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Kickstart your learning of Python for data science, as well as programming in general, with this beginner-friendly introduction to Python. Python is one of the world’s most popular programming languages, and there has never been greater demand for professionals with the ability to apply Python fundamentals to drive business solutions across industries. This course will take you from zero to programming in Python in a matter of hours—no prior programming experience necessary! You will learn Python fundamentals, including data structures and data analysis, complete hands-on exercises throughout the course modules, and create a final project to demonstrate your new skills. By the end of this course, you’ll feel comfortable creating basic programs, working with data, and solving real-world problems in Python. You’ll gain a strong foundation for more advanced learning in the field, and develop skills to help advance your career. This course can be applied to multiple Specialization or Professional Certificate programs. Completing this course will count towards your learning in any of the following programs: IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate Applied Data Science Specialization IBM Data Science Professional Certificate Upon completion of any of the above programs, in addition to earning a Specialization completion certificate from Coursera, you’ll also receive a digital badge from IBM recognizing your expertise in the field....

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May 16, 2020

The syllabus of the course takes you in a roller-coaster ride.\n\nFrom basic level to advance level and you won't feel any trouble nor hesitate a bit.\n\nIt's easy, it's vast, and it's really usefull.


Nov 17, 2019

it becomes easier wand clearer when one gets to complete the assignments as to how to utilize what has been learned. Practical work is a great way to learn, which was a fundamental part of the course.

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By Samad R

Dec 3, 2020



Feb 24, 2021


By Milorad P

May 26, 2022

The Problem with this course is that is neck tied with IBM Cloud Service. And,  IBM Cloud is horrible. You will get strangled and will not be able to finish the Course.

---more details--- It will allow you to create a user account with But will fail to create an IBM Cloud Account with Services. Error message during creation.

OK, being a persistent and waisting handful of emails you will eventually succeed once and will waste code on it. In that manner, I  was able to finish “Python for Data Science, AI & Development”, but get finally nailed down and halted for the last 4 weeks on “Tools for Data Science”.

Reason being: locked out of account. Can’t even get on IBM Help desk sends automated generic responses which don’t have anything with the problem. The creation of more additional IBM Cloud accounts has been proven futile as course code is one time only and IBM cloud service creation will result in an error.

After weeks of trying to get somebody over there at the IBM help desk to tick the box “unlock”, and not getting it, I’m forced to retire from this “Data Science Fundamentals with Python and SQL” course. I will complete this section “Tools for Data Science” using Github sharing of Jupyter Notebook, as some suggested, but other sections in “Data Science Fundamentals with Python and SQL” cannot go on without access to IBM Cloud Services. Since I have paid for this certificate, I will ask for a full refund as the course owner is blocking the completion of the course, by locking services out. Possible solutions for future encounters with the same problem: 1. Avoid the potential creation of a problem in the first place. This means, detaching the course from IBM Cloud Services and don’t create dependencies on unreliable third party services.

2. Make sure that a third party is doing the job properly if you must use them. Get the IBM Help desk sorted in a manner that the user who is being locked out can get somebody to deal with him in a timly manner (in this case timely manner means hours, not weeks as it is now)

3. Sort it on your own by improvising temporary solutions. Get the Course creator to assign additional code for the course so the user can create new services and try again. Yes, the user will still loose all of his previous work, but at least he will be able to proceed with future tasks.

---likely outcomes---

1. Probably, no one will read this, as help desks and forums are not meant to improve quality and user support. They exist for l’art pour l’art cosmetics purposes. 2. If somebody eventually reads this, he will do nothing about it, as it is not in his wage bracket. 3. Course will remain with the same problems and completion percentage as it is. 4. People will ask for their money back and avoid you in future. ---unlikely outcome--- The solution will be provided.

Kind Regards

By prudgin g

Dec 9, 2019

Lots of mistakes and imprecisions. In case of technical issues, staff will leave you alone with your problem after one formal and meaningless reply. The staff does not comment more than once on a topic, even if the issue is not resolved. Get ready to work through your problems with the help of a chatbot, that is in a beta development stage.

You have to deal with Watson studio in this course. Oh, this is such a pain... I couldn't even create a new project there dew to technical issues. After getting in a dead end with Coursera stuff I tried to use IBM support and that was so fun, just check it out:


"Hello Alexey

blah blah blah

Regards Raino Soikkeli IBM Watson Services Support"

solution provided not working


"Hello Alexey , My name is Nigel Terry and I on following up on this ticket as my colleague Raino is off-shift at the moment.

exactly the same blah blah blah

Please confirm and I will follow up accordingly. Kind regards, Nigel "

not working again. no wonder, he gave me the same instructions the first guy did.


"Hi Alexey, Nigel and Raino are not available at this time. I also work with the IBM Watson Studio Cloud (WSC) team. I do not have access to your services (LOL, same as previous two guys), but I can list them.

exactly the same blah blah blah"

and not working again, to no wonder.

I am thrilled to find out how many people work at IBM

By Nicholas B

Jul 28, 2020

I strongly suggest that you look into other providers for learning python for data science. As has been outlined by other reviewers, this is mostly a bad ad for IBM's Watson and there is little actual instruction for actually using Python. As a background I'm a EE with a lot of hardware coding experience (Verilog as well as Perl). I completed a specialization in Python from another provider and this gave me quite a bit of help as those classes were clear, with a good progression. In addition I've now written a bit of Python for work so I have a good base. This IBM course has, at best, cursory instruction on using Python, Numpy, and Pandas. The instructions are not clear, with poor sentence structure, and terrible grammar, making it difficult to follow along. Further, Watson is a confusing mess with instructions that use a prior UI, making it tough to figure out exactly what needs to be done to set up an environment. Avoid. Just avoid. Go to UMich or JHU. Anywhere but IBM. The only thing I *did* get from this class is that I don't want to go into Data Science: living in Jupyter notebooks is miserable. But then, I would also rather build things than write reports. Your mileage may vary.

By Felipe M

Mar 7, 2021

Very poor quality. The videos are basically a sequence of slides with a lot of text information and simultaneous audio. Instead helping these two streams of information are actually competing attention from the student. The Labs are a joke. Typos, non functional code on the examples. Suddenly, exercises on the quiz go from extremely easy and nothing challenging to exercises with content not covered. In other words, if I really want to learn python I have to consult material, videos and good quality classes NOT provided on this course content and from other source, most of them FOR FREE. I wonder what the person who designed this course has in mind. I don't really expect someone will care about this feedback. I know it wont make any difference since you guys are making shit loads of money. At least EDC has balls to provide textbooks and a decent course structures with useful material. Shame I already spent my hardworking money on you and now I have to stay till the end.

By Sriram H

Apr 22, 2022

The worst course in the IBM data analyst certification. The videos are done in a haphazard way - just skimming over concepts. The hands on lab are a joke - nothing works well there - even the example codes provided have so many errors that I can't believe this course is provided by IBM. Posting the errors on the discussion forums has no use - the staff seem to have replied several times that they'll correct the code soon but nothing happens. I took this course to learn the fundamentals of Python fast in a structured way. If I have to debug every single example code provided in the hands on lab to make it work, I might as well learn directly from Python documentation and by trial and error or from youtube. I hugely regret that I've paid for this certification from IBM and that's the only reason I'll continue with this course, and then take a better course to learn Python properly. I even wish I had gone with the certification provided by Google instead.

By Yohaunin Z

Aug 3, 2021

I did not like this course, I really tried to fully understand the material. I reviewed several labs and readings more than once, only to find out later that they were missing several key details I needed to pass and succeed through the IBM Data Science 10 course series. The labs are full of broken code that gives you errors and teaches nothing. Several details about the various functions and to understand how to manipulate them and what they do are missing. Quizzes do quiz you on scenarios that were not discussed in the labs or videos. After trying for several days to weeks I still feel very ill equipped to continue on through course 5 and onto course 6 (I am currently on course 5) , which I will say is not much better. I am very disappointed and was hoping to get the most out of this course only to find that it does not have everything I need to succeed and continue on to my other courses!

By Jonathan K

Aug 13, 2020

I was very unhappy with this course. While the videos are fairly informative and useful, the course assignments are laughably easy. They barely require any thought and absolutely don't practice or reinforce any of the skills you learn - I'm pretty sure you could complete them with no prior knowledge based on the instructions alone. I learn better from doing things, not just hearing about them.

Usually, this was earn a 3 star rating from me, but the final assignment is even worse. The 'dashboard' you create is a single graph, and the rest of the final assignment is hosting the jupyter notebook on the IBM Cloud... except whoever set up the course forgot to actually upload the tutorial to do so. You can figure it out yourself, of course, but I didn't need to pay for a course to read documentation and figure out how it works on my own.

By Joshua F

Nov 23, 2021

It seems like each section was written and taught by a different person who each had a different understanding of what we knew and what had been taught to us. The result was large and inconsistent jumps in difficulty and very little variation in the practice. I have had limited experience with different coding syntaxes, mostly Matlab, but this was a bit frustrating and dismaying. Loops are probably the hardest hurdle of coding for many beginners and the instructors did the worst jumps with these. In addition, everything pretty much after loops dealt with a lot of syntax terminology, functions, and methods that had simply never been explained. There's a lot of coding listed in the various screens, but no one is going to learn just by looking at code.

By Arunjith M

Jun 17, 2019

This is the first time I am disappointed with a module in IBM Certification course. The module Python for Data Science is very poorly organized. The trainers are rushing like anything just for the sake of completing it. There are lot of confusions after listening to each and every sentences. Another big problem which I noticed is the lack of quality quiz questions. The questions are way easy that a school student can answer without any difficulty. Now comes the biggest drawback; this particular module Python for Data Science offers nothing but a display of IBM products. It has less focus on Data Science, though the course name is Python for Data Science. Sorry to give such a low rating for this course.

By Alex S

Apr 22, 2020

The content is great. Instructors are clearly subject matter experts with a passion for the material. But mostly everything else? Extremely disappointing. Confusing questions asked about information irrelevant to long-term success, labs required neither thought nor creativity, and their r typos all clover the pace.

I do not say the following lightly. I learned very little from this course, and what little information I did learn is almost certainly on a thousand random blog posts I could read for free. "IBM on Coursera" led me to expect an extremely high level of quality, one I long to see met at a later date. Right now, however, that date seems nowhere in sight. Please rise to the occasion.

By Nuriyar S

Jun 7, 2022

T​he course introduces you to many concepts that you need and to what you can do with python. There comes an awfully big BUT: it does not teach you programming, to learn how to program with python you need to practice it, and this course totally fails with it giving you close to zero opportunity to practice. You need to understand that if you take this course, you will get familiar with the concepts but will not get to do any programming. Also, as it is a part of many different certificates, it does really bad in tracking what has already been taught and what has not, so it repeats some stuff and then gives you something it has not introduced before.

By Roberta B

May 2, 2020

I just want to say one thing: there is nothing, nothing of AI in this course.

Just some Python snippets for babies. Are you kidding me ?

Sorry, but I am very disappointend. This course is related to data science, you can't put

the very basics of Python here, it is like going back, and not ahead.

If Python is necessary, please specify it in the "Prerequisites", but stop making fun of the people who simply wants to learn and study sofisticated technologies.

** Artificial Intelligence.... You call "Artificial Intelligence" making a dataframe from a file csv ?

Are you serious ? **

The worst and fake course I've ever took here in Coursera.

F.A.K.E. Course.

By Tobias U

Sep 23, 2021

This course was disappointing in every way. If the next course is the same, I will certainly not complete the enclosing IBM certificate, as it would be embarrassing to put it on my resume. The questions are far too easy - many can be answered directly from the question without any programming knowledge. If I did not answer a question correctly, it was because the question was worded or formatted in an incomprehensible way. And then, there's the possibility to repeat the final test three times within 24. For real? And for the learning material... I don't even want to get started. How can IBM recommend this course as part of its certificate?

By Syachin D

Feb 28, 2022

Such a promising title for a course and a total disappointment in taking it. A stingy enumeration of basic concepts, with little or no practice. From Data Science there is a short chapter about Numpy and Pandas which consists of enumerating a couple of functions. The main question for this course is: who is it intended for? If for a beginner, then the level of "understanding" after completing the course will obviously not be high. At the level of how a list differs from a function. If for an IT specialist, then the topics are not disclosed at all. Sets of loud clichés. In general, unfortunately, I was disappointed with the course.

By Débora Y

Nov 3, 2020

The last task has NOTHING to do with the whole course. The course teachs basic of python for data sciente without machine learning, and then it at the end expects you do everything on IBM watson. IBM Watson doesnt have a friendly interface, almost nothing is free, not easy to use and not fast since its on the cloud.

If you do other classes, you'll get a lot of python for data science, but the final test SHOULD be different and they should have put some exercise where we would do the whole path of the data sciente with python: do the exploratory analysis on the data, plot graphics on the data, etc.

By Mohammad R Z

Apr 5, 2021

This course is not for beginners. The contents are easy to understand but some of their questions in their manuscript are above the class level. Not only that, their manuscript does not provide a step-by-step explanation on how to go around the pages related to IBM contents such as IBM Cloud and it lefts to the learners to figure it out. I even requested assistant for navigating through IBM cloud to solve a problem and an instructor came back to me after a week. They are not fast responding either. Even after they came back the answer dose not provide a solution, extremely disappointed.

By Елена L

Apr 7, 2021

Home tasks are very poor, sometimes too easy and sometimes extremely difficult, and sometimes they are not present at all after given materials.

The material itself is barely ok (sometimes there are not enough functions given to complete the home task) , although I am new to programming altogether, so I can't really say for sure.

I was so eager to go through the whole program Professional Certificate in Data Science, but now I am going to swich to another platform and course, which looks much better (more expensive also).

IMB obviously does not care about its courses:(

By Stine K J

Apr 5, 2021

This is the first introduction to python in the IBM Data Analyst professional certificate, but the course introduces too much too quickly, and fails to explain a lot of important concepts.

The graded quizzes are too easy, but the exercises really vary in quality and whether they are at all connected to what was discussed in the video. Sometimes you're asked to do things not discussed or previously shown.

The slides in the videos aren't great either.

I found it really frustrating to get through this course.

By Maryna M

Oct 8, 2020

I have no idea how 2+2 suddenly got to sin, cos and other complex functions. The week tests are laughabale comparing to what the final assessment is. The course is not poorly structured but weeks 3 and 4 lack consistent practical tasks. I did MySQL course previously and it actually provided you with a chance to practice step by step. Here you feel like being thrown into a swimming pool without knowing how to swim. To make it clear - do not waste your time, watch youtube or pick up a different course.

By Ariel C

Jun 5, 2019

You learn some basic python coding skills. The pain point is the peer graded project where you have to sign up for an IBM cloud account and Watson Studio account. They are irrelevant to python skills. The instructions (how to set up the connections, buckets, servers, credentials, keys, etc.) are lacking clarity and have sizable gaps. I spent hours struggling with cloud which did not add value in gaining python skills. I would not recommend this course to people who want to learn python.

By James D

Jun 9, 2022

On top of t​he fact that the information in the videos and lab is presented in an incoherent manner (with multiple typos and unclear instructions), the course does not attempt to connect the various uses of Python with data analysis. The videos quickly explain what a certain aspect of Python does, then moves onto the next without explaining why the function is needed, how it relates to other functions, or how it can be used in the real world. I am going to ask for my money back.

By Lauren B

Jan 12, 2021

being forced to take this for part of the IBM data analysis certificate, however this is way above my head. I dont plan on being a data scientist and dont have any prior knowledge of python. This course assumes you know more than you do and is nearly impossible. I used the quizzes only to progress in the course, and didnt actually learn anything. I will need to take a python for beginners course before being able to finish the final project for this course so I can pass it

By 天天看妹子

Mar 30, 2021

I think it is OK when talking basic python programming but very poor when goes to pandas.

It introduce few function that pandas used. TBH, I think it is almost near no introduction.

Besides, the most funny thing is that the quiz covers some functions that never been introduced in course.

Finally, I don't understand why they continually try to introduce their walson studio during the course.

It just take a lot of time to interrupt studying and gain nothing