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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Digital Tools and Well-Being by Arizona State University

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About the Course

Well-being matters in every part of life: your physical health, mental health and even your relationships. With every new digital tool that comes into your life, that relationship with your own health can change — for better or worse. You might be distancing yourself from others if you get too addicted to using your device. Or, you might be using these devices to improve your professional life. The difference lies in knowing what well-being means, and what digital tools do to change your way of life. With the expertise of Dr. Nicholas Proferes of the ASU School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, the Digital Tools and Well-being course will put the tools, knowledge and strategies of technological health directly into your hands. You’ll learn the fundamentals and get acquainted with your digital well-being toolkit. Then, you’ll directly apply them in hands-on scenarios. Well-being involves your personal life and your professional life. Using digital tools with well-being in mind requires knowledge of both sides. By using digital tools appropriately, you can protect your personal life, enhance your physical health and build productivity. This balance is a skill that anyone can learn and apply anywhere. Take the next step of your digital health journey today!...
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