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About the Course

In this course you will engage in a series of challenges designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits. As preparation for these tasks, Professor Laurie Santos reveals misconceptions about happiness, annoying features of the mind that lead us to think the way we do, and the research that can help us change. You will ultimately be prepared to successfully incorporate a specific wellness activity into your life. THE SCIENCE OF WELL BEING WAS PRODUCED IN PART DUE TO THE GENEROUS FUNDING OF THE DAVID F. SWENSEN FUND FOR INNOVATION IN TEACHING....

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Apr 3, 2021

Fabulous course. I learned a lot of does and doesn't make us happy, and learned valuable tools for introducing and integrating new habits into my life that will definitely contribute to my well-being.

Jun 14, 2020

This course helped me think of news ways to think and new ways to reach certain goals that I would have not thought about. It's kind of long but I was interested and completed the course feeling good.

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By Martina B

Jun 15, 2020

Sehr interessanter und spannender Kurs. Man lernt einiges über die wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnisse von Happiness udn Well being und die Praxistipps lassen sich sehr leicht in den beruflichen und privaten Alltag einbauen. Alles in allem eine Bereicherung den Kurs absolviert zu haben.

By Jeff O

Nov 30, 2020

great course that brought the science to the idea of well-being. The rewirement/micro-practices were beneficial as it brought the concepts to life rather than simply becoming a lecture style class. Would recommend to anybody who is struggling with personal well-being and happiness.

By Lance K

Jun 10, 2020

Laurie did a fabulous job, was easy to understand and provided excellent examples to support the learning. The course content was a great reminder of previous readings and provided new science to support well being. Thank you for the opportunity and an excellent rewirement!

By Patty G

Apr 12, 2021

The focus of the course was directed more to undergraduate campus population. Yet, I did find the key concepts interesting. I would have appreciated more recent studies addressing the scientific aspects of the course. Overall, the reflection learning and focus was valuable.

By Yaki M

Nov 21, 2018

Thank you for making this course.

I am done with the theoretical part and into the 4 week "implementation" phase of it.

For me it was productive to see the figures behind the recommendations. It was also nice to feel like one is sitting in the "class-room" with the others.

By Mira K D

Oct 23, 2020

It is a wonderful PRACTICE course. Its very DOABLE and day to day life course. Worth for anyone of any age, education, ethnicity! What i found fascinating is as Indian most of the things talked with scientific support are supposedly SOCIAL PRACTICES in day to day life.

By Katarzyna G

May 29, 2020

very nice and simple course of the essence of simple and fulfilling life. This methodology should be implemented in the entire education system as "musts" - especially in primary schools or even before. Very practical solutions presented in easy way. Congratulations

By Adelie

Oct 21, 2020

Great class! I wish there were more printouts to help me visualize the organization through this course. I value the tools I learned in this class and will continue to implement and share them with others. This is a wonderful course, especially during the pandemic.

By Eugene A

Jun 13, 2020

This is a beautiful course that is elegant in its simplicity. It teaches us things we already may know but ramps it up a step further by providing scientific basis to either affrim or contradict what we know about "being happy." Definitely a must-attend! :)

By Jesse D M

May 24, 2020

The information is really interesting. I wish topics were deeper. The last 4 weeks of the course had no class time and I would like to have learned more lecture information. I enjoyed learning, I wish these Coursera classes were harder or more challenging.

By Hannah H

Jun 6, 2020

Engaging, informative. You will come away well-equipped with tools to increase your life happiness. On a personal level I would have liked more science but the class does give you plenty of supplementary materials if you'd like to learn more on your own.

By Mariela B

Jun 1, 2020

This was an excellent and inspiring course! I am very grateful for all the wonderful teachings I recieved!

I would like to get a certificate if it is still possible since I completed all the assignments and I and very interested on keeping the material.

By Jenny M

May 26, 2020

What a fun and interesting way to spend some quarantine time! I enjoyed the lectures and Q & A sessions. Reflecting on the course at the end was beneficial as well. I hope to put what I've learned into practice throughout daily life. Thank you!

By Dani K

Oct 24, 2019

I would recommend for everyone who wants to live a happier and fulfilled life. The instructor provides a lot of useful tips to do it, change habits, learn more about one self besides she support all explanation with technical info from researchers.

By Jack Z

Jul 6, 2020

Excellent linkage of detailed scientific studies to happiness and well-being. Highly beneficial to anyone looking to understand what drives happiness, how to improve their happiness and developing skills to commit to life-long learning and growth.

By Venetia M

May 23, 2020

I have learned a lot about mind tricks. I have battled depression my whole life and so much of what you taught has given me many aha! moments. I am going to continue to practice Woop and using Rewi app as I have noticed a difference in my moods!

By Rance B

Jun 27, 2020

I really enjoyed taking this course... it was pretty much mt life saver. The material and instructor was well organized,clear and succinct. l also enjoyed the student interactive piece (Q&A session) at the end of each week. Thank you Rance

By Nitin K

Jun 24, 2020

An excellent course that challenges the entire concept of happiness supported by hard facts. Its eye opening and at every stage of the lecture one seems to question like really? Recommended for everyone seeking to improve their lives.

By Sandra S

Jun 5, 2020

I loved this course. It was easy to follow and void of strict deadlines, which made it super easy to managed my busy life and the course. I would definitely recommend. I think ALL people should take a course like this at lest once.

By Sameer K

Aug 6, 2020

This course Happiness meter will tell an individual about his reality and than will show him the techniques to upgrade the scaling. We quite often get deranged from the happiness and this YALE course will help to keep that on pace !

By Jonathan H

Apr 20, 2020

I think this course serves a great purpose and is falling in line at a time when people could use it most. Very helpful to those unfamiliar with positive psych, meditation, and other current trends in psychology. Worth the time!

By Anurita D

Jun 30, 2020

I have really enjoyed this course as it has helped me in evaluating myself ,and given me insight as to how to approach life with various methods, enabling me to better myself and self growth. thank you for this wonderful course.

By Mariel A C R

Jul 24, 2020

Very good course and material. This is a course that should be part of any company program for the staff development. The only aspect to improve, it will be the interaction with the proffesor.

Thank you and saludos from Mexico!

By Renske G

Jun 25, 2020

I've learned a lot from this course even though I have a bachelor in psychology.

The course thought me that the goals I have might not make me happy.

The professor is great at explaining and knows how to make knowledge stick.

By Yoshiaki s

Mar 21, 2021

Such an eye-opening learning experience this course was! I am going to learn further through books and reading materials provided by this course. I wish we could directly interact with a professor for questions and comments.