My name is Amy Falink and I am a senior lecturer at the Carlson School of Management. I have experience as both a human resource professional and teacher. My undergraduate degree was a pre-law/political science focus and my graduate degree was in the area of human resource development. I started in human resources in 1999 and for thirteen years I had the opportunity to work as a generalist. . A primary focus of mine was recruiting and hiring employees. During my career, I have truly interviewed more than a thousand people and have placed hundreds of people in jobs. Something unique about my background is that I have worked closely with operations, and have lead Lean/Six Sigma initiatives. My experience includes both union and non-union environments and I have worked in a variety of industries including children’s book publishing, manufacturing, construction, and consulting. In terms of professional development, I was on the founding board and served as the president of the Southern Minnesota Area Human Resource Association (SMAHRA). For three years I worked at Minnesota State University Mankato teaching an introductory human resource management course. I came to the University of Minnesota as a full-time senior lecturer in 2012 where I have taught a variety of management courses. I always invite students to connect with me on LinkedIn. Looking forward to having you in class!


Human Resources Management Capstone: HR for People Managers

Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding Employees