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What are people most afraid of? What do our dreams mean? Are we natural-born racists? What makes us happy? What are the causes and cures of mental illness? This course tries to answer these questions and many others, providing a comprehensive overview of the scientific study of thought and behavior. It explores topics such as perception, communication, learning, memory, decision-making, persuasion, emotions, and social behavior. We will look at how these aspects of the mind develop in children, how they differ across people, how they are wired-up in the brain, and how they break down due to illness and injury....

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Dec 27, 2020

I just ended this course smiling & 'happy' with the final topic. 🎉 Thank you for the wonderful experience. Professor Bloom did a great job in explaining and a very pleasant, soothing voice to present!


Aug 4, 2020

Professor Bloom has quite engaging style of teaching and the animations in this course provided nice visual reference.Overall, it's a nice course if you want to learn basic introduction of psychology.

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By Viorica C


Nov 13, 2022

I really loved the course. It made me think about so many issues. I'd really like to pursue my goal of getting a better understanding of the human mind. I particularly liked the ending (it looks like Kahneman was right :) ), when Professor Bloom said that understanding human mind is not about depriving it of its uniqueness, but rather it is about getting the clue that will help us unlock so many doors and solve so many problems. That will help us become better. I'm humbled and optimistic. Thank you for the course!

By Farukh M


Feb 20, 2022

This was a very useful course that everyone should attempt, it enhances your learning on how humans behave in different situations and how you can help your team members come out of deprehsion or other states of mind that are distracting them. Thus you can improve the efficiency of your team and improve your own behavior and attitude to build relationship with strangers you do business. You are able to understand and differentiate between personalities and this help you get alondwith people even better than before



Jul 29, 2020

Excelente profesor Paul Bloom, en sus vídeos lograba concentrarme mucho por su facilidad de explicar. En este curso he logrado incrementar mis conocimientos y aparte he aprendido más sobre la psicología, las emociones los sentimientos algunas enfermedades. Por qué la psicología? Por qué está en todo buen todos. Es muy intrigante el saber y tratar de comprender el por qué de ciertos comportamientos de las personas. Agradezco a los profesores y a la prestigiosa universidad de yale. Dios les bendiga muchas gracias

By Isabel “ P


May 24, 2022

muy entretenido y didactico, lamentablemente los test estan en ingles cin opcion traduccion al espanol ,lo que me lleva a errar en las respuestas,una gran desventaja.

Seria ideal poder obtener la carrera de psicologia de esta manera ,online,con grandes maestros y de prestigio.

I have been very impressed with the quality of the course and the quality of the answers I received, and I am very happy with it. It would be ideal to obtain the psychology degree in this way (online), with great and prestigious teachers.

By N B


Mar 28, 2019

-original presentation of material (animation makes it easier to learn the material)

-actual problems

-talented tuition

-stunning psychological experiments (even some of my friends from the United States were not familiar with the material, they are psychology students)

-useful and practice-oriented information

-first-class recommended literature

+ more than other 100 reasons why I like this course

Your lectures are an intellectual pleasure for me. Many thanks for this lovely present! I appreciate your professionalism.

By Moza O


Nov 22, 2021

Professor Bloom's delivery of the content was fresh and enjoyable filled with a visual display that discusses psychology in a simple to comprehend manner for all people. As someone who learns best through audio-visual techniques, I am very satisfied with the knowledge and new insights I gained from this course. Even though I studied all of this course material in college, the materials in this course is still interesting and gives me with a lot of information. It helps me to understand psychology in a new ways.

By Simoni T B d S


Dec 22, 2020

O curso é perfeito ao que ele se propõe: dar uma noção atualizada e sintética sobre a psicologia nos seus diversos campos de atuação. Coloca o aluno frente às questões sobre o conhecimento do ser, do indivíduo, dos grupos e do funcionamento do cérebro, questões essas que vêm sendo discutidas dentro das mais conceituadas universidades ao redor do mundo. Muitas das descobertas recentes corrigiram distorções antigas e possibilitaram uma compreensão mais assertiva sobre o pensar, o sentir e o agir do ser humano.

By Kamila B


Oct 11, 2020

El curso de Introducción a la Psicología dictado por Yale es una de las mejores experiencias de educación virtual, su exposición es realmente interesante y entretenida gracias al abordaje del profesor Bloom, así como a la animación utilizada; además de esto, cada temática cuenta con espléndidos artículos científicos los cuales sirven como material de apoyo en cada una de las etapas.

Un curso totalmente recomendado para quienes buscan obtener una perspectiva amplia sobre el maravilloso campo de la psicologĂ­a.

By Jeanne


Mar 18, 2022

Excellent course that gives a broad view of Psychology. It was a nice blend of lectures and videos that enhanced specific areas of childhood development and other areas. Professor Bloom's was easy to listen to because he had a calm and kind voice. I am working at an Elementary School and I have been able to apply what I learned in this course to situations that arise at school. I have a much better understanding of children. It was the perfect course for me at this time in my life. I HIGHLY recommend it!

By Monika


May 17, 2023

Today, finally I got my certificate in Introduction to Psychology. I am very thankful and grateful to coursera,through this platform I learnt about this course. Also thankful for that coursera team consider my application regarding fees concession.

This is my first online course from Coursera.Mr.Paul Bloom who designed this course in very helpful and understandable way.It is my honor to become a part of this course. Teaching method, study materials, assignments all are very much appreciated.

thankyou sir.

By veronica c l h


Jan 3, 2021

creo que este es muy bueno para aprender sobre nosotros mismo y de lo que está a nuestro alrededor, como influyen las cosas que y como podemos manejarlas de una manera positiva o negativa, y sobre todo tanto el material como los videos son realmente muy bueno para alguien que no tiene conocimiento de psicología, aprendí mucho en tan poco tiempo y voy a seguir leyendo las lecturas adicionales por que me interesaron alguno temas en particular. Gracias a el profesor y a todos los que conforman el equipo.

By Trang N


Aug 13, 2021

I have learned the diversity of human personality While studying Psychology, I learned all about the variety of experiences in the human psyche. Understand how people change and develop their psyche, understand some types of mental illness. Another hugely important benefit is that I will learn to distinguish between different personality types, each with its advantages and challenges. This will help me not to take my worldview for granted and not judge or judge others for differences.

Thank you so much!

By Francesca P


Sep 12, 2020

The best course I've found so far on Coursera. The lectures are clear, interesting and well-structured, and professor Bloom successfully makes the subject engaging and understandable for people who do not have a background in Psychology. The visual aids and the cartoon-style of the lectures really helped me to better understand and remember the concepts explained as watching engaging visuals, rather than just a professor talking, helped concentrate on the topics discussed. Thank you for a great course!

By Sandra K


May 31, 2020

I found the course very well-structured, interesting and relevant. The pace was adequate and the additional reading filled the gaps where I was wanting more. I had some knowledge already so I did not have to study too much to pass the exams, but I gained a lot of new insights from the reading and the sorces quoted in the reading. Can fully recommend. I did this class during lockdown due to COVID-19 and it gave me a sense of fulfillment that is hard to obtain due to the restrictions in place. Thank you.

By Giovanna P


May 25, 2020

I want to thank Dr. Bloom. You're such an inspiration to me, as a professional and as a person. I'm so happy that i finally finished this course. I thought i couldn't make it, but at the end everything was worth it. I'm from Brazil, taking this course pushed me to my limit. English is my second language and I thought I was good enough, but I was wrong. I improved my English during this course and I am very grateful. I've learned so much! About myself, about others... I am very, very happy... Thank you!

By Susan H


Feb 20, 2021

An excellent course that makes me want to learn more! The professor is engaging and presents information that is current and applicable to real life. The animations were clever and sometimes humorous. The course is laid-out very well, the additional readings and resources are helpful and I really enjoyed an overview of the whole field of psychology. Above all, the teachings made me question and explore theories on human behavior. I've taken eight courses on Coursera and this was by far the best.

By Tara G


May 23, 2020

I cannot express how lucky I feel to have stumbled across these courses - a random event triggered by covid, of all things. Professor Bloom is so engaging, that it is frustrating to only have two courses I can take online with him! I completed Moralities of Everyday Life, then completed this course, and both were so inspiring and thought-provoking. I am next enrolling in courses on schizophrenia and effective altruism, through different universities, but largely inspired by Professor Bloom's courses.

By Marek R


Jun 23, 2023

Wonderful intro to the field. Extraordinarlily well made, in my view: Paul Bloom is one of a kind, and the mixture of his calm voice and the funny animations was great for keeping my attention at all times. The length of the sections and the overall course fit my schedule really well, and the NOBA readings are a fantasic resource to refer back to. I have done this course as sort of a pilot before signing up to (additional) graduate studies, and sincerly hope that actual grad studies will be as fun.

By Renee K


Jun 11, 2020

Personally, I've always been interested in learning Psychology and this course was very informative and the lectures were simple and brought out with clear indications of examples and reference readings that have helped me understand the several topics in psychology.

I enjoyed this course truly and I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in Psychology...Your time will be used up well and not forgetting the course itself has made me realize that I would really want to major in philosophy.

By Tricia L A


Dec 29, 2020

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in a subject area that has always intrigued me. In completing the course I am very much enlightened of the importance of mental health and its pervasive presence in all aspects of human life. The knowledge acquired has reset the lens of my perspective of understanding people and my environment. The course has motivated my curiosity to continue learning and perhaps will provide an opportunity to give back yo my community with skills acquired. Thank you.

By Ha T L A


Nov 25, 2019

I didn't expect much from this course at the beginning but it wow me in the end. I've thought psychology is something that we can understand how others think and able to explain their behavior. But this course is much more than that. It helps to understand myself and from that, understand others.

Honestly, this is a long and difficult course. But the final result pay off every minute you spent. I love it and highly recommended it to everyone who wants to get the basic (and more) about psychology.

By Alastair J H


May 6, 2020

Really enjoyable and great to find areas you can dive into deeper. I was super excited to discover Jaak Panksepp and evolutionary/affective psychology. (That's personality emerging from emotions and why many animals, like us, also have personality).

On the improvement side - Why no reference to Jung? Many people would have heard of him over Skinner as the second big name. And it would be good to be clear from the start on the differences between psychology and psychiatry and issues between them.

By Catharina S


Jul 3, 2020

I am VERY happy with this course. I learned a great amount, and a lot of it is something I can take with me in my daily life. I recommend this course for anybody, not just people who may pursue a psychology degree! We need to understand things like personalities, mental illnesses, and happiness to better interact with our fellow human beings! Thank you Paul Bloom for introducing key aspects and points, and for conveying it in such a straight forward manner. I hope our paths will cross some day.

By Vedika S


Jun 18, 2020

This course acted as the first step in leading me ahead in the journey of Psychology. The animated classes along with the use of perfect examples for each and every topic were amazing. Though I would like to recommend to increase the length of this course to incorporate more explanations and connecting points for all the topics which would really make this a wholesome course. Besides, I enjoyed this course very much and would love to ask others to do enroll and embark on this beautiful journey.

By Xiaoyin Z


Nov 18, 2022

The more interesting chapters in the course on the early human development, language formation, emotion, and the causes of human differences are social psychology and clinical psychology. There are theories in social psychology that people are more likely to like familiar, similar people, and how we see others as the real situation that affects others, and so on. Several of our most common diseases and symptoms are mentioned in clinical psychology. The way the course is taught is what I like.