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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Global Diplomacy: the United Nations in the World by University of London

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About the Course

The course offers a well-researched and broad-ranging primer to the United Nations system. Consisting of an introduction to the complex UN family and its history, and a series of ‘snapshots’ of key UN functions, which are used to explore important UN themes and help learners develop important analysis, communication, and policy-based skills. The course is aimed broadly at people interested in learning more about the United Nations system, assuming a level of interest but no necessary previous knowledge, whilst also offering offering sufficient up to date research and new critical perspectives that it will also be of interest to people with more expertise or academic familiarity with the topic as well. The main aim of the course is to provide this wide-ranging introduction in a self-contained, but in-depth form, alongside the important practical skills necessary to understand and discuss UN affairs, and potentially lay the groundwork for greater engagement in future – either in civil society or in further study....

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Jul 29, 2020

Really enjoyed the course. Some of the recommended reading was no longer accessible and the material was not up to date to 2020. However, it gave a good introduction to the UN and the issues involved.


Dec 6, 2018

It was very interesting to get to know better about the UN structure and concepts, and it helped me a lot to get my first opportunity in an UN mission! Starting a new career. Thank you so much.

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By Allana R F

Dec 7, 2018

It was very interesting to get to know better about the UN structure and concepts, and it helped me a lot to get my first opportunity in an UN mission! Starting a new career. Thank you so much.

By Ashhar S

Jul 21, 2020

The most fascinating thing about this course, in my opinion, was how it focused on the singular aspect of the United Nations, and gave us perhaps the most detailed account on this organization

By Marta L R

May 30, 2019

This was my first online course so I really didn't know what to expect. My favorite part about this was the amount of relevant readings and discussion that is given each week. However, some of the part were out of date.

By abusaeed a

Jun 27, 2017

It is terrifically impressive course as I am Volunteering in UN since 2014 , I have been looking such kind of Course .

Thanks again professors and SUAS team for giving this opportunity

By Murilo B

Oct 29, 2017

Very good course on the history, achievements and challenges of the United Nations. It brings you to the earlier story of the United Nations during WW2 and make you realize the importante of this unique organization as well as its mission, as written in the Charter. It also presents the opinion of scholars and staff on the UN and how it could be reformed to better fulfill its obligations. The only critique that I have is that the recommended reading in some weeks look like as if it was posted in a rush, with some works being duplicated. I also had problems with reviewing my classmate's submissions in week 5. Besides that, I could not recommend the course highly enough.

By Amy W

Nov 20, 2017

Very interesting and insightful, thank you!

By hana e s

Mar 5, 2018

This course was great, The videos were very focused and the course material was simple and easy to follow which left more time for reading and understanding the material rather than acting like an examination. I liked the question and the peer review segment its interesting to see what other peoples opinions are and to read some peoples passionate posts. I like that each subject had a video introduction where the professors had a open discussion on the subject. I felt very involved and it was nice that there was a casual flow to the conversation to even have a feel of how the professors are and experience the "classroom" even if through a screen.

By David A

Dec 27, 2018

Very engaging informative, interesting, I am now very much more knowledgeable re the UN and I'm motivated to get more involved in UN Sustainable goals for my native country and my local community. excellent material and use of different media.

By Evalyne K

Sep 19, 2022

Thank you Dr. Dan with your entire team for making the world come to me and me go to them through this platform. it is an amazing course and I look forward to doing even more courses.


Jan 7, 2019

From history to present day scenario, from success to failures, from general to most sensitive issue, the course perfectly touched almost all the aspects of the UN in brief. Enormous amount of information provided by the course is really enriching. I enjoyed the course and look forward to engage fantastic courses like this in future from University of London and SOAS University of London.

By PhD T L

Aug 2, 2018

This course is aimed at all those interested in the subject of diplomacy, whether they want to prepare for a profession in this field, or that they want to understand better the role of diplomacy in today's world, the evolution of diplomacy in the last century, the way of organizing specific institutions, as well as the various forms of diplomacy currently practiced.

By Clement O A

Mar 3, 2020

I am grateful for so much knowledge gained from this amazing course. This has ignite my interest to be part of the UN system to add up to the efforts being amassed to make our world a better place. I highly recommend this amazing course to any potential learner out there.

By Yusuf D

Aug 31, 2019

excellent course and the weekly assessments certainly supplemented the learning. I would definitely recommend this course to those that have an interest in the UN from its inception to current and future challenges.

By Amy G

Aug 12, 2019

Very interesting course on the UN, learning basic skills and background for the organisation. Including how the UN interacts with members, whilst also critically evaluating it's effectiveness in the modern world.

By Mateus A

Aug 4, 2017

You can get educated about the United Nations in the world today with greait scholars and professors from the University of London. Great and free source of materials for the course and for further studies.

By Saroj P

Aug 20, 2020

Very useful course with valuable inputs. Thank you very much for your efforts and making it available for free. Highly recommend to those who study global diplomacy, UN system and human rights.

By Guillermo P

Jun 12, 2018

Thank you for offering this course, it has giving me the structural, academic knowledge and motivation beyond my expectations. It was an honor and a privilege.Respectfully,Guillermo Pimentel


Jul 11, 2019

A very fantastic course with all curricular thesis of learning...! Easy going but voluminous, interesting but stressful.

Indeed, i enjoyed the course as it widen my knowlege in Global Diplomacy and governance in today's UN efforts in handling Global Peace and Security, Environmental Problems and Climate Change, Globalization and Economic Integration, Technology, Nuclear Disarmament, Peace Operation Channels and Strategies among others...

By Saif R K

May 29, 2018

An excellent course which highlights the major points and aspects of the UN as it stands today. The course in more focused on ensuring that the students express themselves in the form of peer reviews to truly understand the subject rather than just merely finishing the course. IT was an interesting format and being reviewed by peers helped in engaging with people from different parts of the world.

By Beka K

Jun 25, 2017

Reading material is really suitable with the task of assignments. The amount of words for assignments is being increased during sessions from 100 to 350 words, but, however, reading and watching material is enough and good to accomplish assignments. I recommend this course for everyone, as there is no need of any previous knowledge and the course is great on its own!

By Sohyeon J

Aug 31, 2019

I really liked the lecture and reading articles. The resources that were given to me were very full of information so I could learn a lot from this lecture. I could learn more about international relationship, how UN works, what next for UN. From this experience I felt that I want to become an international expert who works in organization like UN.

By Khem R S

Jan 4, 2018

I found the course very important for those who are interested to know about United Nations system. The resources are so useful which can be saved and used again for similar purpose. The instructor has skillfully chosen and arranged the course.

Thank you.

Khem Raj Sedhai, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University

By Uzma N S

Dec 18, 2017

The course has helped me immensely in understanding the basic workings of the UNO and its organs. The assignments provided were challenging enough to make us think and give our opinion about that specific issue. I recommend this course to everyone who is interested in learning more about the United Nations, its organs, and their working.


Feb 25, 2020

Thanks to Coursera i was able to combine work and studies at my convenient . Coursera has also given me the opportunity to Learn how Global diplomacy work in the modern world as well as given more weight to my CV without quitting my job to face studies. Thanks to the wonderful advantage i intend to take more Coursera courses online.

By Rose W

Mar 17, 2020

Very well thought out topics that have helped me to not only gain lots of knowledge on the nature and development of the UN, Diplomatic practices and procedures, etc, but the course has also developed my critical thinking especially around the topics raised in the peer-graded assignments.