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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Financial Accounting: Foundations by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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About the Course

In this course, you will learn foundations of financial accounting information. You will start your journey with a general overview of what financial accounting information is and the main financial statements. You will then learn how to code financial transactions in financial accounting language. In the meantime, you will learn about the most important concept in contemporary financial accounting: accrual accounting. You will then critically analyze how firms recognize revenues. Finally, you will finish the course with an analysis of accounting for short-term assets where you will go into detail on how firms account for accounts receivables and inventories. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: • Understand main financial statements and the financial information they provide • Write a financial transaction in financial accounting language and understand how this impacts main financial statements • Understand how accrual accounting and fundamental accounting concepts work • Understand revenue recognition principles and how they impact main financial statements • Account for accounts receivables and inventories. This course is part of the iMBA offered by the University of Illinois, a flexible, fully-accredited online MBA at an incredibly competitive price. For more information, please see the Resource page in this course and

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Sep 3, 2017

Though I have been through Intro Accounting some 3 or 4 times through different classes and seminars, I still found myself learning from this detailed and straight forward presentation of information.


Jun 6, 2020

The modules were extremely informative and nothing less to say, Oktay sir's presentations were very easy to understand even for a person like me who has no prior knowledge about Financial Accounting.

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By Janette H

Oct 10, 2017

The Course is very practical. I really appreciate the practice quizzes since they allow me time to have a greater understanding of each lectured session. A very good course that I would recommend to anyone who desires to improve or refresh their knowledge of the principles that were explained in all the modules.

By Krittika U

Apr 12, 2020

This course made me understand basics of Accounting easily. I had read many books before taking this course but I was struggling to understand the basics. Prof Urcan explains all the cumbersome concept in ease and all the relevant case questions help in understanding the practical implications of accounting.

By Blessings M M

Oct 10, 2022

Excellent, full skilled course and proffessional lecture. It brings world at home through critical lessons. Other side this is a game changer in the way the modules are corresponding one to the other. In the same way, students' potential in the higher learning are being recognised and address with care.

By Luis F R M

May 12, 2020

Really an amazing course, I have learnt so much more than what i was expecting. Really it shows the amazing quality that the professors have in this university, and the good teaching techniques they have. It was not easy but i am very satisfied with all the topics discussed and the activities. Great job.

By A P

Dec 15, 2019

It's an Great opportunity to learn the Financial Accounting and various account method usage depending upon the Nature of Business .

I have very confused in beginning to understand the LIFO and FIFO later on its an very interested subject to learn and understand the COGS and inventory balance calculated.

By Nicky F

Sep 29, 2020

It was a wonderful course. The instructor explained the concepts very clearly which helped me a lot in completing all graded assignments without much revision. Would highly recommend this course to all young and budding aspirants who are looking to be successful in the accounting and finance domain.

By Sri v v

Sep 22, 2020

I thank Professor Oktay Urcan from the depths of my heart. His segmented, practical, assessment, and analysis based teaching instilled a lot of confidence and I now understood 3 statements, terminologies, and a lot more. His material is invaluable. Thank you Illinois Urbana university and Coursera.

By Maturana M H Y

Sep 21, 2020

Excellent. I learned too much about how balance sheet management, financial statement records and transactions are handled internationally. managing individual accounts, accrual accounting among other things. In conclusion, it was wonderful and great to learn about new topics. Thank you very much.

By Julio Q

Jun 4, 2017

The course very much helped, I knew some basic stuff but the content has greatly helped me to understand the foundations of the main financial statements (balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement). I will use the learnings now that I am setting up an e-commerce company.

By Biswarup M

Aug 12, 2021

Awesome course module, the lecturer is brilliant, He is just excellent to explain each and every tropic, and how the total course has been design with proper exercise with real case studies, its impressive. Like the course and lecturer very much. thanks for this awesome course.

By haider f a a

Jun 3, 2018

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By Laura D B

Jul 15, 2020

This course is very complete. I am professional in Finance but there was new content for me. Thank you to the teacher, his explanations are very clear and complete. Moreover, I loved the cases, which help you to practice a lot an to apply the lessons in real cases.


May 6, 2017

Oktay is awesome. To be honest, his lessons and manner of delivery is what kept me going. Appreciate the hardwork put behind the team in putting this in such an intuitive format. Course is worth every second spent on it which even if it meant missed soap-operas :-)

By Messias U

Nov 11, 2017

I loved the first week. For the first time in three courses on Financial Accounting I understand the financial statements. The exposition Prof. Urcan offers is plain and straightforward. Accounting made easy. I said "made" because it is not. The Prof made it easy.

By Tushar T

Jul 5, 2020

It was a wonderful journey of 4 weeks with the course controller, Associate Professor OKtay Urcan. The way he had put up the course is just so easy for any student to grasp in. The course material is so interesting that everything is deeply engraved in m mind.

By Reza 7

Jul 23, 2021

Concepts were defined clearly and easy to understand. The quizes were really helpful and relevant to the topics and at the end of each module there was a video explaining example case questions and answers as well. It was a great course to learn the basic.

By Alexandre S

Feb 24, 2021

The moment I got my certificate I remembered how good this course was. I want to thank, once again, everyone in particular to the Professor for his kindness and the didactic way that led him. The acquired knowledge will be put into practice in my subjects.

By Piyush S

Jan 24, 2021

I recommend the course for people looking to learn the financial basis. It would also help people from non-financial background to learn the terminologies and would empower them to function better in their interactions with their respective finance teams.

By Pranay M

Sep 24, 2018

Great course, specially for the people like me with no financial studies background. It covers from very basics and is mostly self-contained so you would not need any outside reading (though reading more from the recommended text-book doesn't hurt :-))


Mar 15, 2020

This course is extremely interesting. You must take it. You will be convinced by its contents, cases, and the way of lecturing. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to build the career path in business, finance, and accounting!

By rohit r

Jan 16, 2017

A great course. I liked it a lot. Lot of effort has been put to make the course interesting and helpful in real life situations. Thank you coursera for the financial aid. Thank you professors and all the mentors associated with this course.

By Anita S

Jan 31, 2021

Financial Accounting: Foundations is the best Accounting course for beginners and the Professor covers every important aspect of financial accounting. I liked this course a lot and I have really benefited by this course. Thankyou Coursera.

By Jacky C

Jul 3, 2020

The presentation is phenomenal. Delivering the concepts are clear and concise. Definitely does a better job than my accounting 101 class I took in undergrad.

I still can't get over the presentation itself. It's super slick and professional.

By John C

Nov 3, 2020

Really enjoyed the class and would recommend the first year academics to accounting for anyone wishing to pursue in a valuable career! It puts academia environment to professional work environment with absolute confidence! Great class!

By Santiago A R S

Feb 3, 2021

I well-structured course for a student without any beginning knowledge in Financial Accounting. Besides, the most interesting part is a fair number of exercises that help you to understand in a complete way the topics in the course.