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About the Course

In this course, you will be introduced to databases and explore the modern ways in which they are used. Learn to distinguish between different types of database management systems then practice basic creation and data selection with the use of Structured Query Language (SQL) commands. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to: - Demonstrate a working knowledge of the concepts and principles that underpin how databases work - Identify and explain the different types of core technology and management systems used in databases - Identify and interpret basic SQL statements and commands - Manipulate records in a database with the use of SQL statements and commands - Outline alternatives to SQL - and plan and design a simple relational database system You’ll also gain experience with the following: • Fundamental concepts in database • Basic MySQL syntax and commands • Database management systems • MySQL software • Relational databases...

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Sep 1, 2022

Well detailed course, I thought this topic was going to be hard to learn. But the teacher explained it well. Anyway, I enjoy this course, because I learned a lot from it. Thank you Coursera and Meta.


Feb 1, 2023

The course was interactive with hands on lab exercises further helping students to grasp concept. Theories were well explained in details with illustration that helped to foster understanding.

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By Hamzah A

Sep 23, 2022

Well-prepared and informative course. The instructor is explaining concepts briefly and very clearly. He is a legend in teaching. 4 stars because there are a lot of mistakes in the quizzes and final assessment. I wish I will not have like these mistakes in the upcoming courses in this specialization.

By Makhdoom Z u H

Oct 5, 2022

I am really inspired to learn a difficult subject in the easy way due to relax, comprehensive and informative tutorials , lectures

By israel S

Sep 2, 2022

Well detailed course, I thought this topic was going to be hard to learn. But the teacher explained it well. Anyway, I enjoy this course, because I learned a lot from it. Thank you Coursera and Meta.

By Christine M

Aug 29, 2022

This course is so much better than Introduction to Data Analytics. The guidance is clear and the instructor speaks at a very good pace.

By Job C

Sep 6, 2022

Easy for a beginner and even for a refresher. The concepts are well explained and follow up exercises enhance understanding.

By Roberto M

Aug 25, 2022

Muito bom e com ótimos labs

By Rob C

Aug 30, 2022

Coming from a SQL Server background, it was interesting to see and learn a few things about mySQL. Data Normalization reinforced what I had learnt many years ago. The labs worked well, although, for some segments, there wasn't an option to launch the lab (strange). The questions were a little poorly designed; for instance, the names added in a particular table differ from question to question. I also found that two of my correct answers were marked incorrectly. Overall, I rate this course a 4/5.

By Ramin R

Sep 2, 2022

Course was good, however quizzes and graded assessments needs work. From my perspective whether some of the question texts are ambigious/not clear, or the grading engine not functioning properly.

By Tiago I

Sep 7, 2022

There are some technical issues to be solved, but nothing that compromises all the knowledge acquired. Great course!

By Chris M

Sep 28, 2022

course material is not bad. Few errors here and there, but they are easy to spot. The course assignments and quizes are dire. Several mistakes, including the end assignment, which means unless I bite the bullet and put the WRONG answer in, I'll never get 100%. For those interested: Question 8 is abigious - What is the right answer? Question 19 is completely wrong (It IS diagram 2) You ask for complete SQL statements and then key words, and then back to SQL statements, so if someone puts in the full SQL statement, the very basic assignment marking system goes "Oh I can't see a single word of 'Values', it must be wrong". Oh and you have member number in the question and player number in the answer, also who stores telephone numbers as ints?! Please for the love of gods, improve this. I'd be happy to help!

By 马镓浚

Nov 6, 2022

There are so many typos and inconsistencies in the reading sections of this course. Some typos are ok, for example, some mispelling words. Even the cases when the code sometime use capital letters and lower case letters inconsistently. It is confusing but this is still ok, you just need to be aware of it. The problem comes with week 4. When talking about normalization process, the ERD is not consistent with the actual implementation and there are so many errors in the normalization processes, this can be misleading for beginners. And I also think the explanation of first normal form in this course is wrong. There should be more refinements for this course. If those problems are solved, I think it is worth taking.

By Vivek S

Jan 13, 2023

I started doing this course with the expectation of just a basic introduction to MySQL but it offered me way more than I expected. I always had the fear of studying databases but didn't know they were so fascinating and engaging. The in-depth knowledge offered in this course is quite good. Many of supplementary reading offered here are not just supplementary reading but full-on secondary resources which you can prefer when you have some confusion. One should do this course to get a real taste of MySQL. But yes, you need to be active in this course, don't just watch the lectures, make notes, revise the course once you have done it once and then see the outcomes that you'll gain. I will be continuing with professional certification.

Thanks Meta.

By Bernard D R

Dec 1, 2022

This is great introduction to learning databases. What I really like about this is the course structure. You will start with the fundamentals work our way up to some advance topics. I like the part wherein we will be practicing in the SQL commands in the lab. Though it is not user-friendly because we see results in the terminal (not a problem since it's just introduction and I believe we will be using GUI through MySQL) but it' great to have experience running queries using terminal to understand SQL concepts. I also like that the topics on database design, schema and normalization are included. It's is not always that you see courses which includes those topics. Thank you, Meta!

By Bekalu

Jan 2, 2023

I'd be happy to talk about completion certificates for an introduction to databases course!

Learning about databases can be interesting because it allows you to understand how data is stored and organized, and how it can be accessed and manipulated using SQL. It can also be useful to learn about database design and normalization in order to create efficient and effective databases that are able to store and manage data accurately and reliably.

By Monika

Feb 7, 2023

This course is very comprehensive in terms of knowledge, concepts, explanations and quiz-based exercises. Also, they have a wonderful embedded VScode-based environment for labs in MySQL dialect of SQL. The only issues are some errors in assignments (but see relevant discussions for help) and in week 3 there is a bit of chaos with teaching (some concepts appear before they are explained).

By Theresa P

Nov 17, 2022

I really enjoyed this introduction to databases. It taught me the basics in a very easy-to-understand course. I gave this course 5 stars for its content but I have to caution those who like to use the transcripts to help with notetaking. The transcripts have a lot of errors in them. Be sure to listen to the lecturer as well so you can catch mistakes that might cause you issues.

By Tariq S

Oct 4, 2022

I am currently at week 2 studying the course & am loving it already. The amazing thing that am learning with no stress or concerns as I am making slow progress step by step putting my effort as I believe that Meta professionals really know how to structure a learning course for better results.

Thank you.

By esperat b

Oct 17, 2022

The instructor of this course is a professional.He knows the job. His voice is superb and he explain things we dont know in a simple manner for us to understand. I thank coursera and Meta for this amazing professional course that will make me to become a database engineer.

By Allie F

Oct 5, 2022

Initially started a different course but felt like I wasn't grasping it. Tried this one out instead and it was the best decsision. Very easy to understand, little to no typos in the coursework, instructor gave clear dialogue and examples. Definitely recommend for beginners

By Muhammad F A

Jan 28, 2023

I think maybe a few different questions could be added to the final quiz for each weekly module, because there are some questions that are the same between the practice quizzes and the final weekly module quiz. overall this is a good course for beginners!

By Manuel A

Dec 23, 2022

Excellent course, the narrator does a great job explaining the course. The overall structure of the course is well balanced between short videos, lectures, quizzes and practice labs. I just wish they would have added a few more lab activities.

By Dan G

Oct 10, 2022

A good high-level course. Very basic information, so while it provides good grounding for anyone unfamiliar with the subject matter, anyone who has relevant career experience will probably find the class very easy.

By John A

Feb 1, 2023

The course was interactive with hands on lab exercises further helping students to grasp concept. Theories were well explained in details with illustration that helped to foster understanding.

By Logeshwaran P

Jan 6, 2023

Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn Introduction to Database learn New things with crisp and clearly Taught Menter and Meta and Coursera thanks for help me..

By Jacob A

Jan 9, 2023

This is has is really detailed and the tutor made too easy to understand. It has encourage me to learn and also venture into the area of Database Management.