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Learner Reviews & Feedback for COVID Vaccine Ambassador Training: How to Talk to Parents by Johns Hopkins University

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About the Course

Vaccination is a key strategy for preventing serious illness and death from COVID-19. COVID-19 vaccines are available for children 5 and older, but many parents have questions about vaccinations. This training course prepares parents of school-age children, PTAs, community members, and school staff to be Vaccine Ambassadors and promote vaccine acceptance in their communities. After completing the course, Vaccine Ambassadors will be able to share knowledge about COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccine, engage in conversations about vaccine hesitancy in a respectful and empathetic way, and direct people to credible sources for further information about COVID-19 vaccines....

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Feb 2, 2022

Being a parent myself, this course taught me more to be a pro active dealing with those parents and giving them assurances what this vaccin coan do to our childrens. Thank you so much for this course.


Feb 22, 2022

Great course for learning best practices for communicating the effectiveness and safety of Covid vaccines. The training addresses vaccine hesitancy and misinformation in an easy to understand format.

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By Leia M

Feb 7, 2022

Working with elementary kids all the way up to highschool, it's essential on how we talk with parents/guardians. With this topic, it's often that parents would start to yelll at staff but now we know how we can speak to them and have positive results.

By Carol L

Jan 27, 2022

Out of date info on natural immunity (see Jan 27 Wall street Journal article by Johns Hopkins - Markey). References for all research would help know the dates course information was valid as well as help evaluation the sources. Also need to address issue of non-availability of N-95 masks for kids and how most masks are useless for preventing infection. (The simple phrase "well fitted" is meaningless and needs to elaborate on layers, materials, nose brace, cleaning, and practice/instructions for children who use the masks.) This course does not pass the Misinformation test (and for that matter includes some 'fake news".) Also the GoViral game is confusing and not worth the effort. Fake dialogues with questioning parents are unrealistic. They do not reflect the anger of hesitant parents or their tendency to include government sources as merely more misinformation and biased news. (Biased news is not the same as "fake news" and the bias of many "news" sources as well as government agencies is not addressed. The course makes it seem as if all government officials are in agreement. And it doesn't address the fact that the CDC/FDA/etc. change their minds or words to reflect political or economic issues. (e.g. see: Fauci on why he said no masks originally). This course makes it seem as if dissenting/questioning/hesitant parents were ignorant or looking for guidance from "superior minds". They are not. Most I have come across are well educated and can quote from experts outside the U.S. as well as inside. They are looking to guide as well as be guided, to share as well as receive information. They are unlikely to fall prey to simplistic psychological manipulation such as that suggested in the "communication skills" section of this course.

By Ariana A

Jan 29, 2022

Comprehensive and highly informative. The skills and information provided by this course serve as a much needed response and tool to effectively and empathetically combat fear and misinformation surrounding COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccines. Thank you to the experts at Johns Hopkins for creating this course and making it possible for members of the public to become informed and empowered.

By Ikhsan S

Jan 27, 2022

Very relevant and easy to digest information. Providing solutions for people who are worried about side effects, either to pregnant women or to children. And information about how we deal with hoax information sources that make people worry about this.

By Omar A

Mar 6, 2022

I believe that every public health professional should take this course! It covers a wide variety of topics including the science behind COVID and mRNA vaccines and how to combat misinforamtion.

By nashilu s

Jun 1, 2022

This was the first best course i had taken which gave wings of reading in speed and aquire my certificate within a short targeted time.

Thank you all who participated to my dvelopment in this.

By Susan l

Feb 13, 2022

the content of this course does not reflect the title accurately

By Phyllis J F

Jan 27, 2022

Need to check the questions. There are some innacuracies.

By Deleted A

Jan 25, 2022

cannot open on phone - useless.

By Dhonabel A C

Apr 20, 2022

I give a perfect score because it discuss it very well and elaborate the process and some issues why the parents hesitant to vaccinate their children. In this course, I've been enlighted and open my mind for some point of views about the importance of covid 19 vaccination. It shows the some misinforations and myths about covid 19 vaccination which I usually heard to other people. By this course I can share what I've learned to the parents in every child for those are not vaccinated. Thank you coursera.

By Aedrian A

May 13, 2022

This is a short and sweet course that is useful for everyone. For laypeople, the content will give them easily-digestible information to understand the science AND to become better advocates of vaccination for their families and friends. For health professions, the material provides tips and tricks in delivering their intended message much better to laypeople around them who are having doubts on the efficacy and safety of COVID-19 vaccines.

By Zalthea D R

Apr 21, 2022

A very helpful and insightful course! I learned so much about vaccines, how I can engage in conversations in relation to vaccine hesitancy in an empathetic way, our immune system, and so much more. Thank you for making this easily accessible and for sharing these knowledge :) I truly did learn a lot and I shall put them into good use! Thank you :)

By Jayvee A

Sep 4, 2022

Throughout the internet, you'll find information regarding COVID-19 and the vaccine used to combat this disease but this is one of the very few places on the internet where you'll find 100% accurate information regarding how you can truly be a force for change and for the good of all. Be a COVID Vaccine Ambassador now!😊


Apr 21, 2022

it was a journey for me to have difficulty in sharing to our parents the children must be vaccinated but because of this course i learned many things ans strategy to gain more other things to tell them and helped our learners to be vaccinated this school year 2022. i gave this course an outstanding rate (O)

By Lisa B

Jul 31, 2022

A great starter course in helping people, rather than arguing or condescending. It provided excellent strategies, and some leads for pursuing these ideas further. The explanations of how vaccines work, and of the vaccine approval process, were clear, understandable, and easy to remember.

By Lynn V

Apr 8, 2022

The course is very informative. It adds to my knowledge on COVID 19 and COVID 19 vaccines. The length of presentation of each topic is not too long. The definition and description are simple and direct to the point. The questions are not complex and is easily understood.

By Iyabode A

Jun 28, 2022

This was a great insight into how to not only talk to people anout the effectiveness of the vaccine, but also to educate the,. It also helps to debunk a lot of wrong and false information circulating on social media and how to report such false information.

By LaVonda

Jun 3, 2022

I really liked topic: Common Questions from Parents. The answers were clear and concise for parents to understand without a lot of medical language. The video could easily be used to educate parents at schools, churches, Health Fairs and family events.

By Jordana A M

Jan 26, 2022

Excellent for non healthcare professionals, especially parents and school staff! Easy to understand; covers many important topics; educate on basic vaccine concepts; gives tools to have empathic conversations, prebunk and debunk misinformation.

By gbemisola a

Oct 12, 2022

i am super excited and proud of myself to have completed this course, i am truly grateful to cousera for this opportunity and new accomplishment i have because i know i couldn't have afford this. i can't wait to explore my potentials.

By Emily A

Jan 29, 2022

The course takes about two hours to complete, as advertised. It is easy to follow, broken into manageable chunks, and engaging enough to be useful in conversation. Thanks, Johns Hopkins, for such a complete, useful course!

By Pamela D

Jan 28, 2022

Good information that was easy to follow and understand. While I came to course quite well informed, reviewing in this format reinforced my knowledge and provided a more structured approach to use as a vaccine ambassador.

By Trisha S

Feb 7, 2022

Thank you for this course. I will be using the information when I speak with families about their child's social and academic progress during teacher/family conference week. I am a kindergarten teacher in California.

By Valerie W

Mar 11, 2022

The course was great. I love the videos and quizzes. It would have been nice for an option to have an audible voice read. Sitting and reading can get a little boring if there isn't enteraction in the reading.

By Carla G

Apr 8, 2022

Really good strategics. As a nurse I never thought I can adrees parents like this. really thankful for all knowleght. This course will really improve my comunicate skill on my clinic (public health in Brazil).