Assistant Project Manager Salary: Your 2024 Guide

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Assistant project managers are multitaskers who help project managers plan and carry out projects for an organization. Learn more about the project manager salary, job outlook, career path, and job description.

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When a project manager has a large workload, they usually need someone to help. That's where the assistant project manager comes in. They report directly to the project manager and help plan and carry out projects. Many assistant project managers go on to become project managers themselves or advance their careers in other ways, which makes this an opportune role for gaining work experience and honing human and technical skills.

Assistant project managers must be adaptable and have good organizational skills, as assigned tasks can change from moment to moment, depending on what the project manager wants to prioritize. The job outlook for anyone who works in project management is positive, and the assistant project manager's salary is competitive, with plenty of room for advancement.

What is an assistant project manager?

An assistant project manager is someone who reports directly to a project manager and helps them execute various projects for a company or organization. They often work together with the project manager on projects that are too big or complex for a single person to handle alone.

Assistant project managers might also handle some of the administrative work included with a project, like keeping a schedule, focusing on budgets and spending, communicating with stakeholders, and other routine duties. They may also be in charge of a certain aspect of the project under the project manager's leadership. 

Assistant project managers must possess many of the same skills as the actual project manager, such as interpersonal skills, industry knowledge, problem-solving, attention to detail, and time management.

Assistant project manager salary

According to various job listing sites, the average pay for assistant project managers ranges from $65,000 to $76,020. This salary range comes from five different sources as follows [1,2,3,4,5]:

Factors like geographic location, industry, previous experience, education, and any certifications you earn might impact how much you will make as an assistant project manager.  


According to Zippia, 68 percent of assistant project managers have a bachelor's degree, while 14 percent want an associate degree, and 10 percent have earned a master's degree [6]. Common majors for this role include business, construction management, and civil engineering. The more advanced your degree, the more you might earn in this role. Consider the average salaries associated with the following credentials [6]: 

  • High school diploma: $67,579

  • Associate degree: $70,303

  • Bachelor's degree: $81,695

  • Master's degree: $89,457

  • Doctorate degree: $93,465


While you don't necessarily need previous experience to become an assistant project manager, the more you have, the more you're likely to make. Take a look at how years of experience could impact your pay, according to Glassdoor [2]:  

Years of ExperienceAverage Annual Salary
15 plus$82,262


Project managers can work in any industry, though the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that all project management positions are most common in professional, scientific, and technical services [7]. This is followed by construction, manufacturing, administrative and support services, and finance and insurance [7]. 

The industry in which you work can also impact your salary. Take a look at a sampling of average yearly pay insights for assistant project managers in various industries. These figures include base salary and additional pay, which may include profit-sharing, commissions, or bonuses [2].

IndustryAverage Salary
Construction, repair, and maintenance$89,441
Aerospace & Defense$90,796
Management & Consulting$82,707
Energy, Mining, & Utilities$82,312


The city and state where you work can also impact how much you make. For example, ZipRecruiter lists these as the top ten highest-paying cities for assistant project managers [1]. Keep in mind that cost of living plays a role in salary range.

  1. San Francisco, California: $91,554

  2. Beverly Hills, CA: $90,495

  3. San Jose, California: $88,487

  4. Diamond Ridge, Alaska: $86,966

  5. Oakland, California: $86,580

  6. Truckee, CA: $86,483

  7. Vallejo, CA: 86,451

  8. Hayward, CA: $86,408

  9. Barrow, AK: $86,408

  10. Antioch, CA: $86,217

Zippia reports that assistant project manager jobs in certain states pay better than others. The top five states for this role include [8]: 

  1. Washington: $83,476

  2. Nevada: $81,124

  3. New Hampshire: $83,521

  4. Connecticut: $92,369

  5. California: $89,463

Potential assistant project manager career paths 

You might work as an assistant project manager with the goal of advancing your career to become a project manager or something else in the same field. Working as an assistant project manager can be a great way to acquire and hone your skills and gain experience in a specific industry. Once you have some experience, you can go on to more advanced careers or shift to a similar field. Common options include:  


  • Project manager: $92,260

  • Director of project management: $145,178

  • Vice President of operations: $144,842

  • Chief Operating Officer (COO): $175,866

  • Program manager: $99,624

*All average salaries sourced from Glassdoor December 2023.

Job outlook

The BLS predicts the need for project management specialists will grow at a rate of 6 percent between 2022 and 2032 [7]. That's about as fast as average compared to other jobs. However, the need for project managers in certain industries may grow at an even faster rate. Areas like information technology (IT) and computer systems design services may see higher than normal growth. 

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