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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Cloud Computing Applications, Part 1: Cloud Systems and Infrastructure by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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About the Course

Welcome to the Cloud Computing Applications course, the first part of a two-course series designed to give you a comprehensive view on the world of Cloud Computing and Big Data! In this first course we cover a multitude of technologies that comprise the modern concept of cloud computing. Cloud computing is an information technology revolution that has just started to impact many enterprise computing systems in major ways, and it will change the face of computing in the years to come. We start the first week by introducing some major concepts in cloud computing, the economics foundations of it and we introduce the concept of big data. We also cover the concept of software defined architectures, and how virtualization results in cloud infrastructure and how cloud service providers organize their offerings. In week two, we cover virtualization and containers with deeper focus, including lectures on Docker, JVM and Kubernates. We finish up week two by comparing the infrastructure as a service offering by the big three: Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Week three moves to higher level of cloud offering, including platform as a service, mobile backend as a service and even serverless architectures. We also talk about some of the cloud middleware technologies that are fundamental to cloud based applications such as RPC and REST, JSON and load balancing. Week three also covers metal as a service (MaaS), where physical machines are provisioned in a cloud environment. Week four introduces higher level cloud services with special focus on cloud storage services. We introduce Hive, HDFS and Ceph as pure Big Data Storage and file systems, and move on to cloud object storage systems, virtual hard drives and virtual archival storage options. As discussion on Dropbox cloud solution wraps up week 4 and the course....

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Feb 17, 2017

Well structured course. Gives a good overview of the basics of cloud computing. couple of typos in the transcripts. will flag errors in future courses


Oct 22, 2020

Basic understanding of benchmark skills of Cloud Computing. If could share the combined slides of different lectures, could be better!

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By Weidong X

Oct 1, 2019

I learned a little about a lot of things.

By pengwei

Jan 27, 2017

sleepy lecture

By Patrick W

May 29, 2017

very basic

By Yiming L

Aug 20, 2022

As one who follow courses in cloud computing series, coming to this course after finishing CCC from UIUC, I will NOT recommend this course to any of you. I've experience in gcp for a couple of years and finish the CCC without any issue. But I often found myself somehow lost in this course.

Material is TOO OLD. Given how fast developing cloud is, you never want to review something which was made in 2016. Any video you can find on youtube will give you a better picture of those cloud product than this one.

And also there are mistasks. For example, in the chapter of kubenetes, professor even do not know "kubectl". He thought it was an "i" instead of 'l'! Well you can argue that in 2016 k8s is new but not correcting them in a course is unforgivable.

After finishing this course. I found quite lost. Do not take it if you want to have a taste on cloud. Do not take it if you are new to cloud.

By Austin Z

Apr 25, 2019

Not what I expected after the last two courses in the cloud specialization. A lot of the information has already been covered in the last two courses from a more detailed theoretical level. This is more of a non-technical level overview of some popular and some random cloud tools covered at a level that is not technical enough to gain anything from but in too much tedious detail to be consumable for the parts that are interesting. This course could be condensed into a few page tradeoff table of the services and applications covered.

By Michał M

Apr 2, 2017

As a developer I consider this a very poor course. It can be good for manager and business people to better understand what technologies are available these days, but that it. You can easily look at the syllabus, go to the wikipedia and read the pages on presented subject and you will get the same knowledge. There were no programming assignments, quizes and exams were not challenging at all and some questions were really confusing. I won't recommend it to anyone and it shouldn't be part of this specialization.

By David M

Dec 2, 2021

I've never had an instructor that was so clearly phoning it in. What's more, lots of the information presented about how the Cloud works is factually inaccurate, and no one has bothered to correct it. I strongly suggest that working professionals with even a basic level of experience with the Cloud (read: clearly more than the instructor) simply save themselves the aggravation.

By Hardeep R

Apr 29, 2018

I was expecting some hand-on programming or chance to work on the virtualisation techniques, it's only theories in this course which is of little use in outside world, companies need hands-on experience

By Vivek O

Jan 9, 2021

I have never come across worse lecturers. I plodded through, because I had to. I pity the students who have to take their classes at Urbana Champaign

By Pablo P

Sep 26, 2016

It was really focused on high level concepts of different technologies, the level was really basic. No details have been served.

By Lakitha M

Sep 23, 2021

Very boring and not very illustrative

By Pham V H

Dec 28, 2016

the video is too long