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UX Web Design: Build User-Centric Websites
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UX Web Design: Build User-Centric Websites

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Vishal Chawla

Instructor: Vishal Chawla

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There are 5 modules in this course

In this comprehensive module, students will explore the essential principles that highlight the importance of User Experience (UX). Through dynamic discussions and practical examples, participants will not only understand the core of UX but also learn to express its critical role in developing innovative designs. This module goes beyond theoretical knowledge, enabling students to apply key UX principles, such as Miller's Law, Jakob's Law, Von Restorff Effect, and more. By the conclusion of this module, students will have a solid understanding of UX's theoretical underpinnings within the digital environment.

What's included

5 videos7 readings2 assignments2 discussion prompts

In this module, you'll learn how to align product objectives with user needs, creating not just effective but enjoyable experiences. We'll dive into the art of visual design, examining various logo types, from the simple beauty of Letter Marks to the detailed complexity of Combination Marks, enhancing your understanding of brand identity. Additionally, you'll gain skills in developing comprehensive use cases, which include both broad overviews and in-depth analyses, to fully grasp user interactions. By the end of this module, you'll become adept in logo design nuances and skilled in crafting user-focused use cases.

What's included

3 videos6 readings3 assignments1 discussion prompt

In this module, you will begin a comprehensive exploration to master the art and science of user research. You will learn to distinguish between qualitative and quantitative research techniques through an in-depth examination of methodological nuances, equipping yourself with a broad range of tools to uncover valuable insights. You will learn how to become proficient in conducting user interviews and designing questions that reveal user needs, motivations, and pain points. Additionally, you will explore the strategic process of persona differentiation, learning how to create vivid user personas that enhance the design process. As a concluding highlight, the module clarifies the challenge of shopping cart abandonment, providing practical strategies to minimize it when developing engaging apps and websites.

What's included

2 videos5 readings3 assignments

In this module, you will navigate the foundational elements of UX design, focusing on the art of defining the project scope to ensure a clear vision and purpose. You will explore the Scope Plane, a fundamental aspect of the UX design process, which offers a structured method to clarify and refine project goals. This module teaches you how to transform those ideas into low-fidelity blueprints. Through interactive activities and guided lab sessions, you will become proficient in creating clear, functional wireframes with industry-standard tools like Balsamiq. You'll engage in the process of sketching, iterating, and testing your wireframes, thereby gaining valuable hands-on experience. By the end of this module, participants will not only possess the skills to effectively define project scopes but will also be prepared to turn their design concepts into reality with precision and clarity.

What's included

3 videos5 readings2 assignments1 discussion prompt

What's included

1 reading


Vishal Chawla
Northeastern University
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