Ana B. Sanchez-Prieto

Dr. in Medieval History, Dr. in Education Sciences


    Since I was a child, I wanted to become a medievalist. I was driven and worked hard to get all the tools that I needed to achieve my goal. Most important, I learned modern foreign languages--English, French and German—in addition to my native Spanish, and learned the so-called dead languages of Latin and Greek as well. (I even tried Arabic, but with very little success!). I wrote my dissertation under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Miguel Angel Ladero-Quesada, one of the most prominent Spanish scholars in the field, and started as a TA in the Department of Historiographical Sciences and Techniques of the University Complutense of Madrid in 1995. I have been at the University Complutense ever since and have held several teaching positions there. At the present, I am Associate Professor in the School of Information Sciences, where I teach several subjects related to written heritage (such as Palaeography, Codicology and Archives Management). Apart from medieval studies in general and medieval manuscripts in particular, I am passionate about computer science and infographics. One might find that combination contradictory, but I see the commonalities in these disparate fields. After all, illuminated manuscripts and infographics both attempt to transmit messages in the most complete and compelling way with available technologies. I am excited to be teaching this MOOC because its puts together both my passions and is an unsurpassable opportunity to broadening my horizon, meeting new medieval history enthusiasts (did I say that I met Roger Martinez-Davila through a MOOC?), and learning about on-line teaching . I’m glad you’re joining us on this adventure! You can learn more about me here: