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About the Course

By completing this final capstone project you will apply various Data Analytics skills and techniques that you have learned as part of the previous courses in the IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate. You will assume the role of an Associate Data Analyst who has recently joined the organization and be presented with a business challenge that requires data analysis to be performed on real-world datasets. You will perform the various tasks that professional data analysts do as part of their jobs, including: - Data collection from multiple sources - Data wrangling and data preparation - Exploratory data analysis - Statistical analysis and data mining - Data visualization with different charts and plots, and - Interactive dashboard creation. The project will culminate with a presentation of your data analysis report for various stakeholders in the organization. The report will include an executive summary, your analysis, and a conclusion. You will be assessed on both your work for the various stages in the Data Analysis process, as well as the final deliverable. As part of this project you will demonstrate your proficiency with using Jupyter Notebooks, SQL, Relational Databases (RDBMS), Business Intelligence (BI) tools like Cognos, and Python Libraries such as Pandas, Numpy, Scikit-learn, Scipy, Matplotlib, Seaborn and others. This project is a great addition to your portfolio and an opportunity to showcase your Data Analytics skills to prospective employers....

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Nov 7, 2021

This is a great course. I learned so much about data science. I appreciate all the help I received. I would not have finished the course without the help of my fellow students and the staff. Thank you


Sep 26, 2021

Great. I practiced data visualization on IBM's Cognos Analytics software. It's a great piece of software. I then learned how to make a presentation to present the results of the analysis.

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By Marcos L

Jun 1, 2021

The instructors are pretty boring, however, even though the course has good content, the resources are buggy, there are too many mistakes in the assessments and not even IBM recognizes the course.

You might as well learn via youtube

By Raghvendra K

Dec 28, 2020

I learned so much from this course about Data analysis Process. I gain skills Like, Python Language and Libraries, SQL, Advance excel and Data visualization tools. I got job a junior level data analyst job.

By Liliya T

May 17, 2021

The course is good, thank you. But I have some recommendations to the final assignment (presentation). The task is not clear, it is very difficult to understand what exactly we should do. Do we need to use all data of the Stack Overflow’s annual Developer Survey or just only technology trends? And in submission section there are questions and its not clear if we need to put all information from the slides there or just write -"Yes", 'No'. I think authors should write better instruction for assignment. And you should mention that grades depend on the number of findings/conclusions/results in the presentation.

By Donald S

Jun 10, 2021

IBM software bugs out way too often and renders some of the course material impossible to complete until their system repairs itself.

By Keynon K

Mar 25, 2021

This course was filled with things we did not previously cover in other modules, and then had very little or no correlation to the final capstone. The final capstone project assignment itself was great, but the labs and quizzes leading up to it felt like a large waste of time.

By Lyle W

Apr 7, 2021

The skills and tools taught are interesting and useful, and it's rewarding to build your own project within the guiding structure of the course. That said, the curriculum was often vague, requiring considerable time just to divine what was being asked for. Support from the teaching staff in the forums seemed inconsistent, with many questions receiving unhelpful responses and some simply ignored. Of course, struggling with the material pushes you to develop a deeper understanding of it, and the open-endedness is good practice for real-world problems. Ultimately, I was able to figure it out, but I think a few corrections and clarifications would improve the curriculum.

By Chukwunonso K

Mar 8, 2021

This course was exceptional and I was able to complete it and obtain my professional IBM Data Analyst Certificate ..

Kudos to all tutors who have helped in making me understand more and more concept around Data....


Dec 11, 2020

This was not an easy learning, the student must been do a hard work and high comprehension about data contains, its normalization, determinate the objetives of value , aplicar filtros, and do all the necessary in order to obtain to present outstanding results through work of final presentation. I feel that in this training I have achieved a great goal with this learning.

By Muhammad S

May 24, 2021

Overall this bundle of courses is one of the best to start learning data analysis, it's well structured and designed. A lot of self-learning too and not everything is given to you on a platter which is good. All components of this course together can give you sufficient skills to start an entry-level role or your own project

By K C

Feb 12, 2021

For me, this capstone project taught me and understand the whole process from the beginning until the ending process of data analysis with another previous courses. Now I know what I need to keep working on and improving.

By Robert S

Apr 26, 2022

First five weeks are great, a good hands-on exercise on everything except the process of researching (since we're handed all necessary data in links throughout the course), which is often outside our purview anyway. One notable exception is the process of saving CSV and XLSX files in the week 1 labs on APIs and webscraping (the Github job and salary data we need to use in the final Powerpoint). A tutorial lab or section DESPERATELY needs to be added teaching us how to access these files after saving them -- the process involves setting up project access tokens and a cloud storage object, then importing a special IBM cloud library allowing one to save the files as accessible data assets, but this information is difficult to find online. It should really be laid out in a lab, both for the final project and to let us test the files we made at the time we make them.

Week 6, the Powerpoint, isn't great. There's been a lot of technical education on the processes of data cleaning and everything of that nature across these nine courses, but very little in terms of what conclusions one might draw from this data. I think the certificate could use a course on this sort of actual analysis featuring examples of some of the conclusions we might draw from other datasets, or even a couple freebies at the start of this project just to point people in the right direction. When it came to coming up with innovative ideas about the data, I found myself coming up with a bunch and wondering if they were "innovative" enough; like whether simply laying out the rankings on a particular bar chart was sufficient for a "finding" point, or whether future predictions about rankings were sufficient for an implication. Grade-wise I did fine, I just think a bit of practice earlier would help us not be stumbling around so much on the final presentation.

By Dale W

Jun 10, 2022

Disappointed in this course, could be much better if more work is done. IBM software and oversights in design were my biggest issues. Some parts are intuitive and well paced, while others are difficult for a person without programming experience. I expected better from a course with IBM's name on it.

In this last module, I completed some Jupyter exercises and when I took the test for the section I had to return to the Jupyter lab project and add in more code to answer additional questions. Just have me do those exercises in the first place, then I can answer all the questions and it won't waste my time going back and forth. The IBM software ran out of processing time on the trial when I was busy with the Python exercises, then you have to wait a full month for it to reset so I ended up having to use Jupyter running on my computer to finish before the module was due.

I learned a lot of useul skills and content was great, but I think there are things that could be done to make it a more smooth and enjoyable experience.

By Lisa S

Dec 22, 2021

I love completing visualisations of data. It's what attracted me to data science as a career swap. However, this course (it means well) is broken in a lot of places, which resulted in me spending as much time on the forums in the Capstone as I did on the course material. I would take 4 weeks of interpreting visualizations before another "course unavailable" or "Watson environment unresponsive" challenge. I appreciate everyone's efforts and input in to this course, thank you. I would not recommend it unless you have extra waiting time and a solid background in Python, Cognos and APIs.

By Oxana

Dec 12, 2022

I give 1 star to this course as it needs improvements. The project is rather chaotic and there are many errors in it. It would be good to work with the same dataset/file throughout the entire course. Big drawback is that the free plan in IBM Cloud is limited. In my case, it came to an end at the very beginning of this project. Thus I had to find and use another tool for Jupiter Notebooks and Python. In the end I didn't manage to do all tasks with CDE as I simply didn't have it even though I created a new account to use IMB Watson Studio.

By Victor N

Nov 25, 2022

Very poor course, the software is not working like Cognos, always mistakes

By S L

Nov 8, 2021

This is a great course. I learned so much about data science. I appreciate all the help I received. I would not have finished the course without the help of my fellow students and the staff. Thank you

By Igor S

Nov 19, 2021

This specialization was on the top of my all courses. So many different choices for trying to learn data analysis: sql, python, excel, etc. Everything thoroughly explained. Just thank you again.

By Muktar H

Jul 13, 2021

I love its video and reading materials, thank you all for making such course, i can definitely make a career out of it, i just recommend you all to give you time in this course.

By Hichem D

Dec 27, 2020

this course was a very good opportunity to practice almost all the materials studied in this specialization.

taking the role of an associative data analyst was very helping

By Ricardo S

Jan 5, 2021

Excellent Course, each lesson has good pace and a good ration of theory and practice

By Luke M

Dec 17, 2022

The first 5/6 of the course built on, and tested knowledge gained over the previous 8 courses.

Week 6 was like hearing "And now for something completely different...!"

There needs to be a more gradual, and complete "learning how to write a report" section.

By Anthony G

Aug 28, 2022

This was informative, but there are many lab issues that are over a year old, which many participants have naturally come across without a solution and had to make due with subpar submissions, or lost plenty of sleep, time, and health to complete. Please incorporate a list of tips at the end of each lab that handle the typical pitfalls, so the forums can be left for really unconventional problems. The "Collecting Job data from API" lab does not allow importing of a certain library for creating an excel worksheet.

By Waldo H

Sep 25, 2022

Complex course to understand at the beginning because some links do not work so you should go to the forums to get guidance on what to do. However, once the previous problems have been solved, the course leaves teaching on practical aspects. I do not recommend the course for a beginner as an advanced level of understanding of the concepts is required to be able to apply them fluently. 6/10.

By Sherita K

Jan 13, 2023

Overall, I found the course to be great. The Capstone project itself was a little frustrating. We were expected to know subjects we hadn't covered yet, the labs were riddled with errors, and some of the source material is outdated. Please take a look into this.

By Benedikt F

Jan 19, 2022

There are many errors in this course. I even had to guess one of the multiple choice tests because the previous section this test was based was officialle under maintenance.

Also there are several spelling mistakes in the material.