I've been an educator of international teachers for over twenty-five years, working in China, Sri Lanka, Belize, Russia, and Egypt for longer periods, as well as providing short courses in other countries. I am on the Coordination Team of the Electronic Village Online (EVO), which offers free short courses for teachers in January and February every year. See the most recent offerings at the <a href="">Call for Participation</a>. <br>I served as coordinator of the TESOL Graduate Program at California State University, Sacramento, where I am professor emeritus. I helped run the American Language and Culture intensive program for international students before joining the University of Oregon American English Institute. <br>I currently offer free resources for teaching ESL/EFL on my homepage, <a href="">Computers for Education</a>. If you teach writing, you'll like <a href="">Constructing the Paragraph</a>, a tutorial and exercises on writing the academic paragraph. <br>I'm heavily involved with the TESOL international association's Computer-Assisted Language Learning Interest Section. I have organized their <a href="">Virtual Software Library</a> on Diigo. You are welcome to use this archive of online tools and resources, and contribute to it. My <a href="">Twitter account</a> is used to send good resources and tools immediately to my followers. <br>See more about me in the 3-2-1 activity at <a href=""></a> or at <a href="">my Linked In profile</a> page. <br>I hope you will enjoy and profit from this series of courses, <i><b>Shaping the Way We Teach English</b></i>. I'm looking forward to meeting you online! <br>


Shaping the Way We Teach English, 1: The Landscape of English Language Teaching

Shaping the Way We Teach English, 2: Paths to Success in ELT