I joined the department in 2013. Trained as a Speech and Language Therapist. My research and clinical work have been focused on the intersection between language and literacy difficulties. I completed a PhD at the Institute of Child Health, University College London, which explored causal mechanisms in developmental dyslexia using both neuroscientific and behavioral measures. I then continued researching developmental dyslexia through a postdoc at the University of Cambridge (2004-06) and more latterly through Assistant and Associate Professor positions at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (2006-2013). My current teaching and research focuses particularly on the impact of digital text on the development of reading and risk of reading difficulties. In 2009 Dyslexia International asked me to carry our a research project about good practice in Anglophone countries and present these findings at the First World Dyslexia Forum held at UNESCO, Paris, in 2010, and then a follow-up at the second forum in Brazil in 2014.