How to Get a HubSpot Certification: Guide + Benefits

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Discover the career possibilities a HubSpot certification can offer and the steps to getting certified.

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HubSpot certification overview 

A HubSpot certification is a globally recognised credential that professionals obtain for three main reasons: 

  • Updating skills in digital marketing, sales, customer support, and more

  • Demonstrating expertise in a particular HubSpot skill set 

  • Enhancing a resume, portfolio, LinkedIn profile, or job application 

HubSpot Academy, HubSpot’s official resource for taking courses and getting certified, offers 30 certifications spanning different professional roles, software functions, and experience levels. Refer to the table below to explore the range of HubSpot Academy’s certifications.

MarketingInbound Marketing, Digital Marketing, Digital Advertising, Platform Consulting∙, HubSpot Reporting∙, SEO, Inbound∙, Email Marketing, HubSpot Partner Solutions∙, HubSpot Marketing SoftwareInbound Marketing Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Growth-Driven Design, Content MarketingContextual Marketing
SalesRevenue Operations, Platform Consulting∙, HubSpot Reporting∙, Frictionless Sales, Sales Management, Inbound∙, Sales Enablement, HubSpot Sales Software, Inbound Sales, HubSpot Partner Solutions∙
ServicePlatform Consulting∙, HubSpot Reporting∙, Service Hub Software, Inbound∙
Web designGrowth-Driven Design∙
Web developmentHubSpot CMS for DevelopersGrowth-Driven Design∙, Growth-Driven Design Agency

These certifications apply to more than one HubSpot content category. 

About HubSpot

HubSpot is a digital marketing industry leader that offers customer relationship management (CRM) software to help companies generate leads, align marketing and sales teams, improve sales enablement, and boost ROI. 

According to Statista, HubSpot is the leading marketing automation solution globally as of December 2022, with a 38.64 percent market share, outperforming Adobe Experience Cloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Active Campaign, and others [1].

In this section, you’ll find breakdowns of seven HubSpot certifications for beginners listed as popular on HubSpot Academy and that learners worldwide are searching for on Google. The most popular certifications are in sales and marketing strategy. 

We’ve included what you’ll learn, the course format, and the time it takes to complete each certification. Use these breakdowns as a model for your research process.  

1. HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification 

  • What you’ll learn: how to create engaging content, nurture leads, optimise marketing processes, use automation and AI tools 

  • Course format: 7 lessons, 24 videos, 7 quizzes 

  • Length: 4:54 hours 

2. HubSpot Inbound Certification 

  • What you’ll learn: the foundations of inbound marketing and the flywheel model, how to create a company purpose and set goals

  • Course format: 6 lessons, 15 videos, 4 quizzes

  • Length: 2:12 hours 

3. HubSpot Email Marketing Certification 

  • What you’ll learn: the fundamentals of email marketing, how to use HubSpot’s free email marketing tool

  • Course format: 9 lessons, 31 videos, 9 quizzes

  • Length: 3:54 hours 

4. HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

  • What you’ll learn: how to develop a content strategy, use a content creation framework for producing consistent and compelling content, repurpose content, promote content, analyse content performance 

  • Course format: 12 lessons, 54 videos, 11 quizzes 

  • Length: 7:50 hours

5. HubSpot Social Media Marketing Certification 

  • What you’ll learn: how to develop an inbound social media strategy, perform social media listening and monitoring, build relationships on social media 

  • Course format: 8 lessons, 38 videos, 29 quizzes 

  • Length: 5:13 hours 

6. HubSpot Inbound Sales Certification 

  • What you’ll learn: how to identify which leads to contact, earn leads’ trust and attention, understand buyers, run sales calls and presentations  

  • Course format: 5 lessons, 22 videos, 5 quizzes 

  • Length: 3:12 hours

7. HubSpot SEO Certification 

  • What you’ll learn: how to evaluate and improve your site’s SEO, build backlinks to increase your site’s visibility, use insights from keyword research 

  • Course format: 6 hours, 26 videos, 5 quizzes  

  • Length: 3:51 hours

Reasons to get a HubSpot certification 

In addition to the fact that HubSpot skills and certifications are globally recognised, there are several career benefits to getting certified, as explored below: 

1. Get the attention of employers. 

Having a HubSpot certification can make it easier to get employers’ attention. As of January 2023, companies are posting job openings in India on Naukri, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed and listing HubSpot certifications (or experience) as a preferred or required qualification. 

Job titles include Marketing operations specialist, digital marketing manager, business analyst, CRM manager, Hubspot expert, and more. 

Companies include iMocha, Brainmine Web Solutions, NIHT Infosolution, Gartner, and more.

Industries include higher education, media, branding and marketing, software, educational services, green tech, and more. 

2. Learn in-demand skills from inbound marketing experts.

Completing the courses for a certification exam exposes you to the experience and perspectives of HubSpot expertise. Instructors for HubSpot Academy’s certification courses specialise in different content areas, such as conversions, automation, and developer content. 

3. Stay current on the latest marketing and sales trends. 

As HubSpot updates its software continually, certification courses and exams will change to reflect HubSpot’s latest features and functionality. The courses and exams are an opportunity to build and maintain cutting-edge CRM skills.  

4. Add credentials to your LinkedIn profile, website, and more. 

HubSpot Academy allows you to showcase your expertise with certificates and badges. After completing a certification, you can download the certificate and badge, embed them on a website, add them to your LinkedIn profile and email signature, and share them on your social media profiles. 

Displaying HubSpot certificates or badges can enhance your online presence and make your expertise easily recognisable to employers.

5. Launch a variety of career paths.  

HubSpot certifications can open up a variety of career opportunities, including: 

  • Getting a job that requires experience with HubSpot or a certification in a content area

  • Becoming a HubSpot solutions provider or partner so that you can provide consulting, tech implementation, or hands-on services to companies and teams on how to get the most out of HubSpot

  • Applying your HubSpot skill set to growing your own business and improving experiences for your customers

How to get HubSpot certified 

As of October 2023, there are over 200,000 HubSpot-certified professionals [2]. To start your certification journey and join them, follow the steps below. 


  1. Become familiar with HubSpot by signing up for a free HubSpot account and familiarising yourself with the platform’s features and functionality. That way, you can choose the path that aligns with your passions and career goals.   

  2. Sign up for a HubSpot Academy account and explore the certifications in your content area, such as marketing, sales, or customer service. 

  3. Select a course and enroll. Once inside your Academy account, you can view the course breakdown, download a study guide, and peruse other courses in your content area.

    The cost for all HubSpot certification courses is free.


  4. Complete all lessons and quizzes to learn core principles in your content area and tactics for success. 

  5. Pass the certification exam. You’ll find an exam to test your knowledge at the end of each course. Each exam has a passing score (number of questions you need to answer correctly), a time limit to take the exam, and a policy for retaking the exam.  

  6. Earn your certificate. After passing the certification exam, you can view, download, and embed your certificate to showcase your new credential. 

  7. Keep your certification active by taking a recertifying exam before expiration. 

It’s important to note how long your certifications remain active. For example, the Inbound Marketing certification remains active for 25 months, while the Sales Software certification remains active for 13 months. 


Learn HubSpot with Coursera

Online courses can be a great way to build skills in HubSpot, get to know the platform, prepare for a certifying exam, and discover career opportunities. To get started, consider Guided Projects on Coursera offered by HubSpot, such as Introduction to CRM With HubSpot and Customer Support Digital Transformation With HubSpot

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