Email Marketing Salary: What to Know in 2024

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Discover salaries for different roles in email marketing and the steps you can take to increase your earning potential.

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Email marketing salary: Your guide to earning more

Email marketing is a growing industry. According to Statista, email marketing was valued at $7.5 billion in 2020 and is expected to increase to almost $18 billion by 2027 [1]. In addition, working in email marketing can offer many rewards, like building meaningful relationships with customers via their inboxes and getting to use the latest technologies like customer relationship management (CRM) tools. 

So, how much do email marketers make? Whether you’re just starting a career as an email marketer or you have some experience, knowing the typical email marketing salary can make it easier to reach your career goals. The estimated total pay for an email marketer in the US, as of September 2023, is $51,942, according to Glassdoor [2]. Total pay includes average base salary and additional pay such as bonuses, commission, or profit sharing. 

Salaries in email marketing can vary, depending on several factors, including: 


An email marketer with less than a year of experience can make $56,983, while an email marketer with more than 15 years of experience makes $79,779. 


An email marketer who works in the education industry can make $57,365, while an email marketer in information technology makes $60,712.


An email marketer in Los Angeles, CA, makes $70,960, while an email marketer in Atlanta, GA, makes $59,850. 

*Average salary data sourced from Glassdoor September 2023. 

Who’s hiring?

The top-rated companies on Glassdoor (4.5 / 5 stars or higher) that are currently hiring email marketers include: Girls Who Code, The AD Leaf, and Gallup.


9 email marketing salaries 

In addition to the factors listed above, your job title and seniority in email marketing can determine your salary in this field. 

Here, we explore Glassdoor’s September 2023 US salary averages for different job titles, ranging from entry-level and mid-career roles to leadership roles. The numbers listed represent estimated total pay.

Job titleUS salary average
Email marketing assistant salary$50,662
Email marketing associate salary$55,968
Email marketing coordinator salary$57,444
Email marketing specialist salary$61,378
Email marketing analyst salary$72,232
Email marketing designer salary$69,171
Email marketing consultant salary$99,100
Email marketing manager salary$86,897
Director of email marketing salary$137,390

What do email marketers do?

The specific job responsibilities of an email marketer may vary depending on the industry, company, actual job title, and seniority. Here’s a general list of tasks and projects you might be responsible for in an email marketing role: 

Entry-level email marketers:

  • Execute marketing campaigns

  • Manage email lists

  • Set up email automations

  • Stay up to date on email marketing best practices

Email marketing leaders:

  • Develop and measure email marketing campaigns

  • Manage email marketing teams

  • Develop landing pages

  • Oversee email marketing design 

What qualifications do email marketers need?

As with job responsibilities, the specific qualifications required of an email marketer may vary depending on industry, company, job title, and seniority. Here’s a general list of qualifications you may need to fill an email marketing position: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or related field 

  • Knowledge of email marketing platforms and strategies

  • Experience in digital marketing 

  • Writing and communication skills 

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Email marketing salary tips

Now that you know current salary averages for different roles in email marketing, the next thing to think about is how to increase your earning potential. Use the strategies below to explore salary possibilities for your career. 

1. Research salary data. 

Using the salary averages above as a starting point and make a habit of researching current salaries for the email marketing roles you’re interested in. Take note of how different cities, experience levels, skills, and other factors may affect what you can earn. Knowing salary averages can make it easier to discuss salary with potential employers and plan your career accordingly. 

Along with knowing salary data for email marketing, monitor the employment landscape on a regular basis. Peruse email marketing job listings, research the companies that are hiring, and make a list of the skills required to be competitive in this field. 

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2. Build email marketing skills. 

Building new email marketing skills can help you earn more in this field. To build skills, you can sign up for courses, trainings, or certificate programs in email marketing. Before investing in a learning experience, research the email marketing skills that are in high demand. ZipRecruiter’s Career Keyword Mappers for email marketing manager and email marketing specialist list the following as top skills appearing on job descriptions for these roles [3, 4]: 

You can also gain new email marketing skills through experience. If you’re new to email marketing, consider internships, freelance projects, and entry-level positions to gain exposure to the top technologies, approaches, and techniques for this field. If you’re looking to advance your career in this field, investigate email marketing projects you can take on in your current role that will help your employer reach business goals. 

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3. Know your salary and career goals. 

Take into consideration the salary averages for different email marketing roles and the factors that affect salary. With these details in mind, reflect on your salary and career goals. 

  • How much do you want to make per year? 

  • How does this figure compare to salary averages? 

  • What actions can you take to reach this goal? 

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4. Prepare to make a career move.

Making a career move could bring about a salary increase, as well as lead to bigger achievements and more overall satisfaction with your professional life. Reflect on the goals you’ve articulated. Then, consider preparing for one of the following career moves: 

  • Applying for a new email marketer job

  • Applying for a leadership position, such as email marketing manager or director of email marketing

  • Switching industries to one with higher salary averages for email marketers 

  • Moving to a different city where email marketing salary averages tend to be higher

  • Starting your own business as an email marketing consultant 

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Improve your email marketing skills with Coursera

Taking online courses in email marketing can be a great way to build job-ready skills, advance your career, and increase your earning potential. Consider Google’s Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Professional Certificate. You’ll learn different email marketing strategies, as well as related skills like creating an online store and marketing on other online platforms. 

Article sources


Statista. “Email marketing revenue worldwide from 2020 to 2027,” Accessed September 12, 2023. 

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