Prompt Engineering Jobs: Your 2024 Career Guide

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Explore the job landscape for prompt engineering, including companies hiring, salaries you can earn, the steps to applying for a prompt engineer job, and the future of this career field.

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Prompt engineering jobs: What to know in 2024

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology is expanding, creating a demand for prompt engineers who can help AI systems respond effectively to human instructions, known as prompts, and generate outputs for use in real-world situations. For example, a good prompt engineer can leverage AI to speed up time-consuming tasks, automate repetitive ones, create content to specification, summarize large amounts of information, and optimize customer experiences.  

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Let’s look at the employment landscape for prompt engineers, as of November 2023: 

  • Full-time, freelance, and contract opportunities are available. 

  • You can specialize in large language models (LLMs), such as ChatGPT or Bard, or draw upon general knowledge of this field. 

  • There are job openings across industries, including EdTech, nonprofit education, software development, management and consulting, information technology, AI and other emerging technologies, internet and web services, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, and health care.  

Prompt engineering offers many possibilities that can lead to a rewarding career. As with any new technology and corresponding career fields, the employment landscape for prompt engineers may change. As you consider a future in prompt engineering, it’s a good idea to research your options and reflect on your career goals. Get started with this career guide to discover salaries you can earn, job titles that may interest you, and best practices for applying.  

Prompt engineer salary 

Exploring your earning potential in prompt engineering is a critical aspect of your job search. Salaries can vary widely in this field, depending on the employer, industry, and location, as well as your experience and skill set. 

As of November 2023, ZipRecruiter reports a national average salary in the US of $59,545, with low salaries around $31,000 and high salaries around $91,500, based on jobs employers have posted on ZipRecruiter [1]. 

Anthropic, an AI start-up, advertised a “prompt engineer and librarian” job opening with a salary on the higher end of the range: $250,000 to $375,000 [2].



Conduct thorough research into compensation so that you can measure your salary goals against the current trends.

Prompt engineer job titles 

As you search online for “prompt engineer jobs,” you may find that the search results yield only a handful of jobs with prompt engineering in the title. This can be due to several factors: 

  • This field is emerging and not yet well-established.

  • Job openings that appear one week may get filled the next.

  • Employers are using a variety of job titles to recruit people with prompt engineering skills. In some cases, you have to look beyond a seemingly unrelated job title to find a mention of prompt engineering in the job description as a required skill or day-to-day function.

  • Career sites are still compiling data to define the role’s qualifications, job duties, and typical salaries. 

In this section, you’ll explore job titles related to prompt engineering, including “prompt engineer” itself and the variations, as they appear on career sites LinkedIn, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter in November 2023. These roles exhibit varying degrees of emphasis on prompt engineering, with some placing it at the core and others integrating it into other aspects of the job.

Even with the lack of well-established, easily searchable job titles, the range of possibilities can help you refine your prompt engineering career objectives and open doors to roles you may not have previously considered.

Prompt engineering job titles

  • Prompt engineer

  • Prompt engineer and librarian 

  • AI prompt engineer

  • IT automation prompt engineer

  • Sr. LLM (large language model) prompt engineer

  • Generative AI prompt engineer

  • Principle prompt engineer

  • Prompt engineering manager

  • AI prompt engineering developer lead 

  • Prompt/data engineer 

  • Prompt engineering side hustle expert 

  • Prompt engineer/generative AI engineer

Large language model job titles

  • LLM interaction engineer

  • LLM engineer  

  • AI LLM consultant

AI job titles 

  • AI software engineer

  • AI engineer

  • Founding engineer, AI

  • Artificial intelligence specialist

  • AI manager, innovation lab

  • AI researcher

  • Game AI engineer and LLM developer

Generative AI job titles 

  • GenAI Engineer

  • GenAI technical lead 

  • Business process analyst / business process engineer (GenAI)

Machine learning engineer job titles

  • Machine learning engineer

  • Machine learning engineer - generative AI and deep learning

  • Principle machine learning engineer - query processing / indexing

  • Sr Machine Learning engineering manager 

  • Machine Learning Engineer, LLM Infrastructure

  • AIML machine learning engineer/scientist, siri information intelligence

Data science job titles

  • Data scientist

  • Senior data scientist, AI

  • Senior Data Science Engineer, LLM MLOps Platform

Software engineering job titles

  • Software engineer 

  • Staff Software Engineer - ML Engineering

  • Senior Software Engineer- Data (Machine learning)

  • Staff software engineer 

How to get a prompt engineer job 

Using this career guide as a starting point, begin your prompt engineer job search. Follow these steps to boost your confidence, tailor your approach, and stand out from other candidates in this competitive field. 

1. Improve your job search methods.

As we’ve explored, job titles in prompt engineering are diverse, so you’ll need to expand your search queries on different career sites beyond just “prompt engineer” or “prompt engineer jobs.” Search queries to try might include: 

  • ChatGPT prompt engineer or ChatGPT prompt engineering jobs

  • Text prompt engineering or text prompt engineering jobs 

  • Remote prompt engineer jobs

  • AI prompt engineer or AI prompt engineer jobs

  • Bard prompt engineer or Bard prompt engineer jobs

Also try various job titles in machine learning, AI, software engineering, and data science, using examples from the previous section.

In addition, be sure to conduct your job search in multiple places, including:

2. Read job descriptions carefully. 

For the results that each search query yields, read individual job descriptions carefully. It’s often the case that some roles include prompt engineering as a day-to-day function, even when the job title itself doesn’t include “prompt engineer.” 

As employers continue hiring prompt engineers, you may see job postings with a variety of qualifications and duties listed. Become familiar with what employers require, from one industry to the next, as you plan your next steps. Requirements might include specific skills, expertise in a particular industry, years of experience, or formal education. 

3. Develop your qualifications. 

Based on insights you glean from job descriptions, make a list of qualifications you’ll need for the prompt engineer job you desire. To gain skills and experience, consider taking courses in prompt engineering and related topics. Besides gaining skills, advantages of courses include:

  • Learning in a structured format

  • Exploring the topic with the support of the instructor 

  • Earning a credential or completion certificate 

  • Becoming job-ready in weeks, often less time than it takes to earn a degree  

To gain experience, consider taking on contract work in prompt engineering or completing a prompt engineering project in your current role. 

4. Build a prompt engineering online presence. 

In today’s employment landscape, employers often look to the internet to learn more about a candidate during the recruitment process. Building your online presence can help you stand out from other candidates and showcase your passion for prompt engineering. Your online presence can cover these areas:

  • A portfolio, blog, or website dedicated to displaying your prompt engineering work

  • Other social media profiles where you post content related to prompt engineering, including your personal views, articles you’ve read, industry knowledge, and recent projects 

  • A profile on Upwork, Fiverr, and other freelance sites to promote your prompt engineering services 

5. Apply for prompt engineering jobs.

Return to career sites and review current prompt engineering job listings. When you’ve identified the ones that best fit your career objectives, begin applying. Be sure to optimize your resume, cover letter template, and other job search materials, tailoring them to each employer you’re applying to work with. 

Here are some resources to use in this process: 

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Best practices for your future in prompt engineering 

The rapid adoption of AI technology inspires both excitement and uncertainty about what the future holds. Many roles are bound to evolve or be less in demand, requiring people to pivot, reskill, and take on new challenges. Prompt engineering is no different. No matter your career path, empower yourself with these best practices:

  • Be on the lookout for increasing or dwindling demand for prompt engineers.

  • Observe how AI technology develops and what skills you’ll need to stay current. 

  • Note job titles that employers use to attract candidates with prompt engineering skills. 

  • Brainstorm ways to apply your prompt engineering skills to other roles.

  • Keep your online presence updated, so that potential employers see your latest and best prompt engineering work. 

Learn prompt engineering with Coursera 

Taking online courses can be a great way to enhance your job search efforts, build job-ready skills, generate talking points for an upcoming interview, and discover career opportunities. Explore Coursera’s offerings in prompt engineering and generative AI: 

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