Lawrence Angrave

Senior Lecturer


Lawrence Angrave is from England and is an award-winning computer science senior lecturer. At University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign he teaches the very popular but demanding CS125, “Introduction to Computer Science.” Approximately 10% of all incoming freshmen (800 students per year) take Lawrence’s CS125 course. At Illinois, Lawrence has won the Illinois Student Senate Award for Teaching Excellence (2012), the Campus Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching (2012), the College of Engineering Everitt Teaching Award (2011), the Collins Award for Innovative Teaching (2011) and the Rose Award for Teaching Excellence (2009). Lawrence joined University of Illinois in 2006. He also has founded or led software startups in the UK, Canada and the US. His computer science research interests include computer science security, mobile app development, computer science education and developing open source tools for scientific visualization of geological oil reserves and carbon sequestration. Lawrence has a PhD in condensed matter physics from Oxford University.