I've been an educator of international teachers for over twenty-five years, working in China, Sri Lanka, Belize, Russia, and Egypt for longer periods, as well as providing short courses in other countries. I am on the Coordination Team of the Electronic Village Online (EVO), which offers free short courses for teachers in January and February every year. See the most recent offerings at the Call for Participation. I served as coordinator of the TESOL Graduate Program at California State University, Sacramento, where I am professor emeritus. I helped run the American Language and Culture intensive program for international students before joining the University of Oregon American English Institute. I currently offer free resources for teaching ESL/EFL on my homepage, Computers for Education. If you teach writing, you'll like Constructing the Paragraph, a tutorial and exercises on writing the academic paragraph. I'm heavily involved with the TESOL international association's Computer-Assisted Language Learning Interest Section. I have organized their Virtual Software Library on Diigo. You are welcome to use this archive of online tools and resources, and contribute to it. My Twitter account is used to send good resources and tools immediately to my followers. See more about me in the 3-2-1 activity at or at my Linked In profile page. I hope you will enjoy and profit from this series of courses, Shaping the Way We Teach English. I'm looking forward to meeting you online!