Global Master of Business Administration (GMBA)

Macquarie University

Career Outcomes

After graduation you’ll be able to:

  • Design effective business strategies for developing competitive advantages in the global marketplace

  • Design systems for socially and culturally legitimate as well as sustainable organisational behaviour

  • Critically analyse financial information to evaluate performance, investment, risk, and strategy

  • Analyse business issues and generate recommendations through research and synthesis of complex quantitative and qualitative information

  • Effectively lead and motivate people in diverse teams in ways that are culturally respectful and ethical

  • Design and implement systems and processes for effective organisational change and governance

  • Influence internal and external stakeholders through effective persuasion, communication, negotiation, and relationship-building skills

  • Demonstrate future-focused capabilities in strategising, leading, analysing, influencing, adapting and problem solving capabilities

  • Use self-reflection as a basis for coping with, and learning from, problems and situations that are personally challenging

Career Services

The Global MBA prepares its students for the professional world by partnering with relevant companies.

One of these partnerships is with SAS, the global leader in AI and advanced analytics. SAS aims to empower and inspire its customers around the world to transform data into intelligence.

This partnership has multifaceted and significant benefits for Global MBA students. Students will be able to increase their skill set by using the current market-leading analytics platform. The partnership will also grant Global MBA students access to the SAS Global Certification, which in turn will provide students with SAS courses that will help them qualify for SAS industry accreditation in a range of SAS Certifications, including the SAS Academy for Data Science. Students who are earning the accreditation can elect to be listed in the SAS Global Certified Professional Directory which is commonly accessed by employers and recruitment agencies.

Watch more to learn about this partnership.

Application Details:

  • Applications for term 3 are now open.
  • Application deadline: April 10 (Australia time)
  • More information about the entry requirements here

With a flexible entry format, new students may be accepted into the GMBA every term (6 terms per year).

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