Matt Rutkowski


Matt Rutkowski is an STSM and Master Inventor at IBM developing open infrastructure and industry standards along with open source for over 20 years in areas including Banking, Digital Media & Entertainment, Government and specializing in Cloud for the last 9 years. Most recently, he is the IBM lead for and a Committer to the Apache OpenWhisk Serverless computing project at Apache Software Foundation (ASF) serving on its Project Mgmt. committee and as a Committer. In addition, he has worked on Cloud Orchestration, Security, Audit and Compliance standards. Specifically, he has Chaired and been Lead Editor for such standards as OASIS Topology Orchestration for Cloud Applications (TOSCA), OASIS CloudID and DMTF Cloud Auditing (CADF) which he founded. Furthermore, he has contributed to implementations of these standards within communities such as OpenStack.