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Learner Reviews & Feedback for 大數據分析:商業應用與策略管理 (Big Data Analytics: Business Applications and Strategic Decisions) by National Taiwan University

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About the Course

本課程是為非資料科學專業者設計的大數據領域入門課程,偏商管應用,非資訊技術教學。透過修習本課程,學員將能對資料科學商管領域的範疇與分類建立基本的觀念,並且瞭解其在商管領域的各種應用。在學的學生可藉此為職涯做準備,在職的社會人士則可拓展自己對資料科學的想像,進一步思考在自身工作場域應用資料科學的可能性。 本課程共計六週,第一週為學界與業界對談,透過直播企劃呈現大數據應用的議題,作為課程的開端,二到五週由臺灣大學教授進行授課,分別就金融、行銷、社群媒體、輿情分析、行銷智慧等議題,介紹大數據在領域的應用,課程以闡述應用為主,但不會花很多時間在演算法的技術細節。第六週則由玉山金控李正國數位金融長主講,帶入玉山金控積極應用大數據於銀行業的策略,產學合作課程確實結合學界與業界的專家,就資料科學的商管應用做不同面向的介紹。 課程設計中安排一位主持人的課前提問、單元介紹引言、延伸提問等等,引導學生學習與思考,各週授課教師與課程主題概述如下: 第一週:臺灣大學資訊管理學系魏志平教授、玉山金控李正國數位金融長 -- 課程簡介、與大數據的午餐約會直播活動 第二週:臺灣大學工商管理學系與資訊管理學系合聘楊立偉教授 -- 資料分析在金融及財務上的應用 第三週:臺灣大學工商管理學系與資訊管理學系合聘楊立偉教授 -- 資料分析在零售及行銷上的應用 第四週:臺灣大學資訊管理學系陳建錦教授 -- 社群媒體之輿情分析 第五週:臺灣大學資訊管理學系魏志平教授 -- 社群媒體分析與行銷智慧 第六週:玉山金控李正國數位金融長 -- 大數據的商業應用策略...

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Aug 14, 2021

Very good. first datascient course which cross the datascient and apllication domain. learning much.

Apr 25, 2020

Excellent courses! Both explore practical applications and theoretical insights.

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By Daniel F

Mar 11, 2021


By 白振生

Jan 27, 2020


By Kao C F

Oct 18, 2020


By 徐奕文

Jun 19, 2020


By Liwen C

Sep 2, 2020


By ShyingYih

May 7, 2020


By 陳淑雯

May 5, 2020


By teresa s

Dec 29, 2020

in general, i enjoy this course. it gives me an overview about new definition of "data", elaboration on methodologies and relevant applications with examples. Furthermore, how to apply "social listening" into supporting the decision making at business/ marketing is another take-away from this course.

one suggestion, if i may ,on week 4 course: to people without non- data science background, the content seems too "science" driven. Instead of scaling down the science" part which i think it is also important to the IT background learners, i suggest to add more vocal explanation on what it means, how to interpret the outcome, and how it can be applied to business/ marketing, etc..

thank you!


Mar 15, 2021

I learned theoretically data analyze in different realm, such as insurance or retail industry. And, especially In banking, the course gave more specific information on how to improve finance service within data analytics.

By Qinghu L

Oct 29, 2020

In my opinion, the courses from week 3 to week 6 are extremly good. The other weeks are nice but it should be more content (it just based on may preknowledge).

By John C

May 7, 2018

Basic but to the point, helpful for new comer to catch up most of rough keys to use data to support business. Great start point.

By Bing C T

Jul 7, 2018


By Wong C H

Apr 18, 2020


By Hsu,Chen-Ping

May 7, 2021


By Fquant

Jul 21, 2020


By Shen H

May 31, 2019


By 牛永康

Jan 4, 2020