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About the Course

This Guided Project "Python for Beginners: Data Structures" is for individuals who are new to programming and want to learn the basics of Python data structures. In this 2-hour long project-based course, you will learn about lists, tuples, sets, and dictionaries and how to use them to solve real-world problems through a student performance analysis short project. This guided-project will cover the learning objectives of understanding the basics of lists, tuples, sets, and dictionaries in Python, learning how to store and manipulate data in these data structures, and becoming familiar with the differences between the various data structures. This project is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to Python data structures in a beginner-friendly format. In order to be successful in this project, you will need prior knowledge of basic Python concepts and basic mathematical operations. Familiarity with control structures in Python such as for loops and if statements is an important prerequisit to this course....
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