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Subtitles: English
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100% online

Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.

Flexible deadlines

Reset deadlines in accordance to your schedule.

Approx. 15 hours to complete

Suggested: 12-15 hours...


Subtitles: English

Syllabus - What you will learn from this course

2 hours to complete

Primary Health Care and Health for All: An Introduction

3 videos (Total 50 min), 5 readings, 1 quiz
3 videos
Module 1 Overview3m
Historical Perspectives on Primary Health Care40m
5 readings
Foundations of Global Health Specialization10m
Declaration of Alma Ata10m
Return to Alma Ata10m
A Renaissance in Primary Health Care10m
1 practice exercise
4 hours to complete

Exploring What Primary Health Care Really Is

4 videos (Total 67 min), 1 reading, 2 quizzes
4 videos
What is Primary Health Care27m
Primary Health Care in the 1990s and 2000s12m
Roots of Primary Health Care (Carl Taylor)22m
1 reading
Two Videos10m
1 practice exercise
2 hours to complete

Approaches to Implementing Primary Health Care in Resource-Constrained Settings

4 videos (Total 81 min), 4 readings, 1 quiz
4 videos
Programmatic Issues, Progress, and Challenges36m
Care Group Project Implementation15m
BRAC, Bangladesh, Nepal and Beyond27m
4 readings
The Care Group Difference10m
Building on the Current Evidence10m
Community participation: lessons for maternal, newborn, and child health.10m
Community-based approaches and partnerships - innovations in health service delivery in Bangladesh10m
1 practice exercise
2 hours to complete

Achieving Health for All Through Community Health Workers and Innovative Community-based Programming

5 videos (Total 76 min), 2 readings, 1 quiz
5 videos
Community Health Workers in Historical Perspective21m
One Million Community Health Worker20m
The BRAC Manoshi Project12m
On the Road in Brazil to Achieving Health for All Through Primary Health Care17m
2 readings
Three Videos10m
Towards ending preventable child deaths10m
1 practice exercise
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Top reviews from Health for All Through Primary Health Care

By HHMar 19th 2017

superb it was a nice experience of the coursera express journey where i went back long history of PHC and how we forwarded and what challenges are ready to face for the public health

By MFMar 26th 2017

Very useful insight into the history of Primary Health Care and the projects around the world that make a real difference to people's lives.



Dr. Henry Perry, MD, PhD, MPH

Senior Scientist, International Health
Bloomberg School of Public Health

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