Machine Learning Engineer Salary: How Much Can You Make?

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A machine learning engineer's salary can be many times more than the average income in the United Kingdom. Learn how much you can expect to earn from this in-demand career.

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Machine learning (ML) engineers research, design, and develop critical artificial intelligence on data science teams. 

Whether they’re working on computer vision with deep learning or creating algorithms to make real-time stock predictions in milliseconds, machine learning engineers are in high demand in many industries throughout the world. And, they’re well-compensated for their in-depth knowledge and unique machine learning skill set, as a result.

In this article, you’ll learn the average salary a machine learning engineer can expect to earn in the United Kingdom and find out how it can vary by experience and location. You’ll also learn about the overall job outlook for machine learning engineers and the top sectors hiring them today. Finally, you’ll find steps to start working toward your career as a machine learning engineer – whether you’re a novice or an experienced professional. 

What is an average machine learning engineer salary? 

The average salary of a machine learning engineer is impacted by many factors, such as experience, industry, and geographic location. However, according to Glassdoor, the salary for a machine learning engineer ranges from £45,000 to £99,000, with an average of £65,229 [1] Indeed lists the average salary for a machine learning engineer at £56,333 [2]

Whatever the salary, machine learning engineers can expect to make much more than the median annual salary in the United Kingdom, which sat at £33,000 as of April 2022 [3]. 

Machine learning engineer salaries by experience

Experience has a big impact on what machine learning engineers can expect to make. Generally, the more experience a machine learning engineer has, the more they can expect to make in their role.

Those in more senior positions can typically expect to make even more. For example, according to Glassdoor, the average annual salary that a senior machine learning engineer makes is £78,686 [4] across all years of experience. 

Machine learning engineer industries 

As data becomes increasingly more valuable, so too do machine learning engineers capable of manipulating it with artificial intelligence. As a result, there are many industries where machine learning engineers can expect to find work. A 2022 research study conducted by Understanding Recruitment revealed the five top employers of machine learning engineers [5]:


  • Kubrick Group

  • Deliveroo

  • Facebook

  • Apple

  • Omdena

Machine learning engineer salaries by location 

Typically, salaries vary from region to region. Every location has its own cost of living and market competition, which inevitably impacts the salary that a machine learning engineer can expect to make. 

Here are the average salaries for machine learning engineers across the United Kingdom—courtesy of Glassdoor: 

  • London: £57,422 [6]

  • Birmingham: £33,960 [7]

  • Liverpool: £37,938 [8]

  • Edinburgh: £41,669 [9]

  • Manchester: £47,685 [10]

  • Leeds: £52,945 [11]

Job outlook for machine learning engineers 

The job outlook for machine learning engineers is positive. Machine learning engineers were ranked second on LinkedIn’s 2022 most-in-demand jobs in the UK list [12]. Additionally, the United Kingdom was ranked as a top ten country for machine learning engineers by Analytics Insight [13]. This study focused on the fact that the UK is committed to establishing world-class colleges and institutions to allow their citizens to pursue advanced technical skills such as machine learning engineering and machine learning algorithms.

Another positive factor for the job outlook of machine learning engineers in the UK is the country’s venture capital investment into artificial intelligence (AI) companies. This is important to note because machine learning is a direct subset of AI. It ranked third in the world for investments in this sector, which has intrigued companies to headquarter in the UK. So much so that one-third of Europe’s AI companies call the UK home [14]. 

Get started (or hone your skills) with Coursera

Becoming a machine learning engineer takes time and dedication. To get started, consider taking a relevant online course on Coursera to hone your machine-learning expertise. Google’s Data Analytics Professional Certificate introduces beginners to the fundamentals of data analysis, including spreadsheets, SQL, and R programming. This programme is available to everyone and taught 100 per cent online.  

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