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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Linux and Bash for Data Engineering by Duke University

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About the Course

In this second course of the Python, Bash and SQL Essentials for Data Engineering Specialization, you will learn the fundamentals of Linux necessary to perform data engineering tasks. Additionally, you will explore how to use both Bash and zsh configurations, and develop the syntax needed to interact and control Linux. These skills will allow you to manage and manipulate databases in a Bash environment....

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Oct 26, 2022

The instructor is Perfect. I am so much happy to take this course. There many nice points for learning even for those who have a background in Linux.


Mar 2, 2023

So useful and so easy to understand. Thx for the nice instruction technique!!

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By Robert v d K

Jul 20, 2022

Although the course is nicely put together, I found several shortcomings with it

1) There is some inbalance in week 1. Though the whole course is really simple, the part on SSH and portforwarding, especially also in the lab assignment was complicated

2) Because of my confusion in the lab assingment in week 1 I posed a question in the course forum. Unfortunately I did not get any response (no email anyway). Communication is for online courses key. That such was lacking here I found really disappointing

3) There is a lab assignment in (I believe it was) week 1 that is literally repeated in a later week

4) From week 3 onward the lab environment was missing linux commands like 'vim', although the instruction was to use 'vim'. In fact there was no linux editor at all, but the lab editor itself (which is ok of course, but then don't say we should use 'vim')

5) One of the instructions in the lab of week 4 was downright false: it said to count the uniq occurrences, but it really did a count of the bytes involved. I believe the word was SUN, so 4 bytes including the EOL character, so 4 * the total number of SUN

6) One last but important problem with the course: lack of stimulation. All the questions are way too simple, and practically all questions are already pre-answered.

By Nicolai V

Nov 10, 2022

As a Data Scientist, I wanted to refresh my knowledge of bash scripting for data engineering. I was delighted by the curriculum and the instructor. It took me a few days to complete the course. This is an excellent course.

By Lisa R

Aug 14, 2022

The instructors definitely know their stuff but 'instruction' requires more than knowledge or how to apply a template formulated by supposed education specialists. As an example, there was a lot of " can do this... and you could do that... and take a look at this and... " when what was needed was "... SSH stands for secure socket shell... " and " is called 'shell' because these environments are considered the 'outer-most' shell of the computer operating system which in this cas..." bla bla.

There is a reason why people who want to teach professionally go to school and learn about 'learning' and how humans learn things. Students reported errors (I too found some) - big and little ones.

Be prepared if you take this and these other Duke Data Engineering courses to do a lot of figuring out of stuff on your own.

Crowd sourced grading is not a good way to maintain and encourage ACCURACY at all. That's not a good use of such.

This course is needed but the course itself needs to be changed to reflect standards in learning and training.

By William R C

Apr 23, 2022

Really a great course. Builds a solid foundation to quickly utilize more features of the OS and command lines. You may know many of the commands but it will really build on what you know and make it much easier and faster to get your work done. Highly recommended.

By Changchun J

Apr 15, 2022

This is an excellent course. I learn a lot of practical skills. I learned Data science courses from UMICH and UCSD, but they focus on programming in notebook. This course fills the skill needed in cloud. Thank you Noah!


Mar 24, 2023

A nice intro to Linux and Bash system, application, and their role and power in the data processing. These emphases surely will make learners want to learn more about these systems.

By Mohammad A P

Oct 27, 2022

The instructor is Perfect. I am so much happy to take this course. There many nice points for learning even for those who have a background in Linux.

By Abdullah A

Mar 3, 2023

So useful and so easy to understand. Thx for the nice instruction technique!!

By Klaus N

Jan 5, 2023

Tolle Grundlagenschulung.

By Mostafa K

Nov 26, 2022

It's very fantastic

By Muhammad U

Feb 28, 2023

Extra ordinary

By Jose R d A A

Sep 23, 2022


By sisi L

Oct 29, 2022

The course content is very informative and practical. One can use the skills mentioned in course immediatly in daily job. The instructor is a seasoned professional in film industry. He explained when and why to use what bash commands in an engaging and professional way. But in order to fully master this tool, Iearner definitely should do some extra reading and practice about the topic.

In general. this is a very cool course.

By Imad E

Dec 3, 2022

The course is awesome, but it needs to re-sort the subjects of the course..

By Joel B

May 24, 2022

While this course is informative. I do not find that the skills stick too well. There are no turn in assignments to better help understand the material.

By Johan O

Mar 9, 2023

If this course is intermediate, I am a Linux guru (spoiler: I'm not). I audited the entire thing (most of it sped up) and there were some nice tools and tricks I didn't know about, but it really didn't go anywhere near the level of detail that would be required for it to be useful. For instance there are tons of times different tools are used with flags and those flags are never explained even though they are critical to understanding the observed behaviour. I wouldn't recommend spending the time on this.