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This course provides an introduction to International Organizations and the United Nations, and explores how business and management tools can be applied in these settings to achieve better, more effective results. With a focus on cross-sector partnerships in a changing world, the course offers you insights into the inner workings of international organizations and the challenges they face today. It will introduce you to effective, state-of-the art management tools and principles to help you lead change in this world – taught by senior staff of international organizations themselves. This is an introductory course offered by the International Organizations MBA (IO-MBA) of the University of Geneva, an executive program for change-makers in international organizations, NGOs and social ventures....

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Jul 5, 2020

This is definite one of the most interesting g course I have ever taken. The instructors are well grounded in the field with lots of experience in International Development and United Nations system.

Mar 5, 2020

It is quite a good course. I am happy that I learnt something about International Organisations Management. I convey my thanks to the Team Coursera and the teaching team of the University of Geneva.

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By muad z

Nov 1, 2019


By Ivars B

Aug 22, 2020


By Majd A A S

May 3, 2019


By Patience I

Jun 13, 2020


By Ramil K

Apr 7, 2020


By 임지윤

Apr 15, 2019


By Reka K

May 2, 2020

This course is a great introduction to the world of international organizations. The lectures with Bruce Jenks are a clear highlight, they are thought-provoking and give an excellent insight into the dilemmas of UN leadership. I particularly liked the stories (e.g., about Dag Hammarskjöld and Jim Grant) and concrete examples that he linked to the theory. On the other hand, I expected more from the PPP section: it remained very theoretical and focused on generic frameworks. I expected a lot more case examples and detailed analysis of those.

Some of the readings in the whole course could be more interesting, too. I generally preferred video content and exercises over long articles (e.g., great TED talk in the branding section!)

By Alejandra M M

Dec 26, 2018

I am happy to have participated in this course. A the beginning my expectations weren't that high, specially when it comes to the last topic: marketing, but after completing the course I was surprised by all the new perspectives that I found here.

The name of the Professor on Strategic Communication and Marketing is confusing because somethimes she introduces herself as Claudia Romo, and sometimes as Claudia Gonzalez, and other she uses her husband's last name, Isn't it a incoherence with the content of the segment where it stresses the importance of coordinating one message?

By Rabina G R

Sep 25, 2019

This course has guided me to internalize and enhance my knowledge to best utilization of the transition period of seeking challenging job opportunities in Nepal and abroad; in the Sectors of International Organization Management and its Core Elements to Operations since the beginning of the UN and International Organizations History, Actions, Contributions, Achieving Common Vision, Values, Norms through the Public Private Partnership, Marketing Plan, Fund Raising, Media and Communication Tools with practical examples and so forth.

By Davi T

May 10, 2020

It was a fantastic experience! The course is very concise and well developed. It allowed me to review and rethink several aspects of my professional life. Marketing in particular, with Claudia Romo Edelman was really good and productive! I am definitely putting in practice a lot of what I learned from her. The partnership part was also really good! If the more theoretical bits from the first weeks could be less orthodox and hegemonic, it would be more interesting. But since it is a short course, it was appropriate.

By Adriano D

Apr 6, 2020

The course is really interesting and it provides basic knowledge about the UN and its functioning. However, some links have to be replaced, because once you click on them you receive a 404 error. There are some videos in which the subtitles stop or are not provided at all and some questions that refer to knowledge that is explained later on. However, these are technical issues and they have nothing to do with the quality of the course itself, which I recommend as it is very interesting and useful!!

By Jamie C

Jul 2, 2020

This was valuable, maybe slightly different than what I expected. Unfortunately I was interrupted due to attempted international travel whilst doing the corse due to COVID and quarantine etc.. so it was a bit fractured for me. Though I believe that the course is great. I really liked the lecturers, they were very relatable. I will be looking into more studies with the University of Geneva.

By varsha g

May 1, 2020

i found this course very interesting . I learned about various topics in which i didn't have knowledge before such as history of UN, various international organisations, their works , how to manage them etc.

I had an urge to do some work in this field before ,this course gives me a sense of awareness and how can i proceed with my work.

By Constanza S

May 2, 2020

It was very usefull for learning in general about UN Management. Some links from complementary information do not work unfortunately. Quiz were exactly about what it was said in the course. This could be improved if they would test the new concepts in new examples to ensure that people do not only memorize but understand also.

By Alejandro O R

Jun 19, 2020

Although the course was good and I learned about management for international organizations, I felted that the course spent more time than the necessary explaining the organization of the UN rather than teaching about marketing strategies and tools. Also, the was many problems with the audio of the videos of week four.


May 3, 2020

The course content is rich and comprehensive. I would suggest however to put a real tanscript of lectures instead because the automated one has many mistakes. Also, some of the reading links are not available, for example, the last reading on media and communications.

Many thanks for the course.

By Branislav T T

Aug 21, 2020

Some links are now working (404 error pop up). Most of the lectures are videos of oral presentations of the teachers and that can be quite boring. Nevertheless, the course is relevant and useful, filled with good literature resources and with state-of-the-art information.

By August K

Oct 29, 2019

The structure of the course was good and easy to follow and at the same time very informative. Especially the section on PPP´s was very useful. The course gave me insights and tools that I need in order to become more effective in my work as a sustainability consultant.

By Joyce A O d S

Jun 12, 2020

Eu gostaria de dizer que o conteúdo do curso é excelente mas que a semana 4 ao meu ver pode ser refeita pois gerou muita ambiguidade. E eu acho que após nossa última tentativa, ou mesmo ao final do curso nós deveríamos ter acesso as respostas dos quiz com comentários.

By Mylene R - M

Aug 30, 2020

I enjoy every discussion for each week. Although it took time for me to finish the course, still the discussion and topics were encouraging especially the ample examples they give. Kudos to all the professors and individuals who were part of this course. Thank you!

By kate z

Oct 26, 2020

Overall a very good and informative course, a couple of hiccups towards the end with the transcript missing or being out of sync with the speaker. The module on PPP was very hard to follow as the speakers often mispronounced words or confused them.


Mar 24, 2020

The course was very well-organised and it really helped me that I had specific deadlines to abide by. I would love some more in-hands practice by implementing theory into different examples in order to see if the theory has been well comprehended.

By Benedikt R

May 14, 2021

Overall great course. Unfortunately some of the links in the sections further reading are not valid anymore. Also one of the questions during the lectures is connected with the wrong answer, labelled as correct.

By 20-10717

Oct 6, 2020

Great! Learned some new things while also had a sense regarding the role and work of international institutions.

4 stars because some of the lectures were too fast paced while most of them were perfectly okay.

By Mary H

Apr 12, 2021

Concise and informative overview of the UN organizational structure, as well as an overview of how international organizations are structured and marketed. Good visual examples, and best practices shared.