10 Marketing Blogs for India Industry News and Trends—2024 List

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Check out these marketing blogs written for beginning and experienced marketers to stay on top of the latest industry news and keep up with marketing trends.

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Marketing blogs can be an excellent resource for professionals looking for the most current tips and takes on the marketing industry. Much like the industry itself, marketing blogs may cover various topics whilst focusing on various points of the customer journey.

Below, we've outlined 10 marketing blogs (and a few honourable mentions) that:

  • Offer high-quality and relevant content for a well-defined audience

  • Are updated regularly

  • Feature attractive and user-friendly designs

  • Are easily found on search engines

  • Are well-regarded by industry experts

Topics range from the broad basics to industry news and from digital marketing to advanced search engine optimisation (SEO) analysis. Explore these resources to stay current on the marketing industry at large.

1. Marketing basics blog: HubSpot Marketing Blog

Good for: People looking to build a marketing strategy

The HubSpot Marketing Blog is full of approachable how-tos and explainers geared towards professionals building their marketing strategy, campaign, or team. Updated semi-regularly, this site is full of resources to help maximise your team’s efforts and general knowledge base, and complements HubSpot’s other offerings, including their software, marketing trend reports, and resources.

Honourable mention: Digital Deepak

Digital Deepak, authored by Deepak Kanakaraju, offer tips on running a digital business. The blog updates two to three times per month, and email subscription service is available. 


2. Marketing news blog: Campaign

Good for: People who like to be the first to know about marketing news and want a near-constant stream of information

Campaign is a news blog covering advertising, marketing, and digital marketing. It offers an opinion section and news about events and awards. It has a news site layout with dropdown menus and a search function, making finding information on specific topics easy. 

Honourable mention: Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal is a popular blog that focuses on the latest developments in the world of search engine optimisation. It has news sections on general SEO, international search, pay-per-click (PPC), and social media.


3. Marketing industry blog: AdGully 

Good for: People seeking current marketing campaign and industry news and analysis

AdGully explores all aspects of marketing and advertising, offering a wide range of topics of interest to India and internationally. It hosts its own events, bringing many industries together throughout the year.

The blog is updated regularly with news and editorials, highlighting the most current articles on the landing page.

4. Digital marketing blog: Afaqs

Good for: Digital marketers looking to think critically about the industry

Afaqs is one of the most popular marketing blogs in India. It offers readers the latest digital marketing news, including interviews with top marketers, guest articles, and information about media types such as television, streaming, print, and radio. The news section covers advertising and marketing, brands and content, and company profiles.

Content is added regularly, and sections with dropdown menus provide easy navigation. Viewers also can easily browse the latest content thanks to convenient tags.

5. Content marketing blog: Talkwalker

Good for: People looking to advance their content marketing skills and stay up to date on industry trends

Talkwalker is among the go-to places if you’re looking to advance your content marketing skills. In addition to covering topics such as industry trends, marketing strategy, analytics, SEO, social media, and content creation in blog posts, the company reviews tools. It publishes case study reviews as well as how-to guides for content marketers.

6. Social media marketing blog: Social Samosa 

Good for: Social media marketers wanting to stay up to date on platform news

Social Samosa is a social media marketing blog highlighting news, campaigns, industry interviews and tools, awards, and more. It covers a variety of content for social media marketers, including in-depth looks at social media platforms, case studies, and insights from industry experts. The site also features current news on the big social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and more) along with spotlights of Indian social media news. 

Social Samosa offers a newsletter by email subscription if you prefer having insights delivered to your inbox. 

7. SEO marketing blog: Semrush Blog

Good for: People looking to learn more about search engine optimisation and its role in marketing

The Semrush Blog builds upon the company’s products by providing tips on maximising your SEO efforts. It explores the cross-section of SEO and content marketing, paid media, social media, and marketing. Updated semi-regularly, the Semrush Blog publishes how-tos, case studies, trends, and easily digestible insights for beginner and intermediate SEO professionals.

Honourable mention: SEO Sandwitch

If you want a more in-depth analysis of the latest SEO best practices, check out SEO Sandwitch. It moves past the basics and offers guides for keyword research, platforms, and content that gets views. 



8. Email marketing blog: Mailchimp

Good for: Marketers and business owners who want to create successful email campaigns.

Mailchimp's email blog works alongside the customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing products that Mailchimp offers, including email campaigns, landing pages, marketing automation, and sign-up forms. The blog provides tips, strategies, and insights on building an email list and nurturing subscribers with compelling content in their inboxes.

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9. Marketing strategy blog: MarketingProfs

Good for: Professionals seeking thoughtful analysis on marketing strategy

MarketingProfs features a comprehensive, searchable database of articles that analyse marketing strategy. This blog focuses on broad tips and implications surrounding the latest B2B marketing approaches, as written by actual marketing professionals.

In addition to long-form articles, Marketing Profs offers training, on-demand master classes, and individual consulting services.

10. Marketing consultant blog: Neil Patel’s Blog

Good for: Business owners seeking effective marketing blog tips

If you want to build your own marketing blog, Neil Patel’s blog is an effective model and a place for experience-based tips. Patel, a marketing professional and influencer, uses this personal blog to promote his consultant business by showcasing his expertise. In doing that, he offers tips on his favourite business and marketing tools, how-to guides, and explainers.

Whether you’re looking to benefit from his tips or take inspiration from his blog as you launch your own, Neil Patel’s blog could be a good starting point.

What makes the best marketing blogs

As you continue exploring the marketing industry, you will likely come across many blogs besides the ten we've outlined in this article. Having some criteria for determining a blog's quality and relevance to your goals is a good idea. That way, you can subscribe to the blogs that best meet your needs and receive a steady stream of helpful content without crowding your inbox.

When evaluating a blog, consider the following:

  • Audience: What kinds of marketers does the blog target? What do they do? What are their goals?

  • Purpose: Is the blog intended to teach new skills, provide industry analysis, create community amongst subscribers, fuel conversations about marketing trends and techniques, or a combination of all of these?

  • Area of focus: Does the blog offer content on a wide range of topics or focus on a particular marketing area, such as video marketing, inbound marketing, or online marketing?

  • Frequency of new content: How often does the blog publish new pieces of content? How often will you, as a subscriber, receive notifications about new content?

  • Credibility of the content: Are the insights offered based on the authors' expertise, experience, and research?

  • Personality of the author(s): How would you describe the author(s), in terms of their writing style and tone, level of experience in marketing, enthusiasm about the industry, and the philosophy they embody?

  • Site navigation: How easy is finding information and clicking on different website pages?

  • Paid offers: Do the blog creators promote additional products and services, such as webinars, premium content, consulting, done-for-you marketing materials, etc.?


Every blog will offer content with a different type of reader in mind. As you find blogs that resonate with you, take note of the aspects you like and those that you don't. Use these reflections to refine your list of favourite marketing blogs.


Inspired? Start your own blog

You may be thinking about launching your marketing blog to share ideas with other marketers and promote your products and services. Start by identifying an audience you aim to reach with each blog post. What inspires them about marketing? What are they looking for, and most importantly, what insight or expertise can you offer them?

Once you know who you want to reach, perform a competitive analysis of similar marketing blogs and content gaps you can fill with your fresh, unique perspective. Build a content marketing strategy that reflects your mission, communicates your message, and engages an audience of marketers.

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