019

It's an Introduction to Statistics and it means it should help those who are new to statistics. But it's way far from that.

The instructor explains topics very very very very and again very summarized. While he drops mind boggling formulas on to the screen, he explains you the 1/100 of the tip of the ice berg.

You just cannot use this course for an introduction to statistics. You need a lot of books and a lot of time to get the quizzes right.

By Ching-hsiu L

Jun 7, 2021

I've completed 10 modules. However I decide to stop learning statistics here although I've passed the 10 modules with high scores.

I think the learning materials of this course are valuable and the instructor, professor Guenther Walther is excellent. However, for global students, this course is awful, comparing with the other beginner level courses in Coursera, A lot of concepts in the videos are not introduced clearly, for example, what is median? How to find the median? How to distinguish dependent variables from independent variables? What is a sample? What is a category? What is replacement for a draw? When should be replacement? I think the instructor assumed every student here is a Stanford student or an American student.

To be honest, this course is not supportive to students because it doesn't open the discussion forum for students to discuss the problems coming from the materials and correct the incorrect calculation in the instruction. In addition, there is not any handout to help students to summarize what are taught in the module or give more examples. Only quizzes, but no exercises. These makes the learning here generate a lot of difficulties and failures despite there are explanations following the quizzes.

In spite of that, I will miss the voice of professor Guenther Walther. The voice sounds sincere and friendly.

I will come back when I think I can continue to learn here. Hope this course will be improved in the future.

By Praneeth k P

Jun 30, 2021

No proper explanation of concepts, no in detail examples, no proper set of quizes,content is lagging

By Grant B

Aug 30, 2019

Enjoyed the course but had repeating problems with the Coursera platform not submitting quizzes for weeks. Coursera provided no support and no communication (zero). Had to contact Stanford administration to get any action on the problem. Still Coursera did not communicate and were slow to respond to the school administration. Finally fixed two days before course deadline.

Critical bugs in the Coursera platform. Absolutely no response from Coursera to flagged bug reports. Absolutely no Coursera support. Cannot recommend.

By Jordan B

Oct 15, 2021

The lecturer is extremely dry and the course materials contain many gaps. Concepts are discussed without having been properly introduced.

By James F

Dec 6, 2021

I'm disappointed that this course is listed as an introduction, when the professor does not treat it as such. He glosses over important information and does not care to explain in any detail. I had to search for Conditional Probablility on youtube just to grasp the concept. The professor didn't care to explain the one example he gave us in any detail. I'll come back to this course after I've taken a real introduction to statistics. This is NOT for beginners.

By Rajesh T

Jun 3, 2022

The course content presenter is very experienced and he presented the material in very intutive way. Thank you very much Sir for sharing your knowledge and experience.

By Gisele

Nov 27, 2021

I like the content and how the course was divided but spent most of the time looking for clearer explanation on youtube. Explanations are very vague. I wished they had more details and showed how to 'compute' instead of just showing the result. I would also advise on more quizzes and examples. In my case, It was very discouraging to look elsewhere for a fully paid course. I'd not recomend this course for a beginner with no notion of probability.

By Alejandro E

Jul 17, 2021


By Daria T

Oct 21, 2022

This course should not be called "Introduction to Statistics" but rather a refresher, which would imply that you already know everything about statistics, just need to remind yourself of a couple of things. Otherwise, the course is not self-sufficient to teach the concepts of statistics and to make you use them.

Week 1: very fast, but manageable

Week 2: very fast, lacks explanations, not complete information to solve the test. In the examples, it was not clear what A and B represent. Later, during the test, I could not even manage to assign propabilities. For example, could it be the probability of "known answer" in "correct answer" or "correct answer" in "all answers", how to take into account the total number of questions and the fact that only the first question was solved. Disaster!

I do not expect that knowledge shoul be handed on a silver platter (while the general concept of MOOCs is about an affordable way to learn new skills), but I do not want to go through the tons of books till I find the one corresponding to this course. If the authors wanted to keep the level high, why not to suggest extra reading?

Besides, there is a thechnical nuances in the videos: quiz questions pop up before you finish listenign to the explanation and manage to see the formula.

Most probably, I will quit before starting Week 3...

By David

Oct 27, 2021

Very confusing. I'm used to seeing derivations and logical sequences of how concepts progress from one to another. This is an incredibly frustrating course with large gaps which can only be filled in if you've studied this before, in which case you wouldn't need to do this one. How is the correlation coefficient related to the linear regression formulae? Where's the algebra? Why can you use x to predict y, but not use y to predict x? Has it got something to do with covariance, whic I just read up on?? Who knows.

I know this is a condensed version of the subject, but sometimes going into more depth can help explain things so that you understand them and in turn make the subject easier.

By Alemayehu E M

Jan 15, 2023

This is an excellent course both for beginners and those who would like to refresh their knowledge on basic statistics. The course is very interactive and of high standard.

By Ashish J E

Jan 13, 2021

Excellent content - explains complex concepts in simple words. Though i had prior knowledge of statistics and i undertook this course as part of the Foundation in Data science course, i found this excellent content.

By mezzanatto R

Sep 28, 2021

It was not an easy course for me due to my background, but the content is really well explained. I now want to learn more about the statistics.

By Neha N M

May 29, 2021

very good basic statistics score, explained in detail and all the basics cleared, everyone should go for it

By Patricia R

May 7, 2021

The course is great for those who want to brush up on the foundational statistical concepts for advanced learning. If Prof. Walther offers more educational content that's relevant to me, I'd gladly take it!

By R K A

Aug 6, 2022

Very useful for anyone interested in basic concepts of statistics and statistical inference. It prepares one to enrol for more advanced courses like Machine Learning.

By Sao-Mai T

Oct 2, 2021

The course is very informative and easy to understand. Each topic was explained clearly with examples. Hope that there will be an advanced course

By Peter L

Aug 24, 2021

Solid exposure to introductory content. Prof Walther speaks clearly and the examples help in practicing!

By Derrick L H P

Jun 12, 2021

Very good introduction to statistical concepts that help you build on your intuition.

By Pratap C

Dec 24, 2020

Very good introduction to Statistics!

By Joye B

Jun 28, 2021

I found that some of the content was confusing.

By Steve P

Aug 29, 2022

Extremely rushed course with few examples and just slides of monotenous droning over formulas thrown on screen.

By Mathew C

Jun 8, 2022

This is NOT an introductory statistics course. I have taken a couple statistics courses already and this course discusses ideas which a beginning statistics student can no way possibly understand fully. If you want an introductory statistics course this course is DEFINITELY NOT the one to take. There are other choices out there that are much better trust me. My suggestion is take an online statistics course directly from the university itself or look into You will have a much better educational experience in these other places in my opinion. Coursera is fine but not in this case.