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About the Course

Machine learning is at the core of artificial intelligence, and many modern applications and services depend on predictive machine learning models. Training a machine learning model is an iterative process that requires time and compute resources. Automated machine learning can help make it easier. In this course, you will learn how to use Azure Machine Learning to create and publish models without writing code. This course will help you prepare for Exam AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals. This is the second course in a five-course program that prepares you to take the AI-900 certification exam. This course teaches you the core concepts and skills that are assessed in the AI fundamentals exam domains. This beginner course is suitable for IT personnel who are just beginning to work with Microsoft Azure and want to learn about Microsoft Azure offerings and get hands-on experience with the product. Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals can be used to prepare for other Azure role-based certifications like Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Associate or Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate, but it is not a prerequisite for any of them. This course is intended for candidates with both technical and non-technical backgrounds. Data science and software engineering experience is not required; however, some general programming knowledge or experience would be beneficial. To be successful in this course, you need to have basic computer literacy and proficiency in the English language. You should be familiar with basic computing concepts and terminology, general technology concepts, including concepts of machine learning and artificial intelligence....

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Oct 11, 2021

excellent course. it will better than if student don't have to register in Azure portal as GDP that GDP don't need to use credit card to done their lab.


Oct 7, 2021

beginner friendly but have to make sure that you posses fundamental statistical knowledge

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By Joseph S E

Jan 21, 2022

Please be prepared to retry multiple times. For the hands-on exercises the instructions seems to have issues. I had to try multiple times, correct the instructions and then try on the Azure Machine learning studio. I have given feedback for each of the page. Hope someone is reviewing and correcting them.

It is so amazing that so many errors are in the instructions of this course. I ended up finding the github repository and taking the working code from there. Please do this course only if you have the patience to be put up with an irresponsible course creator who didn't really proof read anything!! No testing also done!!

In any cases it may be good that we have some challenges and need to retry and rectify and try these exercises. Azure Machine learning is definitely a great step towards making ML solutions somewhat easy to at least prototype and test. Haven't tried in production to comment.

By Nirali P

Nov 6, 2021

The course structure is great and is laid out with clear step-by-step instructions. However, there are a few mistakes in the write-up/code examples that needs to be amended. Also, this course can be improved by providing detailed information on model evaluation metrics and how they affect the performance overall.


Aug 1, 2021

It was a bit difficult to follow only the instructions during the practice. I would like to add some more related screen shots. thank you.

By Susmita M

Aug 4, 2021

Good Explanations and engaging labs

By Prasad M

Feb 14, 2023

The accuracy and correctness of course materials is crucial for effective learning. With the constantly changing variables and information in various fields of study, it is essential for course materials to be updated and reviewed regularly. However, some course materials may contain outdated information or incorrect details, which can lead to confusion and hinder the learning process.

One of the common issues that arise from incorrect course materials is the changing of variables' names. When variable names are changed, it can be confusing for students to understand and apply the correct concepts. This issue can lead to mistakes in assignments and exams, which can ultimately impact students' grades and overall academic performance.

It is essential for educators to ensure that their course materials are updated and accurate, especially when it comes to variables' names. Inaccurate information can create confusion and cause students to waste time trying to understand the material, resulting in a negative impact on their overall learning experience.

By Nopparat M

Oct 12, 2021

excellent course. it will better than if student don't have to register in Azure portal as GDP that GDP don't need to use credit card to done their lab.

By Ziyi A

Oct 8, 2021

beginner friendly but have to make sure that you posses fundamental statistical knowledge

By Saleeha S

Jul 5, 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed understanding the basic AI concepts

By Alok T

Aug 24, 2022

awesome content and assignments. appreciate the efforts

By Frida R

Jul 18, 2021

That was really interesting and very useful!!

By Gao Y

Dec 15, 2022

A comperhensive explaination on Azure ML.

By Amrita P

Apr 20, 2022

Very knowledgeable and well-structured.

By Shrey W

Aug 4, 2022

Good starting point

By Johnny R

Nov 24, 2021


By Sidney I

Jan 25, 2023

I would have preferred following the practical exercises via video or links to Microsoft videos should have been provided in an additional resources section


Feb 3, 2022

This course need to be rework as Azure has changed/ modified its GUI a lot, otherwise it is very good.

By Saurabh D

Feb 23, 2022

Course is good for the ML people who wants to try their hands on Microsoft Azure.

By Lakshmi B

Nov 23, 2022

i was fun but a bit of not able to grasp the concepts

By Septian P

Jul 16, 2022


By Mahaut L

Jun 25, 2022

I am VERY DISAPOINTED because you are offering a lot of videos but none of it is a real hands on tutorial on the azure platform. For such a big company, I would appreciate to see how well your team uses the platform.