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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Machine Learning Foundations for Product Managers by Duke University

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About the Course

In this first course of the AI Product Management Specialization offered by Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering, you will build a foundational understanding of what machine learning is, how it works and when and why it is applied. To successfully manage an AI team or product and work collaboratively with data scientists, software engineers, and customers you need to understand the basics of machine learning technology. This course provides a non-coding introduction to machine learning, with focus on the process of developing models, ML model evaluation and interpretation, and the intuition behind common ML and deep learning algorithms. The course will conclude with a hands-on project in which you will have a chance to train and optimize a machine learning model on a simple real-world problem. At the conclusion of this course, you should be able to: 1) Explain how machine learning works and the types of machine learning 2) Describe the challenges of modeling and strategies to overcome them 3) Identify the primary algorithms used for common ML tasks and their use cases 4) Explain deep learning and its strengths and challenges relative to other forms of machine learning 5) Implement best practices in evaluating and interpreting ML models...

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Jan 9, 2022

A very good introduction to ML Jon Reifschneider explains very well the topics with real-world experience

-based on this professional experience.


Nov 29, 2021

Really a good introduction to Machine Learning, it helps you to boost your interest on the field and create a product from zero!

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By Amr

Jan 28, 2022

the instructor is reading from a slide,it is not a well prepared course

By Ramanan K

Feb 21, 2022

A lot of good content, but not a great presentation/organization making it hard to be engaging. Especially for working professionals, the presenter's energy level does not motivate them to keep going. You are better off doing a proper AI/ML course instead.

By Wolf Z

May 9, 2022

It is a good introduction into machine learning concepts that finds the right balance between required depth and and time efficient knowledge transfer.

As the title indicates, it is a good introduction on management level and is not suited to train data scientists.

A negative point: The instructor speaks incredibly slow and is rather unenthusiastic. However putting the speed on 1.5-2 times fixes this.

By Jun W T

Dec 18, 2021

A very clear introduction to the 'types' of Artificial Intelligence and other necessary concepts required in dealing with AI.

By Michael S

Dec 15, 2022

ein sehr guter Einstieg in die Welt der AI

By Michael H

Oct 31, 2022

This is a really good course that provides a solid overview of machine learning and some of the primary methods for doing so. As a product manager, I would say there should be a little less math in the lectures because it distracts from the essence of what you are trying to teach. Overall, a very good course.

By Gerard F

Dec 1, 2022

I like how the course was structured, I just wished there were exercises in each week

By Le G A

Sep 30, 2022

Great course and even more applications exemples would be even better :)

By Craig Z

Mar 17, 2023

Excellent introduction to product management for machine learning. It covers the basics so you can understand the language and terminology of machine learning. Final project wasn't very relatable to the content but was useful in helping design a basic regression model which is just a heuristic model and truly a machine learning model. All in all it was well worth the time and effort and you do learn a lot if you are new to machine learning applications and projects.

By Aarks M

Feb 8, 2023

Excellent course material ,well-structured course work and detailed instructions. Explaining detailed algorithms was really helpful in understanding the core concepts.

Additional information on industry best practices and case studies with industry experts would be more helpful as the course evolves in the coming days.Nice work and thank you!

By Justine R

Mar 17, 2022

I love the way the course is structured. Jon Reifschneider allows you to view and download the slides before diving into the videos. He explains the content thoroughly and supports his explainations with charts and diagrams which I personally find very helpful. I'm so glad I took the time to complete this course.

By Reddy K

Jan 31, 2023

Excellent course! Very well explained and summarized the key concepts. Enjoyed learning every bit. The subject matter was thorough and the project at the end put it all together. I may come back to this to keep my skills fresh. For now on to the next course in this specialization.

By Jose A B

Jun 9, 2022

I rarely leave comments but this is legit one of the best courses I've taken on Coursera. It's clear enough to be accessible to beginners yet offers sufficient information to allow more-intermediate learners take assignments further. Really good, for real.

By Arun S

Sep 3, 2022

Great course for beginners to AI/ML covering a good breadth of ML techniques and models to help understand how this all works in the real world. Absolutely recommend to anyone wanting to get their feet wet in this space!

By Wilberto M

Jan 10, 2022

A very good introduction to ML Jon Reifschneider explains very well the topics with real-world experience

-based on this professional experience.

By Sofía P V

Nov 30, 2021

Really a good introduction to Machine Learning, it helps you to boost your interest on the field and create a product from zero!

By John P

Apr 25, 2022

Great course. Clear, informative, and cited numerous real-world examples to help learners grasp seemingly abstract concepts.

By Witali S

Dec 21, 2022

Really good foundation to proceed in this topic. All needed information is part of the course. Project is very interesting.

By Artem K

Sep 27, 2022

Very good course. The only problem for me was that the presenter was reading a script, but trust me, the material is great

By Deepak K

Oct 15, 2022

The course gave me the confidence to be involved in Machine Learning discussions

The level of detail was just right.

By Nancy

Jan 18, 2022

Very good courses that clearly and precisely covered the foundation concepts for machine leaning!

By Pankaj

Mar 3, 2022

Great content, Knowledgeable Instructor, well explained.

Course has been helpful , Thanks!

By Xheni L

Jul 21, 2022

This course was quite intense but helped me understand the fundamentals of the ML.

By gorakh w

Nov 14, 2022

Good Explanations of the concepts and very good presentation notes.

By Vikas K

Sep 26, 2022

One of the best course to understand the basics with accuracy