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In this course learners are introduced to second or foreign language theories and practices for teaching and assessing listening, speaking, and pronunciation. Learners will also be introduced to basic studies in second language acquisition and their pedagogical implications. Teachers will be invited to recognize the importance of grounding their own teaching philosophy through an examination of purpose, content, and technique....
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Jun 21, 2021

Interesting courses! I am learning a lot. Thank you very much Coursera. I have just completed course 2 and been delivered a certificate but I just can't access my new course. What should I do, please?


Dec 29, 2021

I enjoyed taking this course. Even though I don't like the peer-grading system in general, within this course it makes sense. It is always interesting to hear other people's opinions and experiences.

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By Riaz A

Feb 21, 2023

Remarkably great course. I recently completed the 'Teach English Now! Theories of Second Language Acquisition course on Coursera and I was thoroughly impressed! The course provided a comprehensive overview of the different theories and models of second language acquisition and the practical implications of these theories for teaching English as a second language. The video lectures were engaging and informative, and the quizzes were challenging yet rewarding. I especially appreciated the real-world examples and case studies, which helped me to see how the theories and concepts covered in the course could be applied in the classroom. Overall, I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in teaching English as a second language.

By Aedrian A

Jul 3, 2021

This well-made offering is such an important course not only for getting TESOL/TEFL certification but for teaching in general. I deeply appreciate the intention of the Arizona State University TESOL Professional Certification creators in allotting a full course focusing on various teaching approaches developed throughout history. Each with their unique set of advantages and disadvantages, the emphasis is on aspiring TESOL Professional Certificate holders to craft their own learning philosophy/strategy based on their critical understanding of the approaches discussed. The centrality of contemplating on purpose, content and technique as a teacher, rather than blindly following a rigid pre-made approach for teaching, is successfully relayed.

By Nathan H

Jan 18, 2018

As someone relatively new to language teaching, I found Theories of Second Language Acquisition in Teach English Now! extremely useful and relevant. The quality of the teaching on this course has exceeded my expectations. This is a brilliant concept. I can tell that a lot of time and effort has gone into developing this particular course. I thoroughly enjoyed the way the material in this course was delivered and the concepts were taught. On top this, I also learned a lot of interesting, practical ideas and strategies that I can potentially use in my lessons. Thank you so much for all your hard work. This is the best introduction to second language acquisition theories I have ever had.


Aug 17, 2023

This course exceeded my expectations. I have learned valuable skills that will help my students be successful in the real world. This course helped to strengthen my skills such as, giving clear instructions, making sure students understand, checking for comprehension, breaking things down into manageable chunks, scaffolding, creating opportunities for interaction and noticing what helps and hinders student learning. I believe that I can now become an even more effective ESL teacher due to the strategies and techniques employed in the videos and readings like breaking down instructions, modeling the activity and using visual aids to make meaning clearer for students understanding.

By Chan G

Jun 20, 2023

Thank you. I benefited a lot from this course. I have been using part of the 8 ESL approaches in my teachings but this module help me to put my teaching into the correct framework ( into proper perspective), so that I know which teaching approaches I have been using. Thank you.

However, i would like to feedback that I learn this course in a relatively slow pace as I have family , work and volunteer commitments. This jerk up my study cost. That it may be the reason which hinders me to recommend this course to other interested teachers who would like to "take their own sweet time" to earn a certificate.

Overall, I still give a thumbs up to this course.

By RiCha r S

Dec 19, 2016

I liked the way this course added more to our plates. We learned more useful information that caused a need for taking notes and seeking further information. This course also provided great background with the interactive videos that were entertaining but also sequenced in such a way that a student would understand clarification would follow in the later videos if not garnered by the first video clip with the questions. I enjoyed the pacing, detail, research based knowledge, and assessment at the end - even if I did continuously read a few questions incorrectly. The approaches I now know and understand. Thank you for these courses.

By Lucie W

Sep 13, 2016

It is a great class. At the beginning, I thought it was kind of stupid to act out the characters in a funny or even silly way, however, I realized that thanks to the dramatization, I can easily remember all different approaches because the characters are visually sticky in my head! The facial expressions, the gestures, the clothes, the wig, the accent, the instruments are all helping me remember. As a teacher, I not only get to know and compare different theories of language teaching, I also learned that we should not be shy to act. Teachers are actors, let us make our classroom more fun and engaging!

By Adalis F P

Jun 25, 2023

FABULOUS! One more again THANKS Dr. Dixon and Prof Jessica Cinco. It was so rich and interesting the evolution in the history of language teaching and learning and how we can guide groups of students, due to their age, this objectives in learning a second language , which activities should we consider to apply according to the contex when, where, and how we are with them.

This course is magnificent example of motivation emerged from all the approaches. It has been a strong motivator of the infinitive possibilities in teaching process and the meaning of our own involvement and motivation.

By Bishoy T

Sep 16, 2022

One of the most beneficial and enjoyable courses I've taken on the Coursera platform is incredible. This course's materials are extremely good. Furthermore, professors' explanations and approaches are enjoyable, simple, and phenomenal.

Thank you to the University of Arizona for offering this second course in the TESOL certificate programme and for allowing me to study there, as well as the Coursera platform for providing us with this scientific momentum. I sincerely thank the professors for their hard work with us and for the valuable scientific material presented in this course.

By Lorena M M

Dec 17, 2017

This is really an amazing program. The module contents are clear and well presented. Participants are given enough, flexible and reasonable time to complete the tasks. The ideas are profound but presented in easily, comprehensible way so that participants can absorb them in a short time. The videos presentations are excellent, vivid, and although they were not meant to entertain,t hey were all inspiring and fun. Truly well structured and well presented program for aspiring language teachers as well as for those who are already in the profession. Excellent!

By Cristina S

Sep 11, 2020

I am thoroughly enjoying this course, It is very well organized and the presentations are all interesting. I am an ESL teacher but I haven't studied theory and practice in a while so this course is really helpful. It is helping me review theories and techniques. It is also helping me reflect on my own teaching and allowing me to think about what works and what should be emphasized in a language learning setting. I am very grateful for the humor and liveliness of each module. Professor Dixon is a very good actor and truly gets his message across!

By Yolanda M

Jun 27, 2021

The course has great instructional design. Shane Dixon and Jessica Cinco are great professors, too. I have learned a lot and reflected on the ways in which I have acquired the English language - and why I have not acquired others that I tried to learn - and these learnings are already having an impact on the way I teach. The written assignments give us the opportunity to integrate what we learn each week, and reviewing our peers´writings lets us see what they assimilate and think. I look forward to keep learning with this program. Thank you very much.

By Francis Y

Nov 17, 2019

This is another quality course in the TESOL certification series. Even though I have years of teaching experience, I have only had on-the-job training until now, so having approaches and theories presented to me was very helpful in consolidating why I have been taught to teach with certain techniques. The course also made me think about what kind of teacher I have been and can be. With the interesting ways that things were presented, I believe anyone, even those with no teaching experience, can easily understand the concepts in this course.

By Sofia B

Feb 7, 2016

Amazing teachers, valuable information and top-quality materials! Thanks so much for making this course - I gained a lot from it, especially from giving and receiving feedback from fellow students. The only thing I didn't enjoy much are some questions in the tests because sometimes they seem a bit irrelevant. I would recommend making the tests a bit more to the point and reducing the amount of questions (especially the one in the final tests like "who inspired the angel and devil debate ":) Thanks for your work!!!


Jan 6, 2022

This course has helped a lot in understanding of different principles and approaches of education throughout history. Along with that I've got a better view of how teaching is structured, why we teach people differently and how everything during the lesson is connected, relying on purpose mainly. So if you want to to overview how teaching actually works, why it works this way and why you teach the way you teach - this is a perfect opportunity for you. No one can explain as great and fun as these professionals.

By Lucia K

May 8, 2023

This class is wonderful! It met my needs and exceeded my expectations. I am currently tutoring ESL students and will be able to use this information immediately to improve my teaching. I am very impressed by the excellence in teaching and quality of the content. Terrific job!!! I will be signing up for the other classes in this series. Many thanks to the outstanding instructors who were able to clearly convey the ideas in such an entertaining and engaging way. I never expected an online class to be so good.


May 19, 2020

It was absolutely great time for me! It was extrememly interesting to observe how teaching approaches were pendulum swinging from one to another depending on the historical changes. So, it not only brings unvalued proffinecy enhancing but broadens your mind. I got to know a lot of fascinating stories about Ford Company and Navajo Code. I highly recommend this course in order to improve your teaching skills, to become more confident in teaching and to simply enjoy listening and reading such a pithy content.

By Jen M

Jan 18, 2021

I enjoyed how Dr. Shane changed his characters in every language approach discussed! It was really challenging learning via online or self-paced but I felt whenever I watched the videos, Miss Jessica and Dr. Shane were really alive especially when they were playing as Jack and Jill, giving their commentaries. Though, I already learned those way back in college, it's just sink in my mind just now.

I might say, they walk their talk. They really practice what they preached in every lesson.


By Hina M

Aug 20, 2020

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who is part of putting this course together. Learning about eight approaches to language teaching can be simply overwhelming and tedious, but hats off to the most interesting way it has been done. No one is ever going to forget the tutor, Dr. Shane. What an extraordinary teacher and actor. Thanks to Justin Shewell who designed this course. Jessica Cinco's cheerful personality also keeps you glued to the videos. Fantastic Course!! A superlative effort by all!!

By Diana Y

Oct 27, 2022

Dr. Dixon does a fabulous and memorable job bringing to life the various historical theories behind learning a language. I think this course could have easily been very boring and dry but I found myself recalling the silly personas Dr. Dixon played on the screen and that really helped with the knowledge retention. Dr. Cinco does an excellent job recapping the lessons and I found the peer review exercises valuable reflections on the theories. Bravo again for another well-designed course.

By Giang N

Mar 29, 2024

I really love Dr. Cinco's vibe and conveying style, so inspiring and exciting. The biggest impression about this course is Dr. Dixon's starring lessons. The way he turned into different caricatures makes this course become excellent and fun studying, especially, I gain knowledge more effectively and can remember mostly everything after paying attention to his videos. I appreciate ASU's team, Dr. Cinco, and Dr. Dixon's effort in creating such a wonderful course. Thank you so much!

By laris l

Mar 9, 2023

I really like learning all topics Course 1 and 2. If I had got the materials 30 years ago, I would have been a better language teacher. I think, language teachers have to take this course in order to know the three basic elements of teaching namely, purpose, content and technique. Moreover, the six fundamental questions will open our mind to reach the three elements above. I'm lucky to learn a lot from this program. I wonder what the materials course 3 will be.


By Jane B

Aug 2, 2023

The Theories of Second Language Acquisition course exceeded my expectations in every way. The content was comprehensive, well-structured, and delivered with clarity and enthusiasm by the instructor. I gained a deep understanding of the various theories which has immensely improved my teaching and communication skills. I highly recommend this course to anyone passionate about language education and seeking to enhance their knowledge in this field.

By Angelo A

Jul 8, 2023

The entire course is very informative yet very engaging! It has really opened my awareness of the different teaching techniques in the times past. I was able to identify the purpose, content, and technique of each approach and every points in history has been given the takeaways (the angel and devil debate) on what we can learn from an approach at the time. Thank you for this wonderful way of experiencing these teaching strategies across history!

By 利平 L 卢 L

Jul 5, 2017

Thanks a lot for such great courses, i learned a lot, not because of the info or knowledge but also beacause of such course that my past experience and knowledge became quite clear and organized, which really helped me in my current job as an english learning coach. I am willing to take the next course to finish all TESOL classes suggested, then something to string all those scattered thoughts try my best to be a good english teacher. Thank you!