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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Business Sustainability in the Circular Economy by University of London

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About the Course

We are surrounded by so much discussion of sustainability that it can sometimes become overwhelming. Important questions include: What role can business have in ensuring the sustainability of the planet? How should business work with society to preserve the environment? These questions will be answered in this course as we explore the meaning of sustainability and its impact on modern organisations as they move to circular ideas to reduce waste, increase recycling and become fit for our modern society. In the course you will not only learn about the role of business in sustainability, but also your own personal contribution. In addition to environmental issues we will also reflect on how employees are pressuring firms to see themselves as a positive part of the wider society. The specific topics we will cover include: Paris Climate Accord, Carbon Footprint, the circular economy, reverse logistics, recycling strategies, right to repair, Corporate Social Responsibility, Bottom of the Pyramid and developing economies, and fair trade business models. By the end of the course, your understanding of sustainability and business's relationship with society will have increased considerably. You will develop new skills in research and analysis and will have lots of new ideas to take away with you and apply in your own organisation and your own working life....

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Aug 31, 2022

Very engaging and interesting. I audited teh course so did not submit the peer assignment but found all the readings and videos very thought provoking.


Jan 16, 2022

Amazing course, lets you know deeply about how sustainability works in the business domain

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By Jose M R M

Jan 13, 2022

Good content but poor quizs and very frustrating peer-graded paper at the end

By Jayanthi S

Jan 8, 2022

Course is good, but must have another way of grading like quizzes along with a few peer graded assignments, instead of just one peer graded assignment

By Monica G

Jan 27, 2022

Very objective course

By Hiral J

Jan 27, 2022


By Prathamesh P

Jan 17, 2022

Amazing course, lets you know deeply about how sustainability works in the business domain


Nov 24, 2022

it is a great learning course. every business should follow sustainable business model

By Melissa F

Apr 25, 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed this course - very insightful and engaging!

By Patel S S

Aug 24, 2022

Great insights about the Circular econmy and the sustainability aspects of various companies along side expressing concerns about vaious Critical aspects of the MNC and reflecting on the Prospects of reverse logistics and challenges associated with it.

Last but not the least the Casestudy FAIRTRADE of food produced gave wonderful insight in the domain of BOP of agricultural sector impying truely that this problem is as old as the civilization itself.

Thank you for the insightful Course!

By Agnes S

Jun 2, 2022

This MOOC focuses on some key aspects. It is valuable for anyone interested in Sustainability issues. I personally liked the nature and the variety of the personal work.

By Marcela P

Sep 1, 2022

Very engaging and interesting. I audited teh course so did not submit the peer assignment but found all the readings and videos very thought provoking.

By Selçuk G

Nov 3, 2022

It was a very productive and informative course. Thank you to those who contributed.

By Gannamaneedi J 2

Nov 21, 2022

it's was very useful and had a great experience

By Patricia C D

Aug 3, 2022

Very thought-provoking! Thank you Dr. Pilkington


Aug 15, 2022

Great course and dinamic

By Kudala V K

Aug 20, 2022

Very Insightful Course

By Nirav N

Jan 1, 2023


By Luca G

Aug 1, 2022

Well structured with interesting contents, I was expecting more on the business side: Business Sustainability in the circular economy is very complex so what can we do? In my opinion the course proposes a lot of problems but not any solution or 'weapon' to face the complexity.

Anyway, a good start for a beginner.

By Raziah

Aug 20, 2022

Giving me an overview of the Sustainable business and current global practice

By Alwi I F

Aug 8, 2022

Why the certificate doesnt appear?

By Konstantinos V

Dec 11, 2022

An interesting short course with good content and online material. In my opinion there is more online research and non-mandatory work, which can easily be ignored, thus missing out on gaining the right amount of knowledge on the topics of the course. Also, while reviewing peer assignments found out submissions were rather disappointing , in many cases completely off point and even non-relevant, which means there is no screening level of control for the course. Overall, not a bad course to complete.

By Christian Z

Jan 16, 2023

Good course if you're new to Coursera. Only one assignment that is required, everything else is practice quizzes or optional readings. Information and sources are UK based (obviously), so if you're not in the UK, things don't totally apply, but everything is similar enough where you can apply what you learn to wherever you live.

By Mohammad A S

Oct 12, 2022

Too basic, did not offer real solutions

By Sebastien H

Oct 31, 2022

If the agenda seems promising, the content is poor.