Bernard Dov Cooperman

Louis L. Kaplan Assoc. Prof. of Jewish History


Dr. Cooperman is currently Associate Professor of History at the University of Maryland as well as Director of its Miller Center for Historical Studies. His research focuses on the history of Jews in Italy in the Early Modern period. His published works have explored the varied ways in which Jews negotiated a place for themselves in Tuscany and the Papal States, how Jews interacted with the cultural values around them, and how the authorities developed policies that set the stage for Jewish participation in the modern world. Most recently, he has begun to study the spatial meaning of the ghetto especially in Venice and Rome, that is of the enclosed Jewish areas where Jews were allowed and required to live from the sixteenth century. Over his career, Dr. Cooperman has taught at Harvard University, the Russian State University for the Humanities, and the University of California at San Diego, and has been honored with fellowships in institutions such as The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He is the founder and editor of the book series, Studies and Texts in Jewish History and Culture.