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Leading Innovation With Creativity University Certificate

Learn how to incorporate design thinking and creativity into your everyday business practices and drive innovation at all stages of growth.


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Program description

Develop team leadership skills and a toolbox to solve the challenges entrepreneurs face.


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In this program, you’ll develop a personal toolbox and leadership framework to foster creativity in your organization and build the workplace skills necessary to manage teams, projects, and organizations more effectively.

You’ll learn to incorporate design thinking and creativity into your everyday business practices and how to drive innovation at any stage of business growth—from developing an idea to leading a company.

Program Objectives:

  • Develop your creative abilities
  • Develop better team leadership and encourage positive relationships between people
  • Discover a systematic approach to unlock creative insights and develop innovative solutions
  • Understand the challenges entrepreneurs face when managing people, designing structures, building culture, and achieving growth in their firms
  • Understand the role of innovation in shaping strategic decision-making in companies

Learning Methods:

The aim of our innovative, action-based learning approach is to strike the right balance between theory and practice. As well as the pre-established online courses, you will also have access to program features such as graded feedback from instructors, live instruction from HEC Paris’ world-renowned faculty, and the opportunity to study with a cohort of high-level peers.

Required background

The program is ideal for:

  • Professionals in charge of, or interested in, innovation and business development.
  • Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Executives who want to boost the performance of their teams and organization by adopting a creative approach to leadership.

The language of instruction is 100% English. Thus, fluency in English (CEFR C1 level minimum) is mandatory to succeed in this program.

This program is accessible for people with disabilities. Please contact us if you have any specific requirements or to obtain the Public Accessibility Register.

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Skills you will gain

  • design thinking
  • innovation leadership
  • creative problem solving
  • leadership skills

5 courses in this 5-6 months program

Course 1 of 5

Boosting Creativity


In this first course, you’ll begin by learning to clearly define what creativity is. Part of this process will include developing awareness around your own automatic associations about creativity. From there, you’ll explore new strategies for transforming how you think about creative problems and develop tools to cultivate affective experiences that are conducive to creativity.

Course 2 of 5

Building your Leadership Skills


In this course, you’ll learn how to pivot from a top-down leadership style to an open and relational leadership approach in a course based on the “Savoir-Relier” method that is used by industry leaders such as Apple, Google, and more. You’ll develop new team leadership skills and gain the ability to foster positive workplace relationships using a method that emphasizes the importance of trust and sense.

Course 3 of 5

Design Thinking


In your third course, you’ll learn the three most common phases of a design thinking project and discover why design thinking is often illustrated by a double diamond. You’ll explore scenarios where design thinking is a suitable and adaptive approach. Additionally, you’ll practice articulating problems for a project thinking plan and learn to identify impacted stakeholders through tools such as value analysis. Finally, you’ll develop your ability to synthesize data, build personas, represent data through journey maps, and generate insights to reframe problems.

Course 4 of 5

Organizational Design


In this course, you'll learn how to perform a value-based analysis to evaluate a business idea and how to create (and change, if needed) the artifacts, values, and assumptions that characterize your organizational culture. You'll develop your ability to identify the organizational form best suited for your needs, explore how to allocate decision-making authority in your organization, and learn strategies for selecting and retaining the employees who best fit your organization. As you progress through the course, you'll define your business model, use the business model canvas to effectively visualize your business model, and then develop your value proposition and draw a corresponding value curve to understand the drivers of your competitive advantage.

Course 5 of 5

Strategic Management of Innovation


In your final course, you'll refine your ability to understand what characterizes individual creatively and learn how creativity can drive business success. You'll also build on a practical example to explore how to identify new business opportunities. Additionally, you'll determine how to forecast the entry of new competitors in old industries, including what segment they're going to enter, what products they'll enter with, and why. Finally, you'll learn to determine when to use an open or closed innovation strategy.

Earn credit towards a MSc degree from HEC Paris, offered 100% online.

Take the next step in your education to boost your career. This University Certificate is a building block that offers you a pathway to a degree while also providing job-relevant skills today.

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Leading Innovation With Creativity University Certificate

Leading Innovation With Creativity University Certificate Certificate Earn Credit Towards:

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