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What are people most afraid of? What do our dreams mean? Are we natural-born racists? What makes us happy? What are the causes and cures of mental illness? This course tries to answer these questions and many others, providing a comprehensive overview of the scientific study of thought and behavior. It explores topics such as perception, communication, learning, memory, decision-making, persuasion, emotions, and social behavior. We will look at how these aspects of the mind develop in children, how they differ across people, how they are wired-up in the brain, and how they break down due to illness and injury....

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Sep 26, 2019

I absolutely enjoyed taking this course! Professor Bloom did an incredible job explaining the course material and providing additional reading materials to further my knowledge throughout this course.


Nov 4, 2023

A very comprehensive course, giving you the insights into the field of psychology, even with no prior background of psychology, and containing interesting references and examples throughout the course

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By Olga K

Apr 19, 2020

An excellent course to get introduced to the most important part of the basics of Psychology!

The lecturer is grasping my attention! The illustrations, sources, external materials and graphics make the lessons not only more attractive but also more clear and understandable!

I would suggest this course to anyone being interested in Psychology, even for first year students! The information presented are also part of every good "Introduction to Psychology" study book!

By Chris N

Dec 13, 2019

This course has been a great experience! The course is sectioned out into separate topics that provide interesting information and flow into the next topic. Professor Bloom does a great job of explaining interesting and complex topics in a way that is easily understood but doesn’t feel watered down so it is easily understood. The animation and video style is great for those who learn best through visual learning. The course definitely deserves a five-star rating.

By isa g

Oct 24, 2023

De alguna forma te abre mas el panorama hacia lo que es la psicología, sus bases, pioneros, hallazgo etc. De verdad mesenti muy bien haciendo este curso...claramente lo recomendare. Muy buena las explicaciones del profesor Bloom, muy sencillo, facil de entender y su manera de explicar es muy importante. Este curso es el primero que realizo de coursera y debo admitir que me ha gustado que este haya sido el curso numero uno. que maravilla haber podido realizarlo.


Jul 28, 2020

A fantastic medley content that examines a range of issues & implications of psychology. The narration is smooth and his vocabulary easy to comprehend. This course easily unravels a lot of layers and can help you to ask yourself some critical questions - do you wish to pursue an academic or a professional career in this field? Does the brain fascinate you or the social/medical ailments? After this course, you will be begin to see the path that you should take.

By Hannah

Sep 12, 2021

This course was really great! The videos were constructed well, Professor Bloom was engaging and knowledgeable, and the additional readings/resources were relevant and helped to get a better understanding of the topics discussed within the course. In addition, the weekly exams weren't too difficult and could be completed fairly quickly, depending on the questions. Overall, I would certainly recommend this to anyone who is interested in the field of Psychology.

By Prayas C

Aug 25, 2022

This course hits the sweet spot in terms of content. Anyone seeking a basic understanding of the subject should definitely consider taking this course. Professor Bloom is extremely engaging. The lectures are well structured. The animations exceeded my expectations, being minimalistic yet engaging. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to get started with psychology, be it for academic reasons or just for a better scientific understanding of life.

By 7717 y A

Jun 28, 2021

paul sir is the best, after completing this course i went to youtube and i found intro to psychology by paul sir. now i am gonna do that , thank you sir for fulfilling the curiosity of learning in me. i am from a finance and accounting background and i am so much drawn to psychology that it has lead me to change my field and next year i will pursue msc in psychology conversion course. thank you paul sir once again. sending you love from india and freud haha


Nov 8, 2021

When a friend told me about this course, I was overjoyed! My interest in psychology has grown steadily since middle school, and as a former high school junior, I'm eager to take advantage of every opportunity to expand my knowledge in the field. This course was very engaging and well-designed, by far the best I've seen online! All of the lectures and topics covered piqued my interest and raised new issues, as well as arguments, that I am excited to discuss. 

By Tory

May 30, 2020

Great course! I first saw it in the app from Apple for studying. It was free, but there were video lectures lasting for 1 hour each (or more). I was sure I wouldn't have the time and persistence to watch all of them. So, when I was given access to Coursera from my university and came across this course, I was more than happy to see that its format is changed. Funny drawings and visual aid were great but I appreciate short video lectures even more! Thank you!

By Daniel A

Sep 23, 2022

Ein super Kurs. Er baut sich selbst auf und ist in sich schlüssig. Hervorragende Beispiele, die die Theorie verdeutlichen. Das begleitende Studienmaterial von Noba geht gut in die Tiefe und die Externen Ressourcen veanschaulichen sehr gut die besprochene Thematik. Die Lehrenden ( insbesondere Professor Bloom ) haben sich sichtbar Mühe gegeben, Lernende in die Psychologie einzuführen und sie zu einem weiteren Interesse an dieser Wissenschaft zu motivieren.

By Shaheeda M

Oct 14, 2020

This is an extremely well-constructed Introduction to Psychology by Paul Bloom. It's clear that he went to great lengths to make the material accessible for both those who simply wanted to dip their toes into it and those who wanted greater depth (with the inclusion of the readings). I greatly appreciated his well-designed videos and the additional reading material to support the topics he presented. I thproughly enjoyed the course and highly recommend it!

By Sumit D

Apr 13, 2022

Professor Bloom's sound knowledge of the subject coupled with his ability to convey the most complex of topics in the simplest possible way, makes this course engaging and worth the times & money spent. The modules covered during the 6 weeks, give you enough bakground to pursue more specialized courses. This course definitely lays a strong foundation. I wish I had the opportunity to do a regular offline course under the able mentorship of Professor Bloom.

By Adithyan S (

Aug 13, 2021

I loved this course throughout. This has made me feel better by enlightening me with the rich knowledge. I enjoyed each part of the course,it was extremely helpful. As I'm myself at a depressive period of my life. I also hope to help others with the knowledge I've gained. Maybe pursue more of psychology later on. Sending lots of LOVE for prof. Paul Bloom and Yale along with coursera for providing me this platform. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you.

By Fabiha K

Aug 18, 2019

This course was absolutely amazing! It has exceeded all my expectations for sure. I am currently studying psychology as one of my A-level subjects and hope to continue studying psychology in uni. This course was a great opportunity for me to learn about the different aspects of psychology that is not in my a level course, therefore prepping me for uni, but also reinforcing the content I have learnt in my college to. This course was definitely worth doing!

By Peng ( L

Aug 9, 2021

This course contained specific explanations about some fields of psychology and gives an understanding of "Psychology". This course contained many lectures that are great for further exploring to learn about social science. The professor made this course very interesting with videos of experiments, highlighted some questions that might be interesting in further learning and recommended some books and reading to start the brain thinking about the brain.

By TheEsh

Apr 19, 2021

Awesome explanations and some mind-blowing things - basics - learned about Psychology. Covers every little about happiness in the end but whatever covered makes sense and helps your personal growth, which is awesome. We discussed a lot about some fascinating stuff like babies being smarter than adults. Definitely recommend trying out this course till the end!!! I would like to see the correct translation without any typos though for good notes. Thanks!

By Rahul D R

Aug 26, 2020

My experience with Coursera's Introduction to Psychology was truly outstanding and fabulous. I have acquired a lot of knowledge and an ample amount of understanding of the human mind. I'm certain that this course will come to me arsenal in times of adversities and needs.

Thanking You,

Rahul Dutta Roy

By Kim

Sep 1, 2020

great course that offers an introduction into core topics of psychology. However, I disagree with some of the perspectives offered in the class. Especially in the nature vs nurture debate. Upbringing has a significant effect. If they don't find that in studies, maybe they should use a different method or setup rather than go around and basically tell parents that it doesn't matter how (or wether) you raise your kids. Seems like an irresponsible stance

By Maria T Q

Jun 1, 2020

I came to this course expecting it to be useful for my profession. I am not sure if it was and I am not yet sure how to practically apply it to my job, however, I enjoyed it immensely. Paul Bloom just has a way of lecturing that will capture your attention and enjoy whatever subject he is talking about. Also, he appears to be extremely humble in his career, which I greatly appreciate and allows me to trust in his work in this course. Highly recommend!

By Thuse D

Apr 3, 2024

This was my first online course, and I would like to thank you for the great experience. Thank you for amazing facilitator. I learned a lot and benefited from your course. It was well planned and easy for me to follow. Assignments was just enough, and I could finish before due date. My nkowledge has been extended now. All the modules of the course were very beneficial to the entire learning process. I would like to further my Psychology with you.

By Putri A A

Jun 3, 2021

"Fire, fire, fire!" yeah this course so fire!! I really love for join on this course. It really help me to more understand how the way of human thinking that relate in aspect in human life even from the basic thing like in our daily life. Professor Bloom was amazing when it comes to explained lectures and personally that's unique technic that we learn by animation, it really fun and I enjoy during the course!! :)

Thank you Coursera and Prof. Bloom!

By Dust 2

Jul 6, 2022

I loved this course and how I was engaged in it from start to finish! I find it hard to finish things I have started but this did not feel like them- I was happy reading about things and learning about the world around me! The instructor Mr.Paul Bloom was engaging and a teacher I would love to study under! It makes the things I looked at much more interesting and engaging! I had so much fun and would recommend everyone to go through the course

By Olga K

Mar 3, 2019

It's a pleasure to study with such interesting and fascinating lectures by Professor Bloom and exciting animation! The additional literature is very interesting and informative. I took this course to begin my way in psychology and neuroscience and it's very inspiring to continue! At the same time I learn English, so it's kinda difficult to me to understand the material in 100%, but that didn't prevent me from successfully passing the first test.

By Isabella여자 이

Dec 23, 2023

This is a very beginner-friendly and concise course that delves into the world of Psychology. I just finished this course for my vast curiosity in Psychology, and this course is best for those who want to major in Psychology themselves. There are many different branches of Psychology that can be very interesting to learn, and knowing about the self and others! Kudos to Yale University for establishing this free and wonderful course on Coursera!

By Gautam S

Jun 17, 2019

Incredible course with an even better teacher. Professor Bloom explained all aspects and perspectives of psychology perfectly and definitely worthy of praise. It was also personally very helpful to understand people, the origins of emotions, why people behave the way they do, mental illnesses and to some extent social engineering as well. Would definitely recommend among all other available courses on this platform corresponding to psychology.