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The aim of the course is to provide you with a comprehensive framework for understanding both the traditional principles of management inside companies today as well as the alternative principles that are becoming increasingly important. It provides both theoretical and practical perspectives on the nature of management in today’s organisations....

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May 28, 2016

I really enjoyed the course. Lots of information. The professor knows what he is talking about and he is very interesting to listen. Most of all, I enjoyed the case studies in the end of every module.


Aug 13, 2020

It was a great course which help you to gain knowledge about how to run the company in a good manner and the readings are in a good quality as well as sir. julian birkinshaw was explaining so clearly

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By Varun B

May 7, 2020

As a future Management student or a Manager it is necessary to know difference between Management and Leadership, also examples, that provide a great idea about implementation of various Management tools. This course covered what Management was, what Management is, and what Management will be in the future with detailed case studies of various companies. Overall a very helpful course to those who wants to learn Basic and Innovative Management principles.

By Prompiriya P

May 30, 2020

Professor delivers with high quality performance. Lessons are well-thought and in depth with a lot of interesting examples. The worst aspect of this course is the peer-review final assignment. I had to wait for days for results to come up as "failed" (with scores getting so close to passing) when I put all my effort to answer correctly, following the question prompts. I have to resubmit so many times with this poor peer-review system.

By Livio G

Feb 24, 2021

It was a really nice course, well explained and very interesting. Professor Birkinshaw is well known for his managerial knowledge and he shares it with you during the course, clear and concise. The final assignmen was also interesting. However, you have to wait some days that your colleagues correct it and someone of them doesn't look relly appropriate to do that. But in my opinion this course is strongly recommended.

By Mike Y W

Nov 9, 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed this course, and many of the topics discussed are still relevant today despite the course being a few years old now. The lectures are straight-forward as are the quizzes, and I especially enjoyed being able to tie things up with a final peer assignment. It was also a very nice touch for the professor to add a final video each week to comment about discussion board activity highlights.

By Lawrence P

Feb 24, 2017

This is a very interesting and enjoyable course that gives great reading materials supplementary to the main materials. Thank you to the course team. The key problem with the course design is the peer marked review system for the final assignment. In the language of the course, there is no 'intrinsic motivation' to peers to mark correctly or with any effort, leading to inappropriate marking practices.

By Sofia V T

May 17, 2020

I liked the course, it was my first course regarding management and I found it very clear, very useful to have a first general approach to managing principles. Thank you!

I didn´t really like the final assignment evaluation form, I like the assignment itself but when correcting others assignments I read all kind of weird answers even one which was a copy past of the sample answers.

By Aschwin S

May 13, 2020

Fantastic presentation by Julian Birkinshaw, well done!. An alert to stimulate the frequent review of the management model and innovate it over time. Julian is on top of the topic and explains it in simple and clear language. At the same time his view is substantiated by scientific insights and articles, expert views and relevant case studies. Great course!

By Chris H

May 17, 2020

I really enjoyed the course. Prof Julian Birkinshaw's presentation was excellent. However I was a little disappointed with the final assignment. I thought the model answers were short on detail. I may have missed the information somewhere, but as a new user I would have liked an initial tutorial on navigating around the programme.

By 项立新

Jun 7, 2020

this course gives us a well-organized framework about traditional management and althernative management. However, some details are included in the modules, and even relevant reading materials. when it comes to benefits or weaknesses of a system or dimension, more details or explanation would be appreciated.

By Cassandra P

May 5, 2020

It was an interesting and informative course lead by a very knowledgeable Professor. I enjoyed the structure of the course, and how the content was delivered. My only criticism would be that some of the course work (readings, videos, case studies) were a little outdated.

By Andrew M

May 26, 2020

Overall, I really enjoyed the course and found it to leave me each week with new insights and a lens on management strategy for the future. The first half of the course proved to be very insightful while the second half seemed to become a bit more dull.

By Mukhtar A

Jan 3, 2022

I really enjoyed this course. It it though provoking, yet balanced. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to run a modern company based on modern values. If empathetic of employee's psyche and wants to empower them towards mutual success.

By James B G

Jun 5, 2019

Exceptional good course, however, beware of peer reviewers who do not take their responsibilities seriously. Note that one is not graded for the quality of one's peer review, nor is weighting based on peer review competency factored in.

By Bayu C

Mar 2, 2021

Good structured and interesting course. presents the lectures very nicely. Also the way of conducting course was great. Very knowledgeable and intelligent; Ask stimulating questions; good at explaining ideas; well designed course.

By Antonio M

Feb 7, 2021

Very interesting topics. Lessons are very agile and the material provided (slides, readings, links) are nice to keep for future reference. This was my first experience with Coursera platform, and I am very satisfied with it.

By Chhatra P S

Aug 26, 2022

The course was very good. It enlighten me about different management models and their pros and cons. Thanks for such a nice course provided on online plateform. Definitely it will help me in my future professional life

By Vladislav Z

Oct 20, 2021

Course is pretty well strutured, has enough examples ang generally delivers the message. However is a bit outdated, nowadays everything moves on so quickly, that having it not updated for, I guess, 5 years - it shows.

By E-J R

Apr 21, 2016

Excellent overview of Management Models to consider moving forward and how well they play out against the challenges managers faces today, its benefits and weaknesses and related points to be considered

By Cam P

Dec 1, 2023

Some of the content is getting a little dated (we've moved well beyond Web 2.0, for example), but the underlying concepts are evergreen and are delivered in a really engaging and thoughtful way.

By Carolina F M

May 26, 2020

Very good course, but I believe it could be updated considering that the "future companies" have already changed again and are different of 2014/2015. Very good teacher and speed of the classes.

By Alina S

May 8, 2020

The course is amazing! Dr Julian Birkinshaw is a wonderful lecturer, I enjoyed the course under his guidance. However, assignment reviewed by peers is not the best idea. It's not very efficient.

By Will M

May 6, 2020

A few of the case studies and examples are a little out of date now, but overall a great course. Gives a really interesting framework for developing innovative management practices.

By Xavier D

Oct 24, 2021

Quite happy with this course, good summary classes and several long readings with business cases !! Thanks for sharing this knowledge with us, Professor Julian Birkinshaw !

By Surendra K

Oct 11, 2022

Its a overall good and impactful course. It gives realistic view for the management of companies to adapt for the change to sustain themself in this challenging era.

By Tamara M V

May 15, 2020

This course definitely got me thinking about the future of management models and the trajectory of the business world! I loved all of the real world examples as well.