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IIM Calcutta Supply Chain Analytics

Learn how to use supply chain analytics to improve business efficiency and power insightful change, from IIM Calcutta- #1 Business Analytics School in India.

The first cohort will start in 2022

Details to be announced soon.

6 months

6-8 hours per week. May vary by student.

Price to be announced

Explore flexible payment options while enrolling.

Online and self-paced

+ Live classes and feedback from faculty.

No CAT scores necessary

Triple accredited

A distinction held by less than 1% of business schools in the world

Real world projects

Showcase your new skills with an applied industry project

Live sessions and office hours

Learn primarily at your own pace, with doubt clearing sessions and faculty feedback


Program description

Solve decision problems related to production, stocking, warehouse selection, location, inventory planning, and pricing under dynamic scenarios with resource constraint.

Required background

High school-level algebra and basic mathematical manipulation Familiarity with undergraduate-level probability, statistics, and calculus.

Skills you will gain

  • machine learning
  • data-analysis
  • supply chain analytics
  • demand forecasting
  • demand planning


Supply Chain leaders coordinate all parts of complex supply chains starting from raw material procurement to delivery to the customer in an efficient cost-effective manner under uncertain circumstances. With this online certificate program, you’ll study at the graduate level to gain the knowledge and expertise you need to elevate your performance to a competent supply chain leader. The supply chain analytics concepts, frameworks, models, and tools that you’ll learn in this program will drive your data-based decision making capability, thereby improving your company’s planning and operational efficiency, and the bottom line.

In this program, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the design issues, frameworks, and analytic tools necessary to plan, design, and operate integrated cost-effective supply chains to coordinate production, procurement, and distribution of products in the right quantity at the right time and right locations. You will learn through video lectures, tutorials, software models, and graded tests, as well live sessions with your peers and instructors.

This program is designed to teach operations and sales Analysts, as well as data analyst/data science professionals, key Data Sc. & ML use cases applicable to the supply chain industry (demand forecasting with ML, inventory optimization), along with the business case, and change management skills needed to lead a transformation.

Courses to be announced soon


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